Asda 2 Spear Warrior Guide

Asda 2 Spear Warrior Guide by kurse

Critical / Attack / Hwa here,

Here is a spear guide for for everyone to refer, as spears are pretty rare in the game now where you mostly see THS more compare to spears (if you’d notice, the spears are really overloading the EM… and generally spears are harder to sell compare to other weps since there are lesser demands)

So, lets get going with the core concept of spear:

PROSAwesome DD
As the title says, damage dealer. Spears have the highest damage single target skills compare to other warriors. So far I’ve only see archers (good ones) and dd mages have
higher damage than me. (Compared at same level, gears and skill distribution)

Comparing the AoEs, spears have ridiculous SG damage compare to other classes. This is due to spears tend to have higher critical rate compare to other classes. However if you’re comparing dd mages and spears, mages crit more often due to their high base luck and higher crit ratio, regardless spears have higher max damage.

As title, you have higher critical rate compare to other warriors (with same base luck among warriors, somehow I still crit more than other warriors)

Lack of Aoe
Really, this bugs me ALOT. While THS have constant AoE (their skills are almost meant for mobbing, which is really good for PvE), hc + nade + sg always have nice damage on mobs while spears need to constantly charge up SG for their AoE. But well, we do have awesome single target skills….

Low in defense
Concentrated attack decreases 25% at lvl. 5,.This turn spears into beasts at the cost of defense.

Solo Hunting
I suppose this is an issue for most spears, you will face problems hunting due to your skills are mostly single target and weak defense. TBH this can be overcome pretty easy, upgrade ur gears, don’t use con. atk while hunting, and only mob after you have enough SG and HC ready for emergencies.

Skill Build
1st Job Spearman:
Max Roundhouse Hit
Max Impale
Max Concentrated Attack
Max Provoke (Extremely important for every warrior)
Max Increase Strength (Passive)

You will have leftover 4 points now, either slot them into
Resilience – Hp regen over time


Passive Dexterity (gives defense and dodge)

Personally I prefer the hp regen thing as it saves me alot from NDE (Near death experience). I don’t think the passive dex at lvl4 gives much % anyway, but the choice is yours.

The damage skills are self-explainatory, you need them to kill and level. You might ask why not splinter? IMO splinters are not as useful as it is in A1, where spears can off tank and have higher normal attack speed. Why use normal attack when you can do way higher damage than it? Use ur skills, charge up SG and BAM! HC + SG is awesome, trust me, you won’t regret it.

2nd Job Lancer:
Max Repeated Piercing
Max Uppercut
Max Spear Training (This gives % increase in spear damage, is a must)
Max Heavy Crasher
Max Increase Stamina (Passive)
1 point into Hide
1 point into Amplify damage
1 point into Art of Strength

This is my skill build atm, well, repeated piercing and uppercut are self explanatory. Uppercut can stun, useful in pvp moreover high damage. Repeated piercing has awesome damage (way better than roundhouse hit), I got it for extra damage because the skill cooldown is… too long for spears. Impale has like 12 or 15 secs CD, RHH and others have even longer CD, so you’ll need this to DPS.

This skill build is more oriented to survival than damage, as you can see, I chose stamina over luck (IMO luck is overrated, I used to have luck sowels socketed in my gears, even with rare gangtos it doesn’t increase the critical rate that much)

1 point into hide is for pvp purposes, stealth attack can suprise people, but remember to unsummon your pet when you hide. 1 point into Amplify damage is for bosses, the 3% increase in skill damage is stackable, so if you manage to stack it to 5 counts, everyone will be able to hit 15% more damage to that boss. And 1 point into strength buff? At lvl1 strength buff gives 30% increase to strength, this will let you gain 20+ attack, and why not more allocate more points into the skill? Well, we have buffers in game, and you only use this skill when there is no buffer around, the DPS provided by repeated piercing is much higher and you can use it while everything is on CD. So that pretty much explains why.

