Cronous Mage Guide

Cronous Mage Guide by kingreaper

Well since stelios isnt on very much anymore i feel I should continue with a Mage Guide. If your not up to the challenge then do not make a mage. It is the hardest class to lvl and in the beginning the weakest. But GM have promised that mages end up the best. However if you are up to the challenge Congratulations. Welcome aboard!

V 1.2 Added index as well as divided up for easier reading.

Chapter 1= Stats/Attacking Skills
Chapter 2= Other skills/Basic Skills
Chapter 3= Equips
Chapter 4= Final Conclusion/Logical Playing tips
Chapter 5= Rough Leveling Guide



Well there are 2 stat builds you can choose from. 4 int 0 sta, or 3 int 1 sta.

STATS: choose between
**4 int (each lvl)

With 4 int you will have more damage but less def. Also you will have more mp.

Usually most mages go for this because of the higher damage.

3int 1 stam (each lvl till you reach lvl50, make it to 100stam when you are lvl75 above. and stop at 100stam)

This is personally my build except i stopped sta at 75. I feel this is a better build because of the extra defense, (which really comes in handy in higher lvl maps) but the decision is yours.

SKILLS: here`s the tricky part

For skills there are a few differnet things you can do. To begin with choose either 1 fire or ice. Just 1! If you opp for fire you can add 1 point to ice for the freezing effect.

EXPLOSION: Dont be fooled by its 1st lvl damage, which seems lower than the other skills. After you max it, its gives the highest skill damages among the lower lvl AOE skills – ice, fire, air.
Its AOE (area of effect) is considerably small. Which i think can only reach 3.5m even after 20 points There are no effects for this skill.

ICE: cool skill, average AOE which reach 4.5m at 20skill points, and it will go beyond that. skill damage slightly lower than fire, but you will get the slow/ice effect which is very very good for lvling from the low lvls till the higher lvls.

So pick either 1 and max it. Only that 1!!! (unless its fire in which it is Ok to add 1 point to ice)


LIGHTNING: This skill is of no use to anyone that does not plan to Pk (player Kill). It has highest damage but only hits 1 target. So it can not be used for lvling. I dont suggest you put any points into it untill higher lvls (after you get all stuff you NEED) if you plan on using it.

AIR: Good PK skill. Low damage on PvM. Small AOE(almost similar to explosion`s AOE). Lower damage compare to ice/fire. But the good thing about this skill is, look at your own char, you have resistance on ice/fire/poison/lightning. BUT YOU DONT HAVE RESISTANCE FOR air. many may not know, but this is quite a good skill for PK. So again dont use put any points in unless you plan to PK.

ASTRAL: The largest AOE among all skills. At 20 points, its 6m and can still go bigger. Has highest damage among other skills, but consume the most mana as well. Almost 3 times as much in fact.

Many people will opp for Astral for later parts of game but just know, mana is NOT cheap!! And mages are the worst money makers. So make sure you have a decent supply of money before oppting for Astal.

MAGIC SHIELD: Very Useful skill. Coupled along with full int it acts like a kind of expensive hp. Maxed I would have to lose all mana before hp goes down a significant bit. I find it usefull for surviving, because it is a lot easier to keep pressing 1 button then to switch between 2. But it is expensive, and if you dont have about 70-150m a month for pots, then i wouldnt suggest you max it. BUT IT IS A MUST! At least 1 point.




MANA COMPRESS: Dont waste too much point on it. I just put 1 point(with other item bonus it will get higher).

TELEPORT: Just 1 point!!! Higher lvls only reduces mana comsumed by teleport.

PURU-RAVAS: Just 1 point. I didnt but 1 point could be usefull :)

SUMMON SASTA: Just 1 point!!


SHIELD MASTERY: Max it. Almost all of us will need this. Unless you opt for Jade (i wouldnt) by lvl 65 you will trade in 2h wepon for manpa, if not a lot sooner.

