Anarchy Online Making Easy Money Guide

Anarchy Online Making Easy Money Guide by maxwello

This is a guide that is designed more towards all the new froobs out there that are joining the community. Expansion players can still use this guide also, because all the content that lies within is useable by all races, proffessions, and players in general.

DO NOT buy credits from the “credit spammers” in borealis, newland, etc. doing so could not only get YOU banned, but hopefully also the spammer you bought from. this guide is intended so that you do NOT have to use the credit spammers to get by in this game.

What this guide is not:
It is not meant for players who are not willing to make credits on thier own, without help from a high level main character. That is not to say that having a high level character to fund a new low level main does not help. This guide is not designed for those with high level mains. This guide is for those where this is the first or second toon and if it is the second toon, they are under lvl 100, and finding it hard to keep the toons in gear as they level.

Lets get started, shall we?

So, you are new to AO, and as such, welcome to the fun. This game is one of the more complex MMOs out there, and because of that, there can be a very steep learning curve. Do not let this learning curve deter you, however.

First thing to tell you, is to make one new toon, and dedicate it to the task of “blitzing.” What is blitzing, you ask? Well, it is the process of getting a mission with the explicit intention of running past ALL mobs inside the mission just to get the reward for mission completion. It is NOT meant for getting tokens for a token board.

Blitzing can take a little getting used to. First of all, you need a proffession that is capable of one of 3 different things, or a combination of them. These 3 things are, in no specific order, sneaking past the mobs (invisible to them, given enough concealment skill), calming the mobs as you go, or just all out running past them as fast as possible (runspeed buffs are key here).

Lets talk about calming past mobs first. When using this tactic to blitz, you will want to make sure you have all the best calms available for your given class. Adventurers and ‘crats best fit this bill. Adventurers also have the added bonus of some concealment buffs AND some runspeed buffs.

Next, we will talk about sneaking past mobs. Agents are usually the first choice for this tactic, with adventurers being second. The objective with these proffessions is to have the highest possible concealment skill with buffs and gear to allow you to sneak past all the baddies in the mission to get to the objective, and thus, gain the reward.

Lastly, lets talk about the defacto standard of running all out past the mobs to get to the objective. The preferred choice for this is a fixer, because of the Heal over Time buffs, and the fact that fixers have THE highest runspeed buffs in the game, not to mention the ability to use the fixer grid to get to mission entrances super fast. Second choice would be, again, an adventurer.

Now lets talk about the different tactics described above, and which situations they work the best.

Mission Types Vs Blitzing Styles

Just plain running through a mission can leave you struggling to find the objective as you try to keep ahead of all the mobs trying to take a chunk out of your cute behind. Missions where you have to target a mob or an object work best for this, although, repair missions can also work for this as well. Return item missions are harder for this because you usually have to stop to pick up the item, so these are not ideal. The kill person missions are the worst for this tactic, because if you have a gangload of monsters hot on your tail, you really cant stop to kill the one person you need to kill to win the reward.

Calming your way through the mission, allows you time to do all the types of missions. This is, in my opinion, ideal, as it does not limit your mission type choice in any way. You calm all mobs up to the room with the mission objective or mob you need to kill, and do whatever is required to win, without all the pesky mob agro you get when running full-tilt through the mission.

Sneaking your way through the mission will also allow you to do all mission types as well, but it does take much longer, and as such, is not my first choice for a blitzing toon.

So, to sumarize, my opinion for best tactic, would be calming your way through the mission, due to the fact that you do not limit your mission type choices when rolling missions for specific rewards. The less you limit yourself, the more often you will turn up missions for the specific reward you are looking for.

Now that we have the tactic chosen, lets see if we can’t narrow down the proffession of hoice for the tactic, shall we?

Traders get calms, and they also get “drains” via the deprive and ransack lines. These debuff the mobs nano and weapons skills and transfers a portion of the drained skills to the trader. These debuffs can be “laddered” up to give you much higher skills than normal, with the downside of them only lasting about 3 minutes max. This allows the trader to “ladder” into much higher calms than they would normally be able to do. Traders also get self-only computer literacy buffs that allow them to equip much higher NCU/belts to allow them to use higher level buffs, and have more of them running at once. A trader using the calming tactic would first debuff by laddering up the drains, then calm the rained mob, and calm thier way through the mission, re-draining on mobs as needed, usually only the last 2 drains cast to keep the drains running. Once the objective is completed, you can either calm your way back out (safer) using the same tactics, or just plain run back out pell-mell through them.

Crats also get calms, and they use the same tactics as the trader would, with the exception of not having to cast drains to use the best calm available. you will want to get the requisite buffs from an Meta Physicist (MP) for those nano skills that the calms use before you head out to do the missions. This makes crats less self-sufficient when it comes to blitzing, but traders can also use those same buffs and stack the drains on top of them to give them the best calms available for the level usually.

Adventurers get calms as well, and they will also depend on MP buffs to cast the highest possible calms for thier level, but they also get the added benefit of higher runspeed from the adventurer runspeed buffs, which can also come in handy.

Nano Technicians (NTs) also get calms, and they are area of effect calms, which means they affect all mobs in a radius from the targeted mob, so you can calm a bunch of mobs at once. I do not find NT calms as useable as other proffessions, but that is a personal choice.

All in all, I choose safety over speed, because the less I die when blitzing, means less XP lost when I die before i ding again, if i haven’t saved after every mission of course, which I forget to do alot. As such, my proffession of choice would be a trader.

