Twelve Sky 2 Masters Guide

Twelve Sky 2 Masters Guide by KonnoV

I’ve seen a lot of low level masters asking a lot of questions and sometimes not even getting the right answer. I’ve seen them not knowing what a holy stone battle is too. I hope this guide helps with Any questions.

Congrats! You are Master level!!
Now what….?

Stats, Skills and more!
Whats a good build?
Str/Vit is the way to go! You don’t need dex because you can always use the Defence weapon buff, enchant your amor and/or get a pet! Good starting point on your build at m1: 10k hp and rest str, yes no Chi or dex. You can either go str build for grinding or be more of a hp build for pvp in your level bracket wars. (Theres not many now so you might just wanna be more of a str build.)

For str build – Stay at 10k-20k hp and rest str. Str makes difference in grinding now since all the exp boosts. Grind WITH GC and Dmg mount (tiger or bear) if you can. You’ll just be speeding through grinding.

This was what I used during the early stages of the game… Mainly because there was A LOT of pvp going on for master levels.
m1-10 I had 370str rest vit
M11-20 I had 400str rest vit
At m21 I started doing 10str/20vit. I wanted 500 str and still wanted to put in vit. So i did 10/20 til 500 str. Put the rest in vit after that.

A good M33 build (with decent gear and gc/mount) 29.8k hp rest str. This leaves you with 32khp exactly with a Owl, pretty much the same for scarab but only adding def instead of hp. I’d say this build is working out for me pretty far. This build let you do high dmg while still being able to take 30-31.9k crits.

Str Elixers – probably one of the best things in game. If you max str elixers that gives you a 300 dmg perma boost. Its expensive yes… but if you get your hands on one DON’T sell it. Use it, it will help you in the long run.

What skills should i be focusing on getting?
5th Power weapon-multi hit, 6th Power Weapon-Single hit, Heaven’s blow, Heaven’s Shield ( you don’t need this til later. I didn’t get til m33.)

All these pets and I can’t pick which one to get! T.T
Twelve Sky 2 Pets Guide More info about pets and which one you should get

Enchanting wise, what should I focus on?
m2-m29, never go past 90% on your weap. Its a waste of money. Its okay if you are at 87% and use a soe or goe though. You’re weapon and ring is the main thing you want to focus on in enchanting. The more damage and more crits, the better. Keep you armor, gloves, cape, and boots at 60%. If you have enough money to get your armor/cape to 90%. Its good for grinding because you dont have to worry about repilling every 10mins. M33 is when you want all your gear over 100%.

What Exp Items should I use?
For the best exp rate, you need Sup Pill, Pet + Character X and Master Pot. Thats epic in sos

How do I grind my pet faster? It’s kinda slow
Go str build and buy pet pills from the item mall.

What Item Mall items should I be focusing on
For grinding, all the exp boost items.


Holy Stone Battle
Holy stone battle is Important to any Master Level One and above!!

>:O! Whats Holy Stone battle ZOMG!?
Holy Stone battle is well… the Battle of the Holy Stones!! Each Faction has thier own Unique Stone in their Second Map. If you take a Faction’s Stone, You gain 10% damage!! If you get your stone taken, you get minus 10% damage.

When and Where do I join the fun O.O!?
Each Faction has Guardian Shields. In order to get to the next map you need to break all shields in that map. You have to start off in Yanggok Valley then move on to each map til the map with the Stone! HSB is on Tuesdays and Fridays 6pm-9pm PST

Where is my Faction stone D: ?




O.o? Are they hard to get?
Yes extremely hard! If the faction works together they can pull of a good defence or offence. HSB (Holy stone battle) is all about teamwork! thanks Cuki for the last 2 pics!

Yanggok Valley

How do you get in Yanggok?
Its after the 4th map
Zimming Plains-Guan|Migong Valley-Fuji|Mogui Valley-Jin|Lurase Temple-Nangin|

Whats there to do in Yanggok?
Constant PVP! Its not really active but its all ways war in there. You can either pvp, Invade, or do Yanggok formation!

Whats Yanggok formation?
Its a war that all factions can take place. It happens every 3 hours and any levels can come (90-m33). You need to hold the formation for 5 minutes.