[color=#BF40803rd Job Gladiator[/color]:
Max Roar of Vitality
Max Wind Slasher
Max Critical Strike
Max Enhanced Deathblow
Max Increased Critical Rate
1 point into Secret Trap
1 point into Fast Hide
1 point into Bloody Revenge

Roar of vitality is for HP, wind slasher for damage, critical strike for critical damage, enhanced deathblow is for higher critical damage as well, and since luck doesn’t give that much critical rate, why not max the critical rate instead since you have tons of critical damage increase skills. Secret Trap is for PVP purposes again, and Fast Hide is useful, you can save yourself when you’re in a pinch, it cancels off all aggro and hides u in BATTLE instantly also, imagine you can hide in PVP and stealth attack in the midst of battle, pretty useful isn’t it? And why BR? This skills reduces hp by 9% by time basis, however the blood reduction effect can be cancelled, just control + left click on the blood reduction icon on your character and you can enjoy an increase in attack with no cost at all. However this depends on your preference.

Helmet: Stamina
Chest: Stamina
Gloves: Stamina
Weapon: Strength

The reason I placed it under this format is due to rare sowels can only be socketed to certain parts in gear.

Why 6 Stamina?
I used to put 4 luck sowels, 4 stamina and 4 strength. Then I realize the luck sowel doesn’t help me much in DPS. So I opted to stamina sowels.

FYI 1 stamina = 3 hp.

6 Staminas is at 80% penalty:
So the formula goes total stamina in gears x 80% x 3 = total hp gained from stamina in gears.

Anything more than 6 sowels = 60% penalty (didn’t check yet, but the penalty occur when you have more than 6)

For strength sowel, I forgot the stats but its either 3.5 strength for 1 attack or 4.5 strength for 1 attack. You can test it on your own by removing gears and calculate.

Lastly, why spirit? why not dex? Other than getting MDEF from spirit sowels, the other thing you need is MP capacity, spear skills consume MP ALOT, you only have 400+ mp at lvl50.. Windslasher at lvl1 already cost 40mp, not to mention with HC and your normal skill spamming, your MP capactiy can last long and you’ll be drinking pots like mad, and the 40 mps or 550 fishes can’t erally support your MP spending rate. I socketed 2 spirit sowels and have 600++ mp now.

Anything that gives attack is good, but don’t be too obsessed with damage. Try to balance up between attack and survival. my recommendation are as follow:

lvl18 Lua Set
lvl32 Felice
lvl38 Absolute Set
lvl42 Dekronos Set
lvl50 Valley set

If you noticed, I did not mention any rare sets in here. IMO rares does not differ much from uncommon set, normally rares will have extra 2 defense compare to uncommon set. But set options compensates that with extra max defense. Instead of rares having more defense than sets, sets actually have higher defense than rares! Also, rares with 2 options? Just get your set with hp stats, you will have similar hp but higher defense :).

An example would be:
Dekronos Set (Comparing to Abs Set)€
This set gives extra 270+ hp when you have 3 or 4 pieces. I have full set HP stat Dekronos, So with every part gives close to 100 hp, I have 700-800 extra hp just from that set. That is alot, helps in surviving and you get nice damage from the max atk + 58 from Dekronos set.

Comparing lvl48 rares and lvl50 valley:
Valley definitely have higher damage than 48 rares. You have higher raw damage, that 77 min/max attack is equivalent to 200+ skill damage. I’ve compared to other lvl50+ spears with spear skill damage, we have almost the same damage in skills and I out damage them by 100-200 damage. So the choice is yours, either rares or valley. The only reason that you want to go for rares are extra stat (if its really good), MDEF, and the flexibility. If you get a hero gear you can swap it, unlike sets you need a full set for set options. So test it out and see which u prefer.

I am using valley now, and I have slightly lower hp like by 100 – 200 than a lvl48 rare skill damage gear spear. My damage is higher, and the difference in HP is not much. So the choice is yours :3.

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