Cultures Online Newbie Guide

Cultures Online Newbie Guide by Nibiru

Welcome to Cultures Online.

Below you will find a basic tutorial on how to get started and play the game.
After you log in and create your Hero, you will load a Map.
From the top row, left to right, the symbols are:
Wood, Stone, Iron, Gold, Alchemy, Morale

The Tabs: This has a drop down list
Top row:
1. Runes – How many runes you have, runes are purchased and used to buy items in the shops,
speed up expeditions and buy enhancements.
Click on it to go to the billing department to buy runes.

2. Coins represents the Shop. Here you can buy armor, weapons,
potions for your Hero’s to use, they are level limited.
Some items you can buy for gold,
some more advanced items require runes.

3. Diamond – represents Enhancements.
Here you can enhance your expedition time and production bonus’s.

4. Cloud represents the Chat room,
click on it to go to the public chat function

5. Shield/Sword – this is the PvP tab,
click here to go to the list of players for conquest.

6. Map – represents the expeditions,
clicking on this takes you to a map where you can
choose where to invade and level up your Hero’s.

!!!! Warning !!!! (on the map page)
On the lowerside of screen you find WANDERLUST,
this will be at 100 (minutes) when you begin the day,
but every mission takes time,
so the longer the mission the lesser minutes you keep over.
Keep this in mind with doing missions,
they only get refreshed every 24/H .
You can buy sail options to shorten travel time,
so you can do more missions in less time.

Second Row:
1. Horn – Destruction Button, should you need to take down a building
and replace it with a different one, this list shows what you can
tear down and what little resources you will get back for it.

2. Hammer/Pick – This is the Forge, once you’ve built it,
you can access the forge to enhance armor and weapons.
You can enchant an item a maximum of 5 times.

3. Globe – Takes you back to your Island Map for construction.

4. Envelope – This is the in game mail system,
you can send short messages to players or Staff.

5. Helmet – This is the Tribe tab,
this opens up to the menu where you find
all about your own tribe, as well about creating one.
When you join an tribe,
and are new to the game,
dont give your first resources to the tribe.
Or you cant build any further, so be warned!!!!

6. Gears – Options menu for sound, animation and detail.

Third row:
1. Tavern or pub – Here can you buy new hero’s to add to the team.

2. Haircutter – Here can you re-style Your main hero,
this is the first hero in the lower corner on the left side.

3. Pirate jobs – Here u can raid other players with your 3 best hero’s,
You can’t attack players with less then 3 heroes.

4. Lookout Tower – This function controls your Lookout tower u ca build in your town,
here you are able to activate or deactivate PVP mode.

To get things started, look at your island. It has 10 free spots on it for buildings, each with a sign post. Click on the sign post and a list comes up to the right. The only two buildings you can make right now are the Lumber Mill and the Quarry. Build them first, these are the two most important buildings right now, you will have to produce wood to get more buildings.

After the two are completed, you can build a pub, this will give you an extra hero, now you can put one hero in the wood, one in stone and build more supplies. Build an alchemist because you will need to research different technologies. If you put a hero in there, it will gain points which you can spend on upgrades to buildings and exploration, production and other necessities.

After you have upgraded a couple of the technology areas in the alchemist you should see more building options. Save up gold and wood and build a Bakery. This will give you your third hero. You may have to build a Gold Mine first.

As you build resource buildings , there is a yin-yang symbol, that is your morale of your people, if it goes negative or red, then your people are not happy and will not work as hard for you. To fix this, build a Mill this provides food for your hero’s and brings up morale, always keep this updated.

To gain more storage space, you can upgrade your Headquarters. This will bring capacity up about 500 a level, and you will need to build a Storehouse which will bring it up 1000+ per level, the more levels the higher it brings your capacity. You absolutely MUST have a Storehouse as one of your first 10. failure to do so will mean you cant hold enough resource for further expansion or you will not be able to advance your city and eventually you will have to destroy one of your buildings to make one at a severe loss of resources.

You can build an iron mine whenever you feel like it, you will need it later for upgrading other buildings. The Forge is where you can upgrade armor and weapons on your hero, this cost gold so be sure to have a gold mine at some point. At level 1 it has a very low chance of success, about 5-10%, as you upgrade the forge the chance of improving armor and weapons goes up.

If you want to level your hero, click on the expedition tab, its on top looks like a boat. You will see a map with an island on it, click on the red dot. It will bring up a scene with two men, one has a scroll next to him, this indicates that ther’s a story mission available, do those and you can win resources and open more destinations on the map, the other man with the exclamation point over his head is just a random leveling mission. These are useful for acquiring gold faster than you can mine it at lower levels.

Hero stats:
Strength – boosted by mining stone
Skill – possibly dexterity
Intelligence – boosted by lumber mill
Endurance – boosted by mining Iron
Luck – Boosted by mining gold

Wood and Stone are your primary resources, its a good idea to keep them going as much as possible,
switch hero’s every other day so they get even experience and boosts to their stats.

Iron isn’t needed very much in the early stage of the game,
Gold on the other hand is very useful,
with it you can buy armor and weapons,
upgrade them in the forge and upgrade the Bakery for new hero’s.

Forge and Shop

click on the gold coins tab and the shop comes up with items you can buy,
some you can buy with just gold, others require runes. Runes are bought with cash,
they give a player the means to change the inventory,
buy higher powered items and improve the forge success rate.
For now you are given a few runes to try out different things but don’t get carried away,
once they are gone, who knows when you can get more.
The shop works on drag and drop, drag the item you like up to the top bar.
There are 3 symbols at the top bar, a trunk, a bottle and a diamond.
The trunk is your inventory, its fairly large so you can put a good amount of items in there.
You only get a total of 7 hero’s so you don’t really need more than 7 of anything to save.
The bottle is for potions if you use them,
and the diamond is where you store gems for enhancing items in the forge.

click on the forge icon (hammer and pick tab),
click on the character you want to upgrade,
then you can drag items from the characters inventory to the anvil,
the button will tell you how much gold it takes per try.
Be warned, this takes a lot of gold at higher levels,
and with lower success rates,
you could easily go through 200-5000 gold in minutes trying to upgrade an item.
You can get a maximum of 5 upgrades, the first 4 show as small stars,
the last converts to one big star.

u got when u try to upgrade a + sign behind enhance chance
the upgrading CAN fail with to low + signs.

There for u can use:
Saphire stones they give +++++,
Diamond gives +++,
Ruby gives +

You can put more then 1 ruby in the same spot the counter next to it will tell you how many
you use and you can see the + signs add up.

Your first part of the Island should have the following:
Lumber Mill, Quarry, Gold Mine, Iron Mine
Forge, Pub, Alchemist, Storehouse, Bakery, Mill

Heros Recieved at:
Pub, you get your 2nd hero when you create this
Bakery – at levels 1, 3 and 5 you get hero’s
Alchemist – 2 more hero’s can be obtained here through research

All extra information you can find on our wiki site!!!

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