Asda 2 Job Change and Skills Guide

Asda 2 Job Change and Skills Guide by Felinon

Greetings! I am BrightNEarly, but many know me in-game as BedTime.

After reading this guide you will have gained:

Knowledge of the requirements to begin the job change process
The 8 different jobs/classes available to you
My perspective of these jobs/classes
A walk-through of the job class change system
A link to the class skills of each job
Information and knowledge of the skill system
and information on how to obtain a faction.

Getting Started!

The only requirement to start your quest to the first job change is getting to the level 10! So pull up your sleeves and get to work on those 9 more levels people! Since you start out as level 1!

For those new to these games you can gain these levels by killing monsters outside of town and preforming quests. To determine whether a non-playing character ‘NPC’ is offering a quest look for this icon over their heads “seen below” or viewing a similar icon on your map.

Please Note: Yellow Icon means there is a quest available, while red means you have completed that quest and you can turn it in for the rewards.

To access your map simply press the “m” button or look at the mini map on the top right of your screen.


To attack simply double click the desired monster target and your character will do the rest.

Fulfill the Requirement!
You did it! You obtained level 10 and now your screen should look like mine. Click the new icon on your screen to open up a new menu! This menu will describe each class, so make sure to read it through to pick out the class that suits your needs.



Decision Time!
You may also view each classes skills beforehand by checking out the class guide on the Asda 2 website or follow the link.

Point of View on Classes

One-Hand Sword: The shield of the classes, you defend your friends and team-mates in elite zones and on the player vs. player field with your shield and provoking skills. The tank is the leader of a group as you will guide your party through elite zones and making the pulling decisions which can lead your party to paradise or death.

One-Hand Sword users have low attacks, but high defense.

Two-Hand Sword: A class where you have two duties, one as a damage dealer, and the other as an alternative tank. Due to having two duties you are not as strong as a Spear or have the defensive abilities as a One-Hand Sword but a mix in-between. So mow down your foes, while picking up loose monsters that may harm and even kill your other party members.

Spear: The damage dealer of the warrior class. A spear can even be seen as the Rogue of the classes with the ability to learn stealth and your high damage output you will use your spear to pierce through your foes.

Crossbow: You take careful aim and quickly bring down your enemies. As a single target, burst damage dealer, you become a deadly sniper. In an instant you enemy will lay at your feet, not knowing what exactly had just hit them.

Bow: The trapper and multi-monster damage dealer. A rain of arrows will impale your foes while your traps hinder their movements and may even give them their final blow. Bows will do whatever it takes to bring their enemies down, from poisons to bleeding effects they will get the job done.

Attack: Mind Blowing Damage, as you destroy those with your powerful fire and dark base magic. Curse your foes and send a summoned demon to finish the onslaught.

Support: Protect and increase the strength of your friends and allies by using earth and water based magic. You will focus on the survivability of your friends by aiding their own performance and shielding them with a protective shield.

Healing: A needed job for every group, as you will use your powers of light and climate to heal your friends and allies. With the focus on healing and the ability to resurrect the dead it will be your duty to make sure everyone survives as they protect you in the process.

Yet be wary, as your defense and health will be low as any mage; marking you an instant target within the player vs player field.

Get that Quest!

Once you’ve chosen the job you want click on the “Move to Job Trainer” icon seen above. By doing so your character will automatically run to the Job Trainers.


Each trainer has a quest for you to take. However, only talk to the job trainer you wish to become, and accept that quest.


Quest has been gained!

Open up your quest book and click on the quest with 1st Job. Click the link below the “Click” with the monster’s name and coordinates.


This will automatically run you to the needed monster for the job change. And attack! *Rawr!* “Battle Cry*


Once completed, you can do the same thing on how you got there. But instead of the monsters name, it will be the quest givers name. Click, return and complete the quest.

Congratulations on Obtaining your 1st Job!

But you are not done yet! There are two more things you can do now that you have obtained your first job! First talk to the job trainer again, however click on the Learn “Warrior, Archer, Mage” Skills. This will open the following menu!


Gold Dot: Cost of the skill
Blue Dot: Level required to learn that skill
Red Dot: The number of times you can upgrade that skill
Pink Dot: Current amount of gold available
Green Dot: Remaining number of skill points and the amount of skill points spent on that job.

