Combat Arms Commonly Used Tactics Guide

Combat Arms Commonly Used Tactics Guide by iiDomosaur

This is a guide for all the noobies
I’m not the best at these things, so bare with me ;o

1. Quickswitching

Quickswitching is common as you level up, since you want to get more kills faster, earning multi-kills to unbelievables. To do this, first, when you spawn, or if you’re about to use a sniper; press “1” until you get to your sniper. If you only have one weapon (sniper), then leave it. Press “3” to switch to your knife. Now press “Q” once to get to your sniper again. Next, test it out if you’re new to this. Use your sniper, and click to shoot, and press “Q” twice quickly right after you’ve clicked. As you start to do this more, you’ll get more used to it, therefore better at it.

2. Quickscoping

Quickscoping is when you use a sniper, and scope in really quickly and shoot. The best way to do this, is to first practice no-scoping in “Papa”, since there’s barely any recoil. To know how to aim, you move your mouse nearest to the “enemy”. When the enemy’s name is captioned in red, shoot. That’s pretty much how you quickscope, only you scope in, THEN shoot. To efficiently quickscope, you must QUICKLY scope in (right click), and accurately hit the target.

3. Camping
Many people camp, since it’s an easy way to get repetitive kills. You don’t want to keep camping in one spot, because the person you’ve killed will, nonetheless, come back to kill you. If kill cam is on, you stay there for the 3 seconds of respawning, then move to another place. Camping with a sniper is pretty good, because you’ll be able to one-hit your target once spotted. Spraying with a gun at the sight isn’t the best move to do. You first want to go un-noticed. Then, follow the target. After a couple seconds, shoot near the upper body (above the chest) for a quick kill.

There are many camping spaces, but they ARE noticable. The little joke “I can’t see you, you can’t see me”, applies in Combat Arms. If you can see an enemy, then they can see you. You might blend in more, but you can still get killed. If you don’t see where someone killed you from, that mean they’re probably hacking

4. Speed Gear
Cyclops bandana, and Assault vests are very popular, due to the speed they provides. People prefer armour that provides speed without reducing anything else. Speed gear is good for when you need to move quickly, efficient in Elimination Pro (if you rush), Elimination (If you’re keen for kills), Sniping matches, and more.

5. Crouching and Jumping
Crouching and jumping is used probably all the time. If you stand in one spot, you only get one point of view, and you look more vulnerable. Jumping around makes it harder for the other person to aim and trying to shoot you. Crouching reduces recoil. Moving around is better for sniping matches, like the “box” strategy (moving around in a box). Some people like to jump, move, crouch, shoot, and repeat. It’s harder, but efficient.

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