Twelve Sky 2 Guanyin Quests Guide

Twelve Sky 2 Guanyin Quests Guide by coopshire

Few things before i start. I know this guide wont be perfect and it may take awhile to finish this but with your help this guide can help all other future players.

I only got a few more quests in today because ive been trying to hit M1 (finally did it yay for me)

This guide is meant to help Guanyin plaers who are having trouble with any quests, Even though the descrptions are MUCH more helpful than TS1. I will add the rewards tomorrow with the other lvls

I will be playing a Blader using 2 str 2 vit 1 chi per lvl

Along with quests I will try and tell you the best way to level and get those rares we all want :p

***also looking for a way to quick find this stuff Razz***

You have chosen one of the most respected and coolest factions in the game Smile

Lets get to it. If your switching between this window and the game itself it will help out a lot.

First you start out at Kailan Fortress. Your “A” and “D” buttons on your keyboard are how you look around. To change your perspective hold the right-click button and drag it around.

If you didnt notice the flashing question mark in the bottom right corner of your screen give that a click or press “H”
You will see the map of Kailan with all the NPC’s location. Use your map in the top right corner of the screen to pinpoint location.

***The first few are very drawn out it will be less descriptive as you go along.***

Quest 1 “Meet with Noh & Xiao” – Lvl Requirement: 1

You will notice a man named “Guild Director Noh asks you to visit him. From the square where you first appear move a bit south-east and youll see a green name with a question mark above it. Double click him and select “Quest.”

He asks you to locate “Begger Xiao Sun”
From the Square go west. You will notice an orange blinking light on your map. Thats him.

Xiao is just outside the building to the right a bit. He describes his jobs in the city and such.

Quest 2 “Meet with Tailor Sahn & Gate Master Rei” – Lvl Requirement: 1

Tailor Sahn is just west of Noh OR southwest from the middle square

She asks you to talk with Gate Master Rei. (She also has supplies of Armor may want to take a look)

Rei is near the north gate. Go north from teh square and look west/left
Rei will be important later… He “transports” you to any mayp but you wont need him for now so lets move on…

Quest 3 “Meet with Blacksmith Hetoseh & Elder Chong” – Lvl Requirement: 1

Hetoseh is just north of the Tailor Sahn and just north west of the square. He has your weapons so take a look in his shop.

He asks you to talk to the Elder Chong.
From the square go south… You will see a set of ramps that you will go up. Chong is at the very top of all 3 ramps

Quest 4 “Meet with Herbalist Terokan & Guard Captain Kyok” – Lvl Requirment: 1

The herb master is just a bit North-east from the square. He sells you pills for HP/CHI. This man will be your best friend :p

He asks you to meet with the Guard Captain Kyoku

Kyoku is just east of the Gate Master Rei
Go north than east from the square

After you finish this quest you should now be lvl 2 Very Happy

you will see your stat sheet pop up and choices are STR DEX VIT and CHI

(check the help guide for description of that stat placement)

Quest 5 “Kill One Kobold” – Lvl Requirment: 2

The Guard Captain will want to talk to you again. He wants you to kill a measly Kobold. They are the first monster outside the North/West/East gate. You can go out any one it does not matter. Ive included a picture of locations of Kobolds
Kobolds are very easy so dont worry about dying. Just double click for now since you have no skills :p

collect your exp and then go kill a few more :p

Quest 6 “Retrieve Hetoseh’s Holy Iron” – Lvl Requirement: 4

Blacksmith Hetoseh asks you to gather an item from Agent Sang to fight the Nanjin. Agent Sang is jsut inside where begger Xiao Sun is; West of the Square

He gives you some Holy Iron to bring back to Hetoseh
Thats it Smile

Quest 7 “Kill 5 Draconic Cultists” – Lvl Requirement: 6

Guard Captain Kyoku asks to kill 5 Draconic Cultists… They are just a bit further down the road where Kobolds are. NOW is a good time to buy some 1-Jeon pills and equip them :p

He also says get an area attack from a trainer. The Trainers are near the Elder Chong.

***Make sure you choose the right Trainer***
Press “S” to open your skill menu. Click and drag them into your skill slots

Quest 8 “Kill 3 Brigands” – Lvl Requirement: 8

Guild Master Noh tells you bandits have been attacking. Those monsters are “agro” meaning they attack you first… Theyre also range. Ive included a picture of locations… pretty much everywhere…

Quest 9 ” Kill 10 Dragon Fish” – Lvl Requirement 10

Begger Xiao Sun asks you to kill 10 Dragon Fish. Theyre near the Brigands so be careful they too will also attack you.

Quest 10 “Search for Sword Master Lupai” – Lvl Requirement: 12
50.091 EXP gain
Begger Xia Sun asks you to search for sword master Lupai. He is south of the square right before Elder Chong.

Lupai describes the benefits of all the weapons.
The real missions now start at lvl 14 (You finished intro missions Smile )

Quest 11 “Kill White Ape Alpha Male” – Lvl Requirement: 14
15.096 EXP gain + 1.181% exp for Ape Kill
The sweet Trader Aikosa asks you to kill White Ape Alpha Male

Go through the north gate and keep going north. Eventually you will see a house. The ape is around that area
He is pretty easy to kill so dont get worried. Heres a SS if your still having trouble of location

Quest 12 “Kill Arachnid Hybrid” Lvl Requirement: 14
31.267% exp gain + 1.181% for Arachnid Kill
Guild Director Noh says That the nanjin appearance is pushing toward an alliance between the three factions.

He then wants you to kill Arachnid Hybrid attacking travelers
Go out the east gate and keep going east. You will eventually see a small house/hut where the arachnid is.

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