Crystal Saga Honor Guide

Crystal Saga Honor Guide by Crono

I’ve noticed that there are alot of people who are genuinely unsure as how to climb the rankings of honor.

There are 6 things you can do each day to gain honor: Daily hunt – 100 maximum honor daily, sengolia – 160-480 honor daily, Guild Resource Battleground – 250 honor daily, Guild Dailys – 500 maximum honor daily, Redemption – 240 maximum honor daily, Wishing Well – Unknown maximum honor

1. Daily Hunts – The daily hunt is accessible upon reaching level 30 from the Starglade Gate Guard. Upon completion you gain exp based upon your level as well as 5 honor. This quest may be done 20 times a day. The quest will send you to kill a number of monsters relative to your own level. This is a fairly easy 100 honor per day.

2. Guild Resource Battleground (GR) – This quest is available daily to any person who is a member of a guild. The point of this event is to gather 20 Winter Grass, 16 Tripoco Fruit, 6 Black Rice and 2 Purple Crystalloids from the Resource battleground accessible from the Guild Management Officer in Starglade during your respective servers times allotted for this event. After collecting all of the needed resources speak to the Guild Management Officer to turn in the quest, recieving 10 guild contribution, 250 honor and 12 bronze honor badges. This is important for honor seekers.

3. Guild Daily Quests – These are random assorted quests available daily to any person in a guild. These quests are random, sometimes asking to collect resources (Labor), Kill monsters (Crisis Management), Collect an object from monsters (Building), and kill or collect something from a dungeon monster (Tuning or Clue Hunt). Each of these quests contribute to your guild, give you level based exp and 25 honor. 20 of these quests may be accepted per day, that is 500 honor.

4. Sengolia Battlegrounds Sengolia is a good place to gain honor once level 40+. There are two teams, the first to shatter the opponnents Crystal of Life is victorious and is rewarded with 240 honor, 20 bronze honor badges and 1 silver honor badge. The losers are awarded 80 honor and 10 bronze badges. If enough kills are gained a player may gain additional silver honor badges. This event occurs twice a day, at minimum a player will gain 160 honor and 20 bronze honor badges.

5. Redemption – Redemption is available once level 40+. Redemption scrolls can be bought from the high priest epauch, 3 quests may be taken a day. Each quest gives refining capsules, level based exp and 80 honor per completion. You must kill a randomly assigned boss from the scroll after getting an intelligeance report on the location of your boss by killing a normal monster of the same level group as your quest. 240 honor can be gained per day from this.

6. Wishing Well – The wishing well in starglade can give a multitude of rewards. It can give Golden Honor Fruit which gives you 50 honor per fruit, you can also get various honor badges from the wishing well. Honor attainable from Wishing Well is unknown, you can recieve 0-? honor per day. VIP players may use the wishing well 12 times a day now, and normal players may use the Wishing Well only 5.

As you may have noticed in order to gain honor at lower levels being a member of a guild is important as the only way to gain access to the Guild Daily Quest and Guild Resource Battlegrounds. 750 daily honor can only be gained if you are in a guild. There is a total of roughly 1250-1570 honor gainable just from the first 5 listed honor sources.

Venture forth on the path to honor

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