Project Blackout Quick Scope Basic Guide

Project Blackout Quick Scope Basic Guide by Reparlana

Lately alot of people have been asking me how to quick scope so, i’m going to teach you guys some basic quick scoping, i’m also going to go over the snipers. I’m not used to writing these so forgive me, but i’m going to try to my best to share some pro tips although I intended this guide for the newbies.

If you want to improve your quick scoping use your sniper @ skills AI challenge level 1, Metro station/Uptown. Camp spawn on both maps and transition through the enemy as they rush you and watch as your sniper skills improve;) I am Lieutenant Colonel Grade I and I still find it to be great practice.

Quick scoping is pretty simple, you have a specific idea of where your enemy is at with your sniper, Scope, move your mouse on to the target, or move on to the target by strafing, then shoot, switch to knife, switch back to sniper instantly quick scope again, It is a fast sequence of Scope – Quickly adjust aim- Shoot -Knife-Sniper again and repeat. By switching to knife quickly after a shot  then back to sniper you decrease reload time and scare people by how fast you are shooting at them;)))

Providing you have cover, If you miss your first shot strafe into cover, strafe back and quick scope at a viable point to get an easy kill because you already know where your enemy is, they aren’t ready for you to pop out and quickscope for an easy kill. Quick scoping enemies up close you will notice you don’t have to scope as long and your aim will still be really accurate with almost all guns. Remember you are quick scoping, get the hash on the target and shoot, you can’t be afraid to shoot when quick scoping. Quick scoping is great for transitioning through targets no matter the range. While quick scoping be sure to aim for the chest area.

Quick scoping in snipers only alot of times you will be in 1v1 situations. Always strafe!!!!!!! by strafing you will be harder to hit, and you will also be able to notice if somebody is trying to knife you from behind. Be sure to strafe, but pause for a split second while quick scoping, then continue to strafe again. Some guns are accurate while strafing, others require the pause.

If you know how to quick scope effectively, rush the other team in sniper only matches becasue it is very likely members on the other team are not experienced quick scopers so you will have a clear advantage on them and it will be easy to rack up kills.

After you learn how to quick scope with your weapon of choice, all you need to do is learn map tendencies while having ice in your veins when getting shot at :)

Ssg-69 – 5 clip Starter gun, not a very good gun:p. When quick scoping a medium-far range target  you have to leave your hash on your target a few seconds before shooting to accurately shoot. When close up quick scoping you can increase accuracy by strafing forward into your target. Alot of times it’s not a 1 hit sniper, it’s complete rubbish and unless you are new or pro don’t bother with it.

Psg1 -5 clip  Alot of people don’t like this gun and I don’t think it deserves the hate it get’s! It’s a good gun if you are a newer player that doesn’t like the dragonov or ssg, but can’t unluck a l11 yet. To use this gun effectively you play mid range  and zoom once shoot ,  keep switching to knife and quick scoping in the first zoom. Up close you will have problems because of mobility and double zoom. With this gun you can hardscope/quick scope because of 2 zooms.

~7 clip t psg with points.~

Dragonov – 10 clip Good gun to learn how to quick scope with, 10 clip+ Rpm gives you mobility while in zoom , you can spray at people if your aim is initially off. While sniping with the dragonov is simple, you aim with the lower hash of the sniper. Dragonov doesn’t 1 hit as much as the next snipers but it is a good credit sniper and easy for quick scoping:)

~15 clip  dragonov with points~

(Points)M70- 8 lip  A “improved ssg” better accuarcy more clip – Good gun, I just feel others are better

(Points)Rangemaster – 10 Clip Good fast accurate gun with a large clip, pretty easy to use, not as powerfull as other snipers and it’s noticeable.

(Points)Cheytac – 5 clip -Great gun, harder to use then the l115a1 I think, but I like it because it is a quick scope sniper and it 1 hits almost every time

l115a1 – 5 clip  Really easy to quick scope, very accurate and very powerfull, it is the awm of fps

~7 clip l115a11 with points~

(Points)M82A1 – 10 clip, really op dragonov, accurate+ strongest weapon + spray

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