Trickster Online Peaceful PvP Guide

Trickster Online Peaceful PvP Guide by Tuvis


Tired of Phantom Dungeon and people randomly smashing your face?
Tired of the PvP free for all map and jerks who just go “LOLOLOL KOS” and break you into pieces, wrecking your attempt for PvP?

Well, then there is the 1v1 area, which require you to use 3 Compound Wastes to enter. Problem is tho, that not many people have many of these. But don’t worry, there is a way to get these, spite a little time effort is required. What you simply do is;
Go to just outside Gate of Mermaid Palace, and talk to item girl. In this guide, we’ll buy 999 Replenishing Waters.

Then go back to Megalopolis, and buy 999 Empty Potion Bottles, and 999 Distilled Water. And head to Paul, and start compounding “First-Aid Pink Potion”. The less DA you have, the better, as your success rate will be low, and we want to fail compounding as much as we can, to get as much Compound Waste as possible, of course.

The total galder cost of making 999 of these is:

The total price includes cost for the 999 replenishing waters, 999 empty potion bottles, 999 distilled waters and the compounding fee from Paul to make all the 999 First-Aid Pink Potion attempts.

When compounding, I myself had 55% success chance. Lowest possible(0 DA) is 45%. And highest possible is 85%(~40 DA+ if my memory serve me right). If you are in sums between, you get a random value of 55%, 65%, 75% or 85%(the higher DA, the higher the randomness to higher values).

From my 999 attempts I got the following:
527 First-Aid Pink Potion.
472 Compound Waste.

Now you have the option to NPC the First-Aid Pink Potions, keep them if you want, or sell them to other players, undercutting the price of NPC sold pink potions, to make a small profit. I chose in this case to NPC. And the NPC pays me 18,445 Galder. Which means the 472 Compound Wastes cost me 32,180 Galder in total.

These 472 Compound Wastes are valid for 157 entries to the 1v1 area. You only need 3 per entry, and you dont have to use more each time you die, meaning you can fight and have fun, and not spend 1,000 galder to enter again. Thus effectively save alot of money in the long run compared to 157 entries to the regular maps would be(and a maximum of 157 deaths). Where those 157 regular PvP room entries would cost 157,000 Galder.

So you save money, can duel fun, and not get harassed by jerks in any shape or form. And hang with your buddies peacefully. All at the expense of some time to comp these pots(you dont -have- to make 999, I just made a big number to have a big stock with me) and the sacrifice of “potentional” group PvP matches.

I’d say its a total good tradeoff. Hope people visit 1v1 more and enjoy fighting others without troubles!

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