Cronous Crier Valk Build Guide

Cronous Crier Valk Build Guide by shotastic

The Crier Valk is a small experiment I’ve been testing for a while, and finally executed this past week. The Crier Valk is a unique Valkyrie build that enables the player to farm, level, and party-assist at better rates than before. For example, my newest Crier Valk leveled to 50 in just a few hours and farmed over 20mil. Now, I haven’t played CroNous in a while, but from my understanding way back, it took skill to level to 50 and rake in a high profit in just a few hours (starting from scratch). So therefore, I present my Crier Valk build (feel free to flame).

Crier Valk Build

Alternating stats: 4 stamina / 4 agility (every other level)

Skills to MAX:

One-hand Mastery
Shield Mastery
Crushing Fall

Skills to exponentially add points to:

Two-Hand Mastery
Deadly Assault

The purpose of a Crier Valk is to gain the ability to solo various places where regular valks would not be able to without further assistance. A sub-purpose of a Crier Valk is to earn cro/items faster than others. For me, at least, this build has worked to my advantage and I am very glad to share it with you. It doesn’t hurt to have an extra source of cro!

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