Note: You can only spend a certain number of skill points in each job. 31 skill points for your 1st Job and 30 for the 2nd and 3rd Job.

Each skill requires gold, and a certain level to obtain. You also only get a certain number of skill points, which are required to learn a skill. You will be starting out with 11 skill points and you will gain one additional skill point each time you level. So use those points wisely as the only way to reset them is by buying a skill reset in the Web Mall.

After learning your skills, open up your skill menu, click the “1st Job” Tab and bring down the skills you learned into the action bar.

Reminder: Some skills are Passive! So you won’t be able to bring them to the action bar!


Now that you have your first job, and chosen your skills you now have the ability to join a Faction!

Head over and talk to [Battle Officer] Knight Clesis and Join a Faction!

Reminder: If you can’t find [Battle Officer] Knight Clesis look at the mini map on the top right of the screen shot seen below.



Congratulations on joining the Light or Dark Faction!
All that is left for you to do is to sit back and enjoy the game.

I wish to welcome you to the Asda Story 2 Community and hope to see you in-game.

Thank you for reading my Job Change & Skills Guide


Job Change and Skills Guide by Aruache

Job Change & Skills: This guide helps you pick your job.

Jobs: There are three different jobs that you can choose from. Each one of the three jobs has three different specific jobs that you can go with.Each one of the jobs has their strengths and weaknesses.

Warrior: the warriors tend to have the strength and defense. There are three different types of Warrior that you can choice from.

-One handed sword (ohs)- these warriors carry shields with them. They have the best defense of all the warriors and tend to also have high hp. Their attacks are average strength. They are usually the tanks of the party. The one handed sword has many skills should as taunts and provokes to keep the enemies locked on them. Since they have high defense they can take the blows unlike the other classes.
(Tank- The one who holds the monsters on them. In other words, tanks take all the damage from the monsters while the others attack.)
Pros: Can survive longer than others. Has the best defense of all the other classes. Tends to have good attack strength. Has very usefull skills to keep themselves alive. Can stun the enemies. Gets a few AOE (AOE- Area of Effect) or in other words a multi hit move. Overall a must needed in a party. Always needed! Best class for soloing.
Cons: Doesn’t get high attack. Doesn’t get many aoes. Has to be close range to attack. Low mana.

-Two Handed sword (ths)- These warriors tend to have all the aoes. They also get high attack and average defense. They are usually used for DDs (Damage Dealers) in parties. They carry around a huge blade. These warriors end to have high health and average mana. There skills ranged from high attacks to many aoes. Very useful in parties.
Pros: Have average health and mana. Has great aoes (AOE- Area of Effect). Used in parties often. Can solo. Has strong attack. An awesome sword! xD
Cons: Slow swing. Tends to pull due to AOEs. Has to be close range to attack.

-Spear- These warriors tend to have Massive attack skills. They are the highest of the warriors in attack, but are also the lowest in defense. They can Hide from others. they are considered DDs ( damage dealers) of the parties. They are very useful in dealing high damage to an enemy. This class carries aorund a large spear.
Pros- can solo one enemy easy. This class is the one to go with if you need to kill a monster quickly. Best damage of all the warriors. Gets skills used to hide, so they can not be detected by others. Can pull monsters from others for the kill. Very good for killing bosses. Has good critical hit
Cons: Low defense. Can not take on a large group by themselves. Has okay Health and mana. Tends to pull from tanks alot.

The warrior job quest is different for eac warrior class.
Tip: might have to use pots (hp and mp hpotions). The Cats hit hard. So be prepared, but if you do die, its fine. You can revive on the spot

Archers: The Archers consist of Bows and Crossbows (xbow). They attack from a distance to ensure safetly. Great for luring in monsters. Used as DDs ( Damage Dealers)Always needed!