How to win
Most sucessful and safe way is use the Area of effect skill (AOE) on the formation while the high levels take care of enemy faction!

Once you win you get access to Abyss Stages. Good for early Master Level grinding/farming.

Farming at Master level
You can’t buy it all so you might have to farm, or you are just trying to make a quick million or 2. Yes farming is boring but its good to farm for an hour or 2.

Serpent Knights!

Serpent Knights are good because they can drop lots of rares and even a chance at Elite. They drop around m2/m5 gear. I think 110/M3 elites too. Pick up the Uni rings and neckys too! They are actually good pill money because they drop fast in there.


Beserkers are located in Abyssal Stage 3 (the map you get from winning Y form. They drop a good ammount of rares, skills, m1 pets and even elites! They drop m5/m8 rares, m6 elites I think also. This is also a good mob to grind on at m1.

These fatties drop rare skills and m8-m11 rares. I actually got GP from these guys while grinding my nub

Higher Master levels!
Farm where you would usually grind.


Boss Hunting
Boss Hunting is a good way to make money or get some quick mats. Each boss has a 3 hour respawn time.

Go to the Gate Master and look for the map that looks like this. BloodLords Spawn at the 2 X’s. They do double hits and do about 5k deadlies. Good til about m3. Fastest way to find them is to run along the edge.

You can use the gate master to go to this map or go through the portal north in the previous picture. Soaring Firebirds and Skyborne Thunders spawn here. Good for m2-m10ish. They hit 6-8k deadly I think.

This is the map after Abyss 3. These bosses hurt a lot, 12-14 deadlys! If you don’t have a Deadly cape, get one! Rage Drakes and Cinder Hazes spawn here.

Ikusa mountin only spawn Cinder Hazes (i think). As you can see, it looks like a face. Come boss hunt there with a friend or 2! People usually gets KS’d there so its good to have a friend.

Red X = Holy Monarchs they do 10-12k deadly (correct me if I’m wrong)
Blue X = Buddhas 13-15k (correct me if I’m wrong)
Yellow X = Blood Drench Hulks 13-15k (correct me if I’m wrong)
Pink X = Goblinkin Cheiftens 13k-16k Deadly

All Scroll of Seeker maps look the same but have different mobs. Bosses spawn at the red X’s. Go in the map that is good for your level

Solemn Grounds has bosses too! Cinder Hazes and Red Drakes spawn there. X marks the spot.

There are a few different types of bosses that spawn here. If you have 20k hp+ you should be fine tanking bosses. The dmg varies from 5-10k commons.

Scroll of Seekers!
When you hit m17, its best to grind in either Solemn Ground Caves or Scroll of Seekers maps! Scroll of Seekers is expensive but its worth it with the SOS bonus.

When you are m17, you can grind on frogs in Cardinal Island. I grinded there til they were pink named. Here is also a good spot to grind at.

I think when I was m20-26, I grinded on Trolls in Infernal Island.

Once you hit m26, Start grinding on Evil Kings. You grind on them til m33!


Solemn Grounds!(Not the caves)

When you hit m1 you want to start grinding in Solemn grounds. Solem Grounds (outside, not the cave) should get you to about m17. I started grinding there at m9 because thats when it came out. I had to ask people for the info, thanks for all that helped.

M1-5 you are going to want to stay at Either Rams or Keysmith. Keysmiths have a double hit and hurts a lot. They have more exp compared to Rams tho.


m5-m8 or m11 grind on Goblinkins! This is what i heard from different people. These guys drops elites too!

Finally Foci at m11-17. These drop elite pets, elite gear, and skills so its worth the grind!

I lost a lot of blood >.<

Odawa 1 & 2

Once you hit m17 and get your m17 rares up head to Odawa 1

Kill these frogs, get up to about m23. They should appear around the middle

When you hit m23 (I heard this from someone) kill these girlies at the end of Odawa 1 til

If you go ahead and try Odawa 2 instead, thats fine too.

Once you hit m23 ( or m24 ) head down to Odawa 2.

You are going to fight the first mobs til m26. The first mobs are globliken champions.

Then when you hit m26!!!! Kill Obliteration Wardens til m33!

You can try the elephants but they have a lot more hp than the wardens. If you kill the elephants a lot slower than the wardens, kill the wardens.

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