DarkEden Get a Dog Guide

DarkEden Get a Dog Guide by Proxy

This is just a simple guide on how to get a dog, it doesn’t talk about higher leveled dogs, but just on how to acquire a dog.1) Go to the Storage Vendor, and buy some Meat. (The small 6hr Duration ones, buy a stack)

2) Go to an area with Dogs/Wolves roaming. (They go red when you hover over them so be carful not to kill them) (some of the popular area’s are: Around Limbo, Just outside Perona, etc, they are pretty much everywhere).

3) Open your Inventory with the TAB key, and Right click on the Meat.

4) You’ll see a peice of meat attatched to your cursor, So aim over the dog/wolf and Left click to give it to your future pet. (hopefully)

5) Repeat untill a spiked dog collar appeares in your Inventory, and Hey presto! Congrats!

Extra things: Dogs gain EXP every minute they are summoned, and everytime they Get an Item out of a Corpse (and at later levels Enemy Heads too) So try to keep your dog out as much as possible while your logged in, Even if you AFK, Stand in a safe zone.

[* After your dog gets to level 11, a small Star icon appears inside the pet window, in the down right corner. If you click it there is a chance your dog can start getting out enemy heads from they’re corpses, im not sure on what the percentage of the success is, but if your lucky your dog can now loot heads.]
When your Pet retreives the items/heads (later levels) from corpses don’t forget you still need to pick them up, so either click them on the ground or Hold ALT and click the Item/Head name in the top right Corner.

Pet food comes in different durations and they cost more money for the longer duration, so Buy what you see most appropriate, and the most Wallet Friendly.

When your Pet becomes level 10 you can buy a “Red Drop” from the same Vendor as the Meat, and add a Bonus Option to it, Such as Dex, Str, Luck, etc etc.
[ To use the red drop, you only have to left click the red drop, and drag it on to the dog collar inside your inventory ]

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