Xsyon Architecture Recipes List

Xsyon Architecture Recipes List by vier

-=Architecture Decor=-
Ceremonial Spear
Metal Trough
Scrapper’s Canopy
Short Metal Ladder
Long Metal Ladder
Pioneer’s Canopy
Old Car Seat
Forager’s Canopy

-=Architecture Fences=-
Gatherer’s Fence
Forager’s Fence
Scruffer’s Fence

-=Architecture Flooring=-
Wooden Ply Floor
Pioneer’s Railing << Should be listed under fences?

-=Architecture Gates=-
Yabi Fortress Gate(metal sheets)
Tagi Wood Gate
Aawi Wood Gate(granite block)

-=Architecture Huts=-
Dewgo Hut
Itbaba Hut
Sasdim Hut(metal sheets(concrete)
Gugelewil Hut(metal sheets(concrete)
Diwihli Hut(concrete)
Grehund Hut

-=Architecture Posts=-
Yakid Stone Post
Yakitil Stone Corner Post
Matus Cement Post
Gelenkun Stone Post
Lenkun Stone Corner Post

-=Architecture Roofs=-
Small Log Roof
Medium Log Roof

-=Architecture Rooms=-
Migiyi Seer Teepee
Mupilp Teepee
Itbaba Teepee
Metal Smoke House

-=Architecture Tents=-
Wamas Leather Tent
Detumu Chief Tent
Tulista Stick Tent
Daya Cloth Tent
Asdim Metal Tent
Meki Box Tent
Lumberjack’s Tent
Lasdim Pup Tent
Llhaw Post Tentlamp post

-=Architecture Walls=-
Spiked Log Wall
Sheet Metal Wall
Pioneer Log Wall I
Pioneer Log Wall II
Pioneer Log Wall III
Pioneer Log Wall IV
Pioneer Log Wall V
Rough Branch Barricade
Branch Barricade
Limestone Wall

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