MicroVolts Zombie Land Guide

MicroVolts Zombie Land Guide by ike_marluxia

ey chuck! u always died in zombie mode? D:<
these to the chucking to die? :3
well i have the solution follow this guide
start from the beginning to the end

0º “team work”

1º stay toguether but not totally together, for the infection D:<

2º omg >:O infection 2 zombies? 1 zombie? TRY TO KILL THEM

3º protect ur allies from the zombies always u can

4º oh noes, the infection is in expasion D: is time to run and take a good position

5º dont shot zombies, if they do not have seen you

6º try to stay in high places but not in glitches places E_E

7º (only neigh) in this map u can try to kill zombies making them fall into the void.

8º a good weapon always can help (blizzard is the best)

thanks to miziful for edit image 5º, zeradelta, over and miaw >:3 for colaborate

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