STAFF MASTERY: Max it. Adds magic damage regardless of staff or not. So dont be fooled by the name.

INCREASE WEIGHT: 1 point (gives us a lot of bonus after you get you shades & vepress)

DODGE: 1 point (gives us a lot of bonus after you get you shades & vepress)

MANA RECHARGE: 1 point (gives us a lot of bonus after you get your shades & vepress)



ARMOR SETS- Just the ones that ++defs. helms that ++ skills. At 60 get either high +def antique or larosh. At 70 you can either stick with Antique or Larosh or trade it in for bone. (what i did and I highly recommend it if you plan on training at ma-dravas before 80.


Up to you. You could go with the Protectors staff in the begining, but you will most likely get a wand/spirit stone and shield. By lvl 65 you will get a manpa (best mage wepon besides growth wepons) unless you do happen to go for Jade. But Aiur if 1h so best just to go with wands and shield in begining.

Nomos are mage`s friends. Go get some good ones. Atleast a +3 sets.

Nomos pendants are the most useful ones compared to rings n necklaces. So getting a full set of above +4 pendants is good. You can use them untill lvl 80.

While for rings and necklaces, you will change to vepress + shades at lvl 60. So actually nomos rings and necks are less important.

vepress and shades:
Very good accesories for mages. Get them.

PETUNIAS: Get them at lvl 80.




STATS: 4int OR 3int 1stam

ASTRAL: OPTIONAL/MAX When you are ready(not in the low lvls)
TELEPORT: 1 point
MAGIC SHIELD: optional to MAX it OR maintain it at hp:mp ratio

SIDE NOTE: If you plan on making an Astal mage than i would probably get free reskill before lvl 40.


**Be logical when lvling, don`t push urselves too hard to lvl in high experience places. you will end up losing more than you gain.

**If your connection is laggy or not good, stop for the day, and cont` on another(i noe its addictive, but stoping 1 day wont hurt, cont` playing will jus kill ur char more)

**For mages, always pick up all the items drop n cros form mobs drop. if not, you will end up getting poorer n poorer. and always be smart n selective of what you choose to pick, mage have limited carrying weight, choose items with the best value of weight(the heaviest doesn`t mean it sells for the highest price), you will learn this thru time.

**Be smart on which skill you shud focus to up 1st, choose the skill that helps you most during that certain period. be interactive n think.

**Be rasional, dont do stupid things. example: buy something you really want for the price not worthy of it. patients is a virtue.

**Don`t start up an arguement with other players over some small matters. its jus a game, you just wanna enjoy yourselves, so less arguments, less problems. you dont wanna waste 2hours having a war of words with some other guy on the opposite side of the planet, don`t you?? we make fren`s from mmorpgs, not create enemies. example: argueing over an holy enchance stone(c) drop from a mob when lvling in party.

**If other players are getting off ur nerves(KS, PK, etc), just move on to another place, or change channels


Rough leveling Guide:

lvl1 – till you get a skill: outside cronous castle
till you get a skill –

lvl23 – lvl25: sitis terra
lvl25 – lvl30: cavus, purica pathway
lvl30 – lvl45: temple road, montanus f1, f2, f4 (skip f3)
lvl45 –
lvl50 – lvl55: chakras
lvl55 – lvl60: kainues
lvl60 – lvl65: kainues/castle unos
lvl65 – lvl70++: castle unos/altar of blood
lvl70++ – lvl80: castle unos/malus ora/altar of blood/ma-dravas (need bone + lots of recovers)
lvl80 – till…: ma-dravas/party:amara Narsha, (the ship from Kaineus to Hover *1)

(*1)The griffons, while taking an impossibly long time to kill, each yield unbelievable experience. Costs a ton in mana though, so be prepared. (Thanks ShinGen)

Be Smart! If you find 1 place to hard go to a lower level map.

Also for farming for a mage go to unos or maybe malus ora.

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