Xsyon Weapon Recipes List

Xsyon Weapon Recipes List by vier

Anevay Axe
Manaba Axe
Nukpana Spiked Axe
Pati Curved Axe
Bidzil Forked Axe
Kohana Knife Axe
Matwau Swift Axe
Patamon Saw Axe
Qatetaqa Toothed Axe
Sani Standard Axe
Wooden Dagger Axe
Wooden Pelican Axe
Metal Wedge Axe
Winema Viper Axe
Raptor Claw Axe
Butcher Knife Axe

-=Bows=- Not currently in game
Wooden Dress Bow
White Bow
Sky Bow
Spiked Hawk Bow
Pistol Grip Bow
Standard Wooden Bow
Reenforced Wooden Bow
Buffalo Horn Bow

Ten Pound Beater
Wooden Studded Club
Studded Pipe Smasher
Debedíli Screwed Club
Nine Iron Club
Tulipi Spike Club
Rock Bludgener

Warped Branch Knife
Bear Claw Knife
Degu Design Blade
Bladed Tonfa
Double Edged Shank
Butcher’s Knife
Razor Saw Scalper
Chipped Bastor Cutlass
Old Rusted Skiver
Wooden Butter Knife
Stabby Combat Blade
Scythe Blade
Wooden Kama
Gouging Jag
Split Blade Knife
Hack Knife

Standard Pick
Bat Double Pick
Two Sided Pick
Bed Post Pick

-=Polearms=- Not currently ingame?
Fur Hooked Pike
Harbinger Skull Rake
Toothed Mace
Bear Claw Halberd
Chaos Trident
Double Blade Voulge
Pronged Rammer
Studded Piercer

Reinforced Blade Shovel
Stubby Shovel
Standard Shovel
Square Studded Shovel

-=Staffs=- Not currently ingame
Spanner Staff
Ravens Claw Staff
Five Hand Gaffa
Chrome Dome Staff
Twisted Branch Staff
Weally Good Staff
Horse Broom Staff
Goat Horn Staff

-=Fishing Rods=- I guess these can be used as weapons? They are listed as “weapon_fish_rod_”
Angler’s Rod
Scavenger’s Rod

-=Unknown=- GM/Promotion/Preorder/Event items?? Who knows
Special Knife
Special Knife
Special Pick
Special Pick
Special Polearm
Special Polearm
Special Shovel
Special Shovel
Special Staff
Special Staff

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