Xsyon Basketry Recipe List

Xsyon Basketry Recipe List by vier

Current list of every basketry recipe

Grass Fabric
Grass Scraps
Bolt of Grass Fabric
Grass Thread
Grass String
Grass Twine
Grass Yarn
Grass Braided Rope
Grass Twisted Rope
Grass Tarp

Light Grass Plate
Heavy Grass Plate

Hugaleti Grass Pack
Welmeti Grass Pack
Pauwalu Grass Pack
Washoe Grass Pack

Hugaleti Grass Pouch
Welmeti Grass Pouch
Pauwalu Grass Pouch
Washoe Grass Pouch

-=Bins, Bowls & Baskets=-
Hugaleti Degikup Bowl
Welmeti Degikup Bowl
Pauwalu Degikup Bowl
Washoe Degikup Bowl
Hugaleti Storage Bin
Welmeti Storage Bin
Pauwalu Storage Bin
Washoe Storage Bin
Hugaleti Gift Basket
Welmeti Gift Basket
Pauwalu Gift Basket
Washoe Gift Basket

Peasant’s Grass Hat
Farmer’s Grass Hat
Weaver’s Grass Hat
Artisan’s Grass Hat
Adept’s Grass Hat
Mentor’s Grass Hat
Master’s Grass Hat
GrandMaster’s Grass Hat

-=Gatherers Set=-
Daogwa Gatherer’s Greaves
Daogwa Gatherer’s Vest
Daogwa Gatherer’s Elbow Pads
Daogwa Gatherer’s Boots
Daogwa Gatherer’s Bracers
Daogwa Gatherer’s Gloves
Daogwa Gatherer’s Helm
Daogwa Gatherer’s Knee Pads
Daogwa Gatherer’s Shoulder Pads
Daogwa Gatherer’s Pants
Daogwa Gatherer’s Armbands
Daogwa Gatherer’s Loincloth
Daogwa Gatherer’s Necklace

-=Assault Set=-
Daogwa Assault Greaves
Daogwa Assault Vest
Daogwa Assault Elbow Pads
Daogwa Assault Boots
Daogwa Assault Bracers
Daogwa Assault Gloves
Daogwa Assault Helm
Daogwa Assault Knee Pads
Daogwa Assault Shoulder Pads
Daogwa Assault Pants
Daogwa Assault Armbands
Daogwa Assault Loincloth
Daogwa Assault Necklace

-=Misc Set=-
Daogwa Pants
Daogwa Shirt
Daogwa Moccasins

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