Bow– The bow is the AoE of the archers. They tend to have high attack and can attack many enemies at once with their arrows. have average health and average health. Has has buffs to increase speed, aim, ect… Used as a lurer and DD in parties.
Pros– Not having to use alot of health potions because you can kill the enemy before it reaches you (which saves gold). Used in parties alot. Great with Traps ( used to stop an enemy in their place).
Cons– Low defense and Health. Have to buy arrows ( bummer T.T)

Crossbow– Is the damage dealer of the bows. They can solo mostly on quest and live xD. Has high attack. Has okay Health and Mana. Great for parties and luring. Always needed.
Pros– Grat attack. Okay health and mana. Can attack from a distance and kill before it reaches you.
Cons– Low Defense and Health. Have to buy arrows ( Bummers xD)

The archer job quest is different for each archer job.
Tip:might have to use pots ( hp and mp potions). The Edges hit hard. So be prepared, but if you do die, its fine. You can revive on the spot

Mage: The mages fight with Staffs. They use magic to attack and defense themselves and others. There are three different types of mages to choose from.

Attack Mage– the attack mage is a DD ( damage dealer). They use fire to hit the monsters. They are the only mages who can actually solo and live xD. Well they all can solo but these will actually finish there quest in the same day. They use strong attacks!
Pros– can solo, has strong attacks, high MP. Used in parties alot
Cons– Low hp. Low Defense. Tends to pull the enemies from tanks. Attacks slow.

Healer– these bad boys (and girls) are one of the two MOST needed members in any party. The healers are the life of the party. They tend to have some attacks, but mostly lean towards healing spells to save the party.
Pros– Can heal themselves if attacked. Always needed for parties. Has goof attack.
Cons– Low health and Low Defense. Doesn’t have many attacks. Can really solo must alone. Pulls from the tank while healing.

Support Mage ( Buffer) – The buffers tend to have few attacks because they rely on others to help, but they can fight themselves. They use protection spells to keep the party members alive and to keep them from getting hit by the monsters.
Pros– Great buffs xD. Good AOEs ( area of effect). Used in parties alot.
Cons– Low health, Low defense, Can’t solo well. Doesn’t get many attacks.

The mages job quest is different for each mage job.
Tip: Might have to use pots ( hp and mp potions). The Edges hit hard. So be prepared, but if you do die, its fine. You can revive on the spot

[*] IMPORANT INFORMATION: For all the class you are required to reach level 10 before you can actually get your first job. But when you do you get some great ‘rewards’ xD
1. You will get to become which ever of the 8 awesome jobs.
2. You will get 10 skill points to choose whatever skills you want from the skill list.
3. You are able to shout in the chat menu. This is a way to let everyone in the area know what you are saying.
4. You will also get a free beginner class weapon
5. you will be able to do more damage than the bow or sword you were using before. xD

[*] MORE IMPORTANT INFO ABOUT SKILLS : You will get one skill point each level. And 10 skilll points per job. there are four jobs. You can not undo the skill you pick and pay for. The only way to redo them is to buy a reset scroll.. So choose carefully. You need to think about which skills you need and dont need. You can only put 31 skill points into each job. Good luck and i Hope this guide helped you at least a little bit. Thank you for your time. Take care

Job Change and Skills Guide by 00Angel00


First to warn you the guide is long. The reason for that is because I tried to cover everything regarding your first job change. I know its long but I would still like it if you would read it. Ok here it goes.
One of the most important and difficult things when playing a RPG game is choosing your class. The reason why it’s so important is because once you choose a class you can’t change it and you will have to play that class forever (or until you make a new character xP). For that reason you should think long and hard before deciding what you want to be. I would also like to point out not to choose a class that you think is popular or make your decision because someone told you it’s the most powerful class in game. What you should be asking yourself is how do I want to fight? Do I want to fight head to head with monsters? Do I want to be able to kill them fast? Do I want to be able to heal and help my friend?


So have you decided what class you want to be? Not yet?! Ok then this next paragraph will help you. In order to choose a class you should first know what kind of combat each class excels at. In asda 2 there are 8 classes for you to choose from. One of them has to fit you so read here and find it. Just click on the link for what class you think would suite you.
Warrior Class
Archer Class
Mage Class
Also you can check what skills each class gets right here on official asda 2 site. Just click here.

First Job Change

Now that you have decided on what class to play let’s get started. Before you can get your first job you have to get to level 10 so go and do that. Don’t worry it’s not hard (actually it’s pretty easy xD). Ok are you done? Good now that your level 10 you should be able to see on your screen a small pop up like this one.


Press it and it will tell you about different jobs. This is your one and only chance to choose your job, remember you won’t be able to change it so choose wisely. When you decide on which one you want to become click on the button that says “Move to Job Trainer”.


