Twelve Sky 2 Marble Guide

Twelve Sky 2 Marble Guide by wassupjock1

…and ranged weapons-in-general-guide. (And why everyone underrates them)

So lets start off with an explanation. Alot of people in this forum and in game underestimate the power of a marble/lute/phurba user in both PvE and PvP. Why? Because the weapons are weaker and STR does not add as much damage to your total-end damage when using a ranged weapon. I will also make clear that ranged chars have an advantage over melee chars in PvE.

So lets start. Sorry for my grammar, english is not my first, nor my second language

here are a few facts that make marbles/lutes/phurbas superior to other classes

faster skill casting and overall execution of skills (yes it’s true, try it out)
movement & dodge buff
less pill consumption

How does it make you superior?
Example: grinding. There are two methods of grinding and both work pretty well for a ranged type weapon user.

1.) 1by1. Killing mobs one by one is effective and fast if you find a good spot. For example, in the time a melee user gathers 5 mobs, a good marble user can kill more then those 5 already. Problems: You need a good mouse aim to target mobs right after another. Hint: When your char is executing a skill on a mob, target the next mob already. The next skill will be immediately executed on the next mob.

You can stand outside the spawn, you dont die as much as melee users eventually do.
You save pots
If done right, you grind about 30% faster then a melee char
You can kill higher lvl mobs without even getting touched

2.) AoEing.
As already mentioned, ranged chars have a faster skill execution time and a movement buff. “How can i make use of that when i aoe w t f?” – is what you might ask yourself.
Well its easy. Run thru a spawn, AoE, step forward a little, AoE, step forward a little, AoE…..rinse and repeat. If done right, only 1-2 mobs of the spawn will hit you (even IF! ) everytime you do an AoE. This method highly profits from the movement buff and the shorter skill execution time.

Not as boring ( in the long run, trust me) as the 1by1 method
Can kill more mobs at once then the 1on1 build (eventhough it doesnt really make you grind faster)
Slower then 1by1’ing

No secrets here, 3 str:2 vit work aswell as 4str:1 vit as long as you use an HP owl for pve

I got myself to lvl 90 in 2,5 days (which is not bad i guess ) using the 1by1 method and from 90 to 95 in only a few hours nonstop grinding powerpushers (dragon clan) infront of the dungeon teleport. I am currently lvl 108 and mixing methods depending on my situation. All i can say is, that ranged weapons do NOT have a disadvantage in pve nor pvp if you use them right.
Pvp as a ranger is so much fun with a pimped marble/lute/phurba. Another thing, the damage of ranged weapons compared to melees isnt THAT much lower, i would say its a trade-in. You trade a few damage to be ranged. To speak in numbers, while a DMG melee user hits 10k vital on a player, you will hit like 8.5k which is not that bad isnt it?

I hope this guide helps all the hopeless ranged weapon users a bit, seeing there is alot of negativitiy towards them.

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