Xsyon Tools List

Xsyon Tools List by vier

Current list of every tool ingame

Scrapper’s Awl
Woodhandle Awl
Bonehandle Awl
Stonehandle Awl

Woodhandle Bevel
Bonehandle Bevel
Scrapper’s Bevel
Scrapmetal Bevel

Wooden Bucket
Metal Bucket
Scrapper’s Bucket
Grass Bucket

-=Paint Brushes=-
Painter’s Brush
Pioneer’s Brush
Scrapper’s Brush
Primitive Brush

Marker’s Chalk
Tailor’s Chalk

Primitive Chisel
Bonecrafter’s Chisel
Scrapper’s Chisel
Antler Chisel
Bone Flared Chisel
Rigged Chisel
Layered Chisel
Skewered Chisel

-=Craft Knifes=-
Pioneer’s Craft Knife
Primitive Craft Knife
Bonecrafter’s Knife
Scrapper’s Craft Knife

Bonecrafter’s Point Drill
Bonecrafter’s Drill
Scrapper’s Hand Drill
Primitive Drill

Woodhandle Planer
Bonehandle Planer
Metal Planer
Scrapper’s Planer

Tahoe Mallet
Sledge Mallet
Washoe Hammer
Pioneer’s Hammer
Crafter’s Hammer
Bonecrafter’s Hammer
Scrapper’s Mallet
Primitive Mallet

Wooden Lasher
Bone Lasher
Scrap Lasher
Metal Lasher

-=Leather Craft=-
Leathercraft Slicer
Leathercraft Flatblade
Leathercraft Detailer
Leathercraft Roller

Wooden Yardstick
Wooden Ruler
Crafter’s Rule
Carpenter’s Square

Bone Needle
Plastic Needle
Metal Needle
Wooden Needle

Primitive Paddle
Pioneer’s Paddle
Scrapper’s Paddle
Washoe Paddle

Wooden Pins
Bone Pins
Metal Pins
Plastic Pins

Scrap Pliers
Woodhandle Pliers
Metalgrip Pliers
Heavygrip Pliers

Wood Punch
Bone Punch
Scrap Punch
Stone Punch

Bone Saw
Pioneer’s Saw
Scrapmetal Saw
Hacker Saw

Heavy Scraper
Shovel Scraper
Stone Scraper
Plastic Scraper

Pioneer’s Screwdriver
Scrapper’s Screwdriver
Bonehandle Screwdriver
Stonehandle Screwdriver

Scrapper’s Scissors
Bonehandle Scissors
Stone Shears
Forager’s Shears

-=Skinning Knifes =-
Skinner’s Knife
Hunter’s Knife
Bone Carver’s Knife
Gutter’s Knife

-=Pestle & Mortar=-
Scrapper’s Mortar & Pestle
Wood Mortar & Pestle
Stone Mortar & Pestle
Metallic Mortar & Pestle

-=Pressing Boards=-
Tailor’s Pressing Board
Bone Pressing Board
Scrap Pressing Board
Simple Pressing Board

-=Seam Rollers=-
Crafter’s Seamroll
Tailor’s Seamroll
Scrapper’s Seamroll
Pioneer’s Seamroll

Stonehandle Tongs
Scrapper’s Tongs
Woodhandle Tongs
Bonehandle Tongs

Scrapper’s Trowel
Woodhandle Trowel
Bonehandle Trowel
Stonehandle Trowel

Bone Weaver
Woodhandle Weaver
Stonehandle Weaver
Scrap Weaver

Pioneer’s Wrench
Bonecrafter’s Wrench
Metal Wrench
Scrapper’s Wrench

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