You will auto walk to the NPC that will make it possible for you to get your desired job. He will give you a quest that you have to finish before you can change, and yes it is an easy quest no need to kill bosses or anything like that just a few of monster and you don’t even have to look for it just press on the monster name in your quest window and the game will take you there.


And now you’re done with the quest. Open the quest window again (if you closed it) and now instead of monsters name you will see a NPC name. Click on it and you will walk right
up to him.


Now turn in your quest and you’re DONE. Congratulations on getting your first job ^-^. See it was easy and painless wasn’t it? (well for you at least but I’m not so sure about those monster xD)


Skill system

Ok now I will tell you about the skill system. Now that you have chosen your job you are able to learn new skills (forget the ones you were using till now these new shiny ones are much better and prettier xP). To get these new skills go back to your job trainer and choose “learn skills”.


Each class has different skills. You will get skills that are specific to your job and role that your job takes (for example if you’re a one-hand warrior you will get skills that will increase your defense or if you’re a mage you will get ones that increases your magic attack).


But be careful what skills you chose because each skill costs you both money and skill points. Right now you should have 11 skill points. You gain one point each time you level so use them wisely. There is no free reset scroll in game, if you want to reset your skills you can buy one in item shop but it won’t reset the money you wasted on those skills only skill points. As you upgrade your skills the price of the skill will go up too but don’t worry, you’ll have enough money for them as you level up and complete more quests. One more thing about the skill system is that you can only put max 31 points in each job tree.


See those numbers in the right corner of the skill window, it shows how much skill point you already have in that skill tree. And next to it you can see how much skill point you have that haven’t been used yet. After you buy skills close that window and press “K” on your keyboard. You can now drag your skills from there to your shortcut bar. Just a remainder, you can’t drag the passive skills.



Ok now that you have your new job and new shiny skills how about some new equipment?! Now instead those novice parts you can go and get yourself a nice, cool looking set.


One of the simples’ ways of getting new equipment is monster drops. You can use the in game drop list, you can find the icon next to the item mall icon.

If your too lazy to kill them you can always go and buy your set form a NPC.


But I wouldn’t suggest doing so, the ones that drop from monsters are not only better but also less expensive. You can also check player shops to see if they have something you need or auction house.
As for the rarity of sets there are 3 levels for them. The ones dropped from monster most often are common ones (white). After that come the uncommon ones (yellow) which give better stats. And the hardest ones to get are rare parts (purple). One more special set are the booster sets. Those that if you have at least 3 parts of the same set you get extra stats, if you have 4 parts you get even more extra stats. These are the best equipment you can get in the game.

Choosing faction

Ok before you get out there and kill some innocent ducks (trust me you’re gona kill a LOT of ducks in this game) you should choose a faction. In asda 2 you are able to choose either the Light faction or the Dark one.


After choosing one you will be able to join fights on that side. You also get some perks when participating in wars and even buffs if your faction wins. You can see what factions people joined by looking at the box next to their name. As you can see I joined light.

By now you probably noticed the ASF keys under your mini map. Those tell you which town right now is owned by your faction. A stands for Alpen, S for Silaris and F for Flammio. Which ever light up means that your faction owns that city.

Just a warning you can only be a part of the guild that is the same faction as you. That means if you join dark and your friend made a guild on light faction you won’t be able to join that guild. So choose the one where your friends are.

Short Version

What you’re too lazy to read my guide? I put a lot of time into making this you know! Fine here is the simple version of the guide. But because you don’t want to read the hole guide there will be no pictures for you.
1) Get to level 10.
2) Choose your class and go to the NPC that is the mentor for the class you want to be.
3) Complete the quest NPC gives you and go back to turn it in so you can get your first job.
4) Now that you got your new job you can get new skills and new equipment.
5) All that’s left for you it do is choosing a faction that you want to fight for.


And finally we came to an end. Lol do your eyes hurt? Well that’s a small price to pay for getting this far. Now you are ready to go out into the world of Asda and kick some ass… ugh… I mean have some fun. Feel free to post your comments regarding the guide or if you think I missed something that you think I should add. Bad comments are also appreciated (but of course I would like it more if there weren’t any xD). Thank you for reading my guide and have fun playing.
If you have any extra question you can whisper me in game. If I’m online I will respond if I’m not…I will get to you as soon as I can or you can just try again xD


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