War Commander Basic Base Making Guide

War Commander Basic Base Making Guide by A Joel Chia

War Commander provides a great advantage in attacking over defending. This is made even worse with poorly designed bases. Here’s some tips to making a good base.

1. Good CF. For those of you who don’t know what CF is, it’s covering fire/concentrated firepower. To achieve this, all you have to do is to place your towers near to each other. You want as many towers to protect each other, so that when enemies attack your tower, there will be other towers attacking the enemies. This would help you to kill them off faster, and protect your base.

2. Space out your towers. Although this seems to contradict the first point, it is essential. You might be tempted to place all of your towers next to each other to have the greatest possible CF, this would result with disastrous consequences. Any units with splash damage would easily take out your bunch of towers. Therefore, try to space out your towers, to prevent this from happening. This will also result in them spending more time going from one tower to another, giving you more time to damage them.

3. Mixing buildings. This helps to make your defense stronger, as well as deter enemies.

3.1 Mixing/Spreading resources. For example, if all your oil pumps are together, and your opponent needs oil, it makes his job easier. All he has to do is to destroy that part of your base. However if you spread out your oil pumps, he would have to destroy most of your base, which would be much harder for him.

3.2 Mixing defensive towers. Mortars have splash damage, and turrets don’t. However, mortars can’t attack flying units, while turrets can. If all of your turrets are at one side of the base, and the mortars are at the other side, it would be easy for the enemy to destroy your base. All they would have to do is to send flying units at the side without turrets, and your mortars are helpless. After that they can just spam heavy gunners/rocket launchers. Your turrets would not be able to keep up with them.

4. Units. Ground units will protect your base. They are essential, as they can be placed anywhere within your base boundaries.

4.1 Hiding. One good way is to hide them behind your CC. Firstly, you move your CC away from its original position. Next, you select the units you want to hide, and move them to the center of where the CC was. Then, you place the CC back to its original position. People would not see your units, and think your base is an easy target. However, they will be ambushed by your units. Of course, this strategy is not limited to the CC.

4.2. Selection of units. This one is self explanatory. Choose good units. One thing to take note off is range. You should have a good mix of high and low range units. High ranged units help to whittle down the enemies health before the enemies start firing upon them. Low ranged units can help to finish off injured enemies, and surprise the enemy. Of course, this would depend on your own preference on units. Another tactic for this is to use suicide bombers, and hide them in your CC/storages. This will serve as a last resort. Their massive damage should make quick work of enemy troops.

5. Blocks. Blocks should be used to path enemies. Though your opponent can control his units, he would prefer not to go straight through a wall, as this would slow him down, resulting in your towers having more time to damage his troops. If he can get to his target building within a slightly longer time, he will. This can be used to path troops to places where CF is high. It also roughly allows you to determine which buildings he will attack first.

6. Priority of buildings. This are the priorites of buildings, in terms of which one you should protect the most.

1. A power plant. Your towers fire at a slower rate if they do not have enough energy.

2. Defensive towers/Defensive units

3. CC, as well as Storages

4. Resource Gatherers

Buildings which are not mentioned should be placed around your base, to make your opponent have to fling their units further away, as well as to partially stall air units.

This does not have to be strictly stuck to. If you only get attacked by one person, you can modify your base to counter his strategy. Thanks for reading though.

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