Project Blackout Act Tree Guide

Project Blackout Act Tree Guide by Reparlana

To unlock certain items in your Act tree, you have to complete the branches leading up to them. For example I want to unlock the Kriss Svg, I have the rank but I still don’t know how to get this gun and I really want it!!!!! To be able to purchase the Kriss svg you must have previously completed all acts below it in the Smg Tree. When you have done this and have the rank and the master medals needed you will be able to purchase that act.

Basic Tree

  • Falldown Landing Capacity Enhanced – Reduces the damage taken from falling off a high place.
  • Jump Height Elevated – Increases the vertical distance of jumps.
  • Agility – Improves the general movement of the player. Increases movement speed, acceleration and deceleration.


  • Once you’ve unlocked the last tier (“Special Member 2”), keep this designation on permanently. Agility is too good of a buff not to have, regardless of your weapons.If your using it against people that aren’t using it you have a Distinct advantage… always have that or agility +1 equipped…

Assault Rifle Tree

Assault Rifle Tree

  • Weapon Recoil Control Improve – Decreases the vertical recoil of the weapon
  • Long distance damage decreased – Decreases the damage done at longer distances

Melee Weapon Tree

  • Mobility – Increase the movement speed of the player
  • The first shooting accuracy decreased – Decreases the accuracy of the initial shot of the weapon

Sniper Rifle Tree

  • Long distance damage increased – Increases the damage at longer distances.
  • Rate Down – Decreases the firing rate of the weapon.

Secondary Weapon Tree

  • Accuracy Up – Increases the hit rate of the weapon.
  • Move Speed Down – Decreases the movement speed of the player.

Sub-machine Gun Tree

  •  Rate elevated – Increases the firing rate of the weapon.
  • Weapon Recoil Control decrease – Increases the vertical recoil of the weapon.

Throwing/Special Weapon Tree

  • Throwing Distance Enhance – Improves the throwing distance of grenades
  • Explosion Speed Enhance – Decreases the time needed for a “hot” grenade to explode
  • Explosion Range Enhance – Increase the damage radius of explosive grenades and C-5

Shotgun Tree

  • The first shooting accuracy increased – Improves the accuracy of the initial shot of the weapon
  • Accuracy Down – Decreases the hit rate of the weapon

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