Warriors Saga Marriage System Guide

Warriors Saga Marriage System Guide by Warriors Saga Team

1. Both the boy and the girl have to be single. It will be invalid if one of them got engaged.
2. Male character level is higher than 50 and female at least 40.
3. They are friends to each other and their relation has to reach 1570.
4. Arrange a team with the male character as the leader, and go to Marry Witness’s place.
PS: Players can check the relation at the friends’ panel. Friends can fight together or team up the upgrade the relation, or players can also buy the Items Mountain and Flowing or Concentric Lock to upgrade.

As you meet the entire requirement, go to Marry Witness’s place to get married.

There are two Wedding Modes: Sword man wedding and Phantom wedding.

Sword man wedding:
Just like its name, it is a simple wedding. After paying 131421 silvers and buying 99 love flowers, you can ask the girl to marry you. Girl will get tips: will you accept? Choose accept, then you get married.

Phantom Wedding:
It is a Chinese traditional wedding and more romantic. First, something identical with the Sword man wedding: prepare 334421 silvers and 999 love flowers. Go to marry witness’s place to ask for marriage with the girl, and the girl will accept tips. If the girl accepts, you will need to find Introducer just beside the Marry Witness to accept the Witness’s gift quest. You can only run to complete the quest, and flying flag is not allowed to use. When you have sent the gift to NPC, there will be candy around the NPC, and players can go to pick it up and get EXP or silver by eating it.

As you have completed the Witness’s gifts quest, you can get a wedding. The Introducer will send you two to a special map to get married.

First of all, announce the wedding begins, and there will be world announcement that XXX and XXX are holding a wedding, and then you can get married with Introducer’s help.

You even can hold a party and invite your friends. Everyone that goes to the party can get EXP and silver. There are some small games as well. And you can also set off fireworks.

Concentric Point:
As you complete the wedding, open the couple relationship and both of you will obtain a skill – Together forever, and the special titles as well.

Concentric Point is a special point that belongs to couple only, and it will grow if you both are online, and you can buy items in shop to increase it as well.

Couple Skills:
Together forever: Double-click use, the spouse will be sent to their side. Charging dart, team-up, and fighting secondary special state cannot use consumption of 10 concentric values.

Couples concentric: Restore blood for couple and the effect is affected by the skill level. It will consume 22 points concentric value.

Blood media: Clear all the negative state of couple, and blood return to the highest; casting mandatory will take 4 rounds of rest, and reduce to consume 52 concentric value.

There are two ways to divorce. When your Concentric Point is lower than 10, you can apply to divorce and need the other one to agree. Or you can buy a divorce letter in shop to get divorced.

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