Project Blackout MP7 Tips

Project Blackout MP7 Tips by KzKefKa

hi, i’m from indonesian n i want to share a bit of my knowledge to u who new in this game…

it’s about mp7, i think it’s new weapon which just came out to this server…but before that i suggest to all player in this server to use only the 1st or 3rd crosshair….

mp7 is a SMG which has nice firespeed n a nice recoil if u know how to use it :)

i have some title combination that u guys can try it (dont know if ur title name is the same as in indo server) :

1. for spray headshot: Moving Agility+2(basic title), Moving Speed+3(knife title), FireSpeed+4 or FireSpeed+2(SMG title)

if u use this 1 then just aim for the chest ( a bit to neck ) then u will score a headshot but the zoom is really hard to handle with, if u can’t get his head, then u can also just spray his body cause the firespeed+4 really hurt ;) i think this title style is for rusher

2. for exact aim headshot : Moving Agility+2(basic title), Weapon Reaction+4(assault title), Accuracy+1(handgun title) or ThrowDistance+1(for cover bomb) or FirstShot+1(shotgun title)

my favorite title style :) just aim n spray to the head, zooming is very accurate (trust me) , if u use this 1 then the bullet will just come out exactly from the middle of the crosshair ,u can kill a assaulter with it from distance if u know how to aim with it, BUT this one is exactly for head only, if u fail for 1-2 sec to shoot the head then maybe u will die cause the WR+4 has a RangeDamage-4 with it so it is just like tickle when u shoot it to enemy body :), i think this title style is for support player who usually cover from the back

from my 1 year experience as mp7 user, it is not about what title u use but it is ur TAPPING when u hit ur left mouse button, especially when u r zooming

PS: When u gonna shoot a guy’s head, aim for the brain, not the face cause sometimes u will dont realize ur crosshair is on the neck, n u will just scream “I’ve shoot the head but it dont headshotted!!!!! what the…..” :D

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