Cronous Ice Castle Solo Guide

Cronous Ice Castle Solo Guide by kelmatrix1

With correct tactic and strategy, it is possible to solo ice Castle.

What i am going to share below is for lv 80+ valk, do adapt it for your own class of choice.

First thing first is to survive at least 2 bites from ice doggies, which translate into minimum 3k hp and 4k++ def (other class need to have higher hp and def, due to lower def rate)

I highly recommended fellow valks to get a shield to lure :) Consider 1-h valk build till you hit lv 100

*** Make use of the weakness of ice doggie/soldiers which is: slow movement and short range of attack

So here goes (for inner wall):

1) Clear room. Soldiers hit harder than dogs .. so becareful . Tactic, keep moving & stay outta atk range.. do not stay in the same spot for too long. Lure soldiers to the back of the room

2) Lure 1 dog into the room and move it to the other side of the pillar. This dog will be your mate and bursting target later

3) Start luring dogs outside the castle.. lure as many as your hp and def (or skill) allow you.

4) Burst to the target dog inside the wall..then run to the other side of the pillar

5) change to buwl/kara/crash/whatever and start killing (wail cf cf )

** You might died a lot in the begining.. keep practicing till you perfect this technic.
** Buy ssk28 days.. worth it
** If you can afford, buy dk avatar (will of dead to assist you in speed and def rate)

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