Anarchy Online Map of Rubi-Ka and Shadowlands

Anarchy Online Map of Rubi-Ka and Shadowlands by Onack

Tools and information

Latest versions:
AoRK: 2.1……[01-06-2010]
AoSL: 0.9.3…[14-03-2011]

Demoder’s updater will again be supported once new version is out. Current version got some problems with Windows 7.

Atlas of Rubi-Ka(Based on CSPmap)

Full map images moved to gallery section


  • Added 5 new grid exits:
    -Coast of Tranquility
    -Coast of Peace
    -Three Craters East
    -Three Craters West
  • Added 1 new wompah:
    -From Omni-Ent to Mutant Domain
    -Added Caves/Instances/Statics with tracking:
    -Abandoned Mall/Subway
    -Steps of Madness
    -Temple of Three Winds
    -Inner Sanctum
    -Smugglers Den
    -Crypt of Home
  • Added ICC Shuttleport:
    -3.5x normal zone size for easier viewing
    -With dynas and their level
    -Shop terminal
  • APF Updates:
    -New graphics
    -Sector 10 information
    -Xan Hub lift added
  • Adjusted SL jumpoffs according to AoSL:
    -One SL zone leads to one zone on RK
  • Daily Missions Agencies added to Rome Blue and Athen
  • Daily Mission locations added:
    -Green Hill in TLR added
    -Enigma Dogtrainer in Belial Forest
    -Criminal Hideout in Deep Artery Valley
  • PVP Mission Shop added to Borealis
  • Prisoner mission NPCs added
  • Added Quintus Romulus to The Longest Road
  • Added Investigator – Ace Starr to The Longest Road
  • Adjusted Jon Solare and David Meyers in Broken Shores
  • Removed support for DNW, they can still use map, but wont show DNW specific Land Control Areas

Credits to:

-Finnagen (Making CSPmap and helping me)
-Demoder (Compiler, Help, Hosting and QA)
-Malosar (Hosting)
-Devils Inside(Hosting)
-Vhab (Hosting and help)
-Mekh (Giving me source)
-Jexia (Finding clan tradershops)
-Everyone on testserver for helping

Atlas of Shadowlands

Download: maps website)
Full map images moved to gallery section


-Added loads of rare dynadrops
-Added more pocketboss pattern drops
-Better textures in inferno
-Improved whole abyss
-Red lines for shark path
-Fixed some quests
-Added SL starter area quests


-Demoder (Compiler, Help, Hosting and QA)
-Vhab (Hosting)
-Devils Inside (Hosting)
-Dragonwell (Help)
-Ebag333 (Help)
-DiZe (Help and QA)
-Nesual (QA)
-Djanet (QA)
-Hitman36 (Help)
-Calpurnianna (Help)
-Mardonge (Help)
-Lenith (Help)
-The testserver community
-AO Universe
and more…

Other Maps
(Not by me but for easier lookup)

Ms_Idoru’s SLmap(not done)
Spheremap v1.0

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