Twelve Sky 2 God Level Guide

Twelve Sky 2 God Level Guide by KonnoV

g5-12 just grind on spear demons still lol. not really much i can say about the guide. I will update whenever i get motivation to. Been busy lately sorry D;

This guide is basically a info on getting to g1-4 quick and other bits of info you should know.

Go str build for extremely fast grinding. I said its pointless to go str build before because the exp boosts werent even that great to restat str. Get around 10k-15k hp and then rest str. You can go full str if you have the right defence.

G1-4 War is a kill count war so the best way to do that war is WITH YOUR FACTION, stay together and move as one. You’ll pwn. Unless the other 2-3 factions don’t show up… you’ll probably just end up spawn killing or being spawn killed.

EVEN if you lose, go to war anyway. Free .250% and 5mil isn’t too bad. The war should happen around every 2 and a half hours.

Upgrading will eat your money. When upgrading use Lucky Upgrades and Red Jades. If you don’t have LU, its not worth upgrading. For elites its like 2% chance and 13mil for Upgrading m33-g1. ONLY upgrade when you have the money for it. Don’t keep trying to and eating away your money leaving you broke. Its possible to get from g1-g4 100% with m33 gear so plan wisely.

Skills drop easily so if you don’t get one, you suck ;p Jk. If you hit g4 and still no skill just farm the g4 mobs til you get them. There is no point in buying them since they drop fast.

Best Exp
When there is 5x in SOS, Use Sup pill and Pet + Character X and Master Pots to max your exp bonus with 5x. o.o exp will flyyyyyyyyyyy

Elixers are Important with Glvl. If you aren’t saving up for cp for SG, the title system or anything on the Yang Tribute thingy spend your cp on the cp conversion at the Guardian. This is a good way to get exliers. Its not easy tho but when you stack on elixers… its worth it.

G lvl Mobs
G lvl mobs are the opposite of Level1-m33 mobs. Instead of the name being black and only getting drops, you get exp. So don’t waste your time killing black named bosses because you’ll just get exp lol.

God Level 1

G1-4 is easier than grinding m33-g1, depending how you look at it of course.

At g1, farm g1 mobs for g1 rares and skills or go ahead and kill Spear demons (g2 mob).

Spear Demons are the best exp and that will take you from g1 0% – g4 100%.

Claw Demons are the G1 mobs. If you don’t like your m33 gear and want to go ahead and get some g1 gear or you just simply are looking for g1 gear to cs, grind on these. This is for farming NOT for exp.

You can go in the free map or the new SG cave, Odawa 3.

For Odawa 3, just go in the map and it should be the first few mobs there. All the mobs in the upper half should be Claw Demons.

Now for the free map. Go through this map and go to the portal marked with the arrow. This map can be found at the guard capt.

Once you get into the portal, you’ll be in a map called Dregs. Dregs is good for g1-2 farming. Claw Demons should be the first mob in there. The upper half of the map is all Claw Demons.

Okay now its time for Grinding! Spear Demons are the best mobs to kill g1-4 (for exp). They are fast to kill and give good exp.

Head to Odawa 3 to find spear demons. They should be all over the bottom half. They do hit a lot if you don’t have the right defense for it so if you can’t handle them… fight the g1 mobs til you can.

When there is a 5x SoS Bonus, Grind in sos. That 5x exp is worth the money that you spend. The new map is called Sky Temple or something like that. The spear demons should be around the middle Left and right.

Pretty much it for g1.

God Level 2

Stay on Spear Demons for both grinding and farming.
Really not sure what to write for g2+ but I’ll just go for it.
Spear Demons drop g2 Rares, Elites and skills
In Dregs, Spear demons are at the lower half of the map.

Same plan for Odawa 3 and SoS
(see g1 pics if you forgot)

God Level 3

Again, Stay on Spear Demons for this level.

If you want to farm for g3 gears or still looking for skills, farm on Blade Demons. They are like the locksmiths, they do those double hits so be careful if you have poo defense.

Head to the map after dregs. You should pop into this weird map. Just look around for blade Demons. They are around the middle of the map.

or you can just go to Odawa 4 and farm them there. They are the first mobs in the map.


God Level 4

Woot woot g4!

You can finish up to g4 100% with spear demons in sos.

I’m farming my way to g4 100% because I don’t think i would wanna grind after i hit 100%.. unless I get a levi but I don’t think that would happen.

Farm on Mace Brutes. They DO hit a lot. They hit like 2k dmg on my with 5.5k defense so watch it.

Chamber of Fire (The map after Dregs). They should be at the edges of the map.. I haven’t really went through this map so sorry if I’m wrong.

Odawa 4, They are in the bottom half of the map.


Glvl Boss Locations

Red Dot marks the spot

G1-2 Bosses Spawn here

G3-4 Bosses spawn here

I think G1-4 spawn here also. I never actually went exploring on this map but I know bosses spawn here.

G1-4 Spawn here. They only spawn at the beginning of the map so don’t go exploring for them lol

I think G1-4 spawn here too, correct me if I’m wrong.

I know g1-2 bosses spawn here. I’m not sure about g3-4 though. If they do, let me know please!

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