Project Blackout Eastern Road Sniper Mode Knife Kill Silent Kill Guide

Project Blackout Eastern Road Sniper Mode Knife Kill Silent Kill Guide by joach21

Yo! Ive decided to post on how to sneak into the player in eastern road sniper mode without getting noticed, Its very useful. I did 27 kill streak when i did that. If you got something bad to say dont say it at all.

Ok, The first thing you gotta know is that you gotta get to the other base so dont go on the ground walking over. Climb on things and try to get through a window. Walk up the stairs and there will probly stand a sniper in one of those rooms in the buildning, kill all the snipers you meet on the way or else you’ll be noticed and ur screwed.

If you are being pointed at by a sniper dude you see, you gotta jump down anyway what height u are on. If you got low health try to fall on stuff on the way down. NEVER walk in a line because then its like you’re hanging up a sign saying ” Hey sniper dude! Kill me cuz i walk in a line ” Thats not smart…. at all!

Walk and crounch and jump, but when you get in the buildning the sniper guy will be prepared so what ur gonna do then knife him from the side. dont let him shot you because if you do, ur screwed again.

If you are following my instructions now you will have a high kill streak. but if its 2 snipers in the window and 1 notices u, kill them both. But try to headshot them because its higher chance of being hitted if you dont headshot. If you got machete you dont need to headshot, just do right click and hit them and they’re as good as dead.

I hope this helped you.

Dont say anything Negative, this is my first post

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