Now that we have chosen a proffession, and have talked about tactics for that proffession, we can move on to what to blitz for.

First thing you need to get if you have not already, is a piece of software called ClickSaver. Google it. Some people will swear by a similar piece of software called mishbuddy, but i personally do not like it. This guide will assume ClickSaver is used.

If you are in game, exit out of game and download clicksaver. Once that is done, unzip it to a directory of your choosing. inside you will find an exe file called Clicksaver, or something with it in the name. On first run, you will notice that it asks where anarchy online is installed in your system (typically, “C:Program FilesFuncomAnarchy Online” or something similar). Point clicksaver to the correct directory where anarchy online is installed, and click ok or whatever. After you click ok, you will notice clicksaver is now asking you if you want to create the local database that clicksaver uses to compare mission window results with to determine missions that contain your specified mission reward, location, or mission type. Keep in mind that when you enter a specific item into clicksaver for it to find, you MUST enter the EXACT spelling for the item, ClickSaver is very litteral like that. Same goes for the mission location. Once the local database is created, you can start using ClickSaver. There are many online guides for the settings in clicksaver and how to settup AO to be able to use it. As such, I will not go into further detail about those settings, and will assume you have Clicksaver setup for blitzing.

Notice Clicksaver shows you the “QL” of the missions you are rolling for. this is set by the mission difficulty slider in the mission window, or through the appropriate settings in clicksaver. For some items, you must search for the exact QL mission to get the exact QL reward you want. Nano crystals are an exception to this, as is things like omni med suits.

To find out what QL missions you can pull in clicksaver, tyep the following into the chat box in game: /tell helpbot lvl where is your current level, without the around it. helpbot will return a list of mission QLs you can currently do at your given level, with your current level showing up at the exact halfway mark in the list. The left side of the list is at 0% difficulty, and the right side is 100% difficulty, with your current level being 50% difficulty. The other mission QLs correspond to every 10% of mission difficulty, for example, it would be from left to right, 0%, 10%, 20%, etc, all the way up to 100%. this will let you know what QL missions you are actually rolling for, and what QL missions you CAN roll for at your current level.

When you can roll QL 10 missions, you will want to roll for one specific item, and it can take quite a few rolls to actually get one. Usually I set the number of mission requests at the bottom of the clicksaver window to 1000 or more. this lets it run for quite a while. The item in question is Concrete Cushion. This item sells to other players for between 200-500k for a pair. And this is because of the stamina and strength buffs it provides. This can mean the difference between wearing that piece of uber armor or not wearing it.

At QL 22, you roll for the treatment rifle. I forget the exact name, but you can ask in the appropriate side OOC channel in the main towns or your org chat to get the exact name to put into clicksaver. It is something along the lines of OT-Windchaser M06 Quartz (M-zero-six, not M-O-six). This sells for about 300-500k each, and I regularly sell them for 500k, but if someone offers you less and wont go higher, take it and roll another one to sell at 500k again. Either way, its almost all proffit, considering you only spend maybe 2500 credits maximum to roll 2 missions for them.

At QL 44, roll for the CL (comp lit) pistols. Galahad Inc T70 Beyer. These sell for 500k-1 mil a pair, i am sure you can commonly get 700k for these for a pair, 1 mil if you are patient.

The “Master Blitz List” on the AO forums (do a search on these forums for it) will give you stuff to roll for after those. nanos and implants will be your common sellers, but you will want to “clean” the implants first, so they contain no clusters. Then people who buy them just have to buy the clusters they want and have someone make it up for them and they are good to go. For implants, if you sell as a set, you want them all to be a certain QL, so roll for these every 25 QLs, such as 125, 150, 175, 200, etc. The ones that you get off mobs and chests, sell seperately, because people will sometimes be wanting a certain implant at those odd QL ranges.

Lastly, if you do not want to, or have the patience for, this, you can do the “Leona” mission, which is repeatable outside newland city at the bronto burger stand. Look for the little girl named Leona, and go through her dialog. There is alot of dialog, so be prepared for it. Once you finish her dialog, you will be given a mission to kill some guy named Peter. (helpful hint: The mission location is totally random, so delete and re-roll her mission until you get the mission location in an easy to get to place, preferably the same zone you are in with leona at lower levels, and as you get higher, places you can grid easily to, such as Borealis, and Old Athens.) When you kill Peter, you get her doll which you then return to her for your reward of a lantern. This lantern sells for around 25k to normal terminals, and around 30k to the trader terminal. You can repeat this mission many times and fill up a backpack or 2 with the lanterns, and then give to your lvl 25 trader alt to sell in the trader shop. This will not make you near as much as blitzing will, with patience, but you get the money faster since you sell them to a terminal, instead of waiting for a player to send you a tell in reguards to your advertizements.

One last thing. DO NOT BEG for credits, let alone complain about being broke. most people will not have any sympathy for you, and those that do will quickly get bored when you constantly ask for credits, since you blow through them so fast. In my opinion, there is NO EXCUSE for being broke on a new toon if you do not want to use the tools which you have been given to make money with. Any proffession can blitz, obvously though, some better than others. If you do not want to take the time to make money on your own, I have little sympathy for your being broke. That may sound a bit calous, but it is also not my fault if you want to be too lazy to work for your credits.

Thank you for reading my guide, and good luck in your mission rolling, and welcome to the wonderful world of blitzing for your money.

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