Project Blackout Becoming a Better Player Guide

Project Blackout Becoming a Better Player Guide by GreenCr3am

These are MY opinions only.

1. Don’t do unecessary switching, in Bomb matches it can be a very bad idea, since the enemy can hear you switch very clearly and give out your position. Some people think pressing QQ ( Switch to previous weapon and back to the same weapon ) would make them look proer, but it actually makes them look really… you know what.

2. Walking is something really important that more people should do, instead of running everywhere and dying and calling everybody chammers. Running can give out your position very easily (footsteps). Even if you walk, there’s a tiny shaking sound, but it’s better than running. ;)

3. Don’t talk ingame for nothing! Talking ingame and accusing other people with the term ”hacker” can get you a bad reputation. For example, everytime someone dies by a prefire, 3 continuous quick scopes, seeing someone look at the wall but the person is actually prelooking the corner for his own safety, calls him a hacker. At that point the other people in that room would think that person crying is an, you know what. :)

This doesn’t mean that you can’t make positive comments on people doing great frags.

Also, when some new player tries in a 1v3 clutch, and miserably fails, just tell him, Nice try!, it’s really not cool when you tell him he’s a noob and that he should go die in a mud pit because he failed in an easy clutch. By telling him nice try, that person would have more confidence and might try harder next time, and be a better player himself.

4. For those Call of Duty fans, don’t bring those stuff here. I see a lot of people lately trying to quickscope, 360, many other trickshots, without even hitting 1 single bullet. I mean I understand quickscoping is something hard to acheive if you don’t practice, but when you die 5 times in a row without a single kill, I think it’s time to change weapons. LOL

Here’s a tip, if you want to quickscope like a BOSS, start hardscoping, when you feel confident, move on to drag scoping, when you feel confident again to move on, quickscope in deathmatches, very good for practicing reflexes.

5. Guns. People think having the most powerful weapon in game, or an overpowered weapon, would actually make them a better player, might  be true, but in my opinion, no.

I think that the person behind it is more important, for example, a fully ”newb” cashed player, using the Kriss S.V., against a skilled I-COG player using a M4A1.

Now in this situation, the casher obviously thinks, ” Oh, I have a kriss, I can so outgun him ”

And the I-COGer thinks ” I’m confident enough to take him out ”

And what’s the obvious results? The I-COG player gives a bullet in the head of the casher, and the casher calls him a aimboter because he got owned by a non-casher. :l

6. Be smart, and please don’t run out in the open. If you get headshotted, smooth move there. :)

7. PREFIREEEEEEE, it’s the essential of scaring those noobs in the corner and scare the crap out of them. Most of the time when you prefire, the one getting shot doesn’t have enough time to fight back and kill you, since you already layed 4-5 bullets on him.

Pre-looking a corner can also save your life!

If they call you hacker many times, report them. ftw. :)


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