MicroVolts Wavestepping Guide

MicroVolts Wavestepping Guide by L33T


The “Wavestep” can be described as the action of manipulating the Melee double jump to