Twelve Sky 2 Pets Guide

Twelve Sky 2 Pets Guide by KonnoV

I haven’t seen any useful info about pets so I tried to make this, hope it helps

What are Pets?
Pets are basically your best friend in this game. They give bonuses which can benefit you in both pvp and pve. Pet Levels are lvl1, m1, m15 and m30. Pets drop from Monsters that you kill or you can get them from promos/ap items.

The higher the level, the more stats. Just because its higher level, doesn’t mean its better though. Example: A Scarab is better than a vulture. Yes the Vulture gives def hp and chi(which is worthless imo) but the scarab gives dmg and def so the scarab will help you out more. Each pet transforms every 25% and you gain % as you grind. The higher the monster level, the mroe exp you will get. You need to feed you pet tho! Buy them at the Herbalist in your faction town.

Level 1 pets are the easiest to grind! They give 1 bonus

Level 1 pets are:
Vespida Wasp

The wasp is the best level 1 pet you can get because when its 100% because it gives 1.1k extra dmg! It gives 2x dmg if you don’t have 1.1k on your character.

Cabochon Relic

This is the 2nd best Level 1 pet you can get. It gives 2.2k Defense when its 100%. Same rules apply as before. If you don’t have 2.2k Defense, it gives 2x more defense.

Feng Demon

This isn’t even worth grinding lol. Unless you want it for the looks, it really has no use for grinding it up. 2.2k hp when its 100%

Imperial Moth

The worst pet ingame. It gives 2k chi and sucks big time lol. It looks pretty at 100% so thats the only reason I would even grind one.

Master Level 1 Pets! Pets give 2 bonuses

Karabos Scarab

The best pet for m1. It gives 1.1k dmg and 2.2k Defense. Defense in the case is actually a lot better than getting an Owl (which is 1.1k dmg and 2.2k hp). 1 defense point equal to 2.5-3.5 hp (i forgot the numbers but its something like that.) So if you add it up, having 2.2k def is a lot better than having 2.2k hp from a pet. This pet is good for both pvp and pve

Lamillar Owl

This is the pet that you want if you can’t afford an scarab.. or just simply want it over a scarab. It gives 1.1k dmg and 2.2k hp so this is pretty good for pvp. Having an owl sucks for grinding tho since it gives no defense. I suggest getting saving up for a scarab rather than buying this pet.

Bainfu Bat

This pet is pretty useless, I prefer that you DON’T waste your time grinding this pet. It gives 1.1k dmg and 2k chi.

Turtalias Shell

If you can’t afford a Falchion and you want to tank, this is the best pet for that. It gives 2.2k HP and Defense so its great for a tanker. Only grind this if you know you aren’t going to get a falchion anytime soon and you want to be more of a tanker type.

Jade Kirin and Pinyin Spirit

These pets are pretty useless lol. Kirin gives 2.2k def and 2k chi and the Pinyin gives 2.2k hp and 2k chi. There is no point in grinding these.

Master Level 15 pets! Pets give 3 bonuses

Grace Falchion

This is the best pet IMO, yes the Leviathan is the same with just extra chi but is that pet really worth grinding? The pet gives 1.1k dmg, 2.2k def and hp. This pet works extremely well with pvp and pve. This is the pet you want to have and work hard fore

Emperor Phoenix

The Phoenix is basically a Scarab with chi (1.1k dmg, 2.2k def, and 2k chi). None of the other m15 pets are worth grinding so I’m going to give a short description.

Siwang Dragon

It gives 1.1k dmg, 2.2k hp and 2k, chi.

Don’t see why anyone would grind this. This is absolutely a waste of time and money. It gives 2.2k def and hp and.. 2k chi. If I saw a 100% Vulture, i would probably quit lol.

M30 Pet!

Verita Leviathan

If you can grind this pet, you prove to everyone in the game that you can grind you butt off (or bot, but that would just be stupid ;P). I give props to anyone that can grind this pet since it takes a really long time lol. It gives all bonuses, 1.1k dmg, 2.2k def and hp, and 2k chi.

You’re Welcome guys

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