Counter Strike Eliminating Snipers Guide

Counter Strike Eliminating Snipers Guide by taxbat

Snipers are very hard to take out for three reasons. They are already in position looking down one avenue of approach of their enemy, they are sometimes in pairs, and they have a long range advantage.

There are three ways to counter a sniper. Rush them with your teammates, out snipe them! Or even better go around their position to sneak up behind them.

To take out a sniper you should know how to snipe well yourself that way you will understand a snipers point of view. Snipers have a hard time successfully taking out the enemy at close range for two reasons. They switch to their pistol which takes a second and has less firepower. Secondly they have to take more carefully aimed shots.

So, if you are going to rush a sniper you should bring an autoshotty, submachine gun, or a handgun. This way when you get close enough to the sniper you will be able to mow them down quickly while they have to switch weapons or take slower carefully aimed shots than you. Now getting close to the sniper is the hard part. If you decide to rush the sniper by yourself your crazy; and you probably won’t be successful. If you rush with your team you might stand a chance; but why leave anything to chance. Make sure all the teammates that are going to rush actually rush. So buy a flash and a smoke. Chuck the smoke in the snipers line of fire (or your entrance into an open area). This will coerce more of your teammates to rush the snipers since they are less likely to be hit. After that smoke is flowing throw long well aimed flash, do not blind your teammates, then rush. Make sure that you strafe left to right and also zig zag in an unpredictable fashion. Before you know it you or your teammates will be close enough to take out the enemy with a light weapon like a submachine gun.

Then there is out sniping the sniper. Get an AWP get close to where the snipers line of fire is likely to be. Quickly jump out and nail them. Jumping is one of the best techniques because it makes you a harder target and it won’t disturb your aim. Now if there where 2 or more snipers there you are out of luck. Since snipers might be hanging out in the same area it may be extremely difficult to out snipe them. On the other hand you think there is only one sniper in a location and you can do it go for it.

Last and the funnest way to take out a sniper is to sneak up behind them. You should always follow a rush team, but you will have to go off on your own in the end. Simply go around the sniper and when you get close to their position watch out for rear security, or other teammates camping the area, a good gun to bring is a silenced weapon if you can. Remember a good sniper will periodically check their back so be careful when approaching a sniper from a distance. Once you are close to the sniper you have the upper hand two times over. Most of the time they are engrossed on waiting for that kill so that gives you the opportunity to humiliate them by knifing them. Everyone on the oppisite team will greatly appreciate it and give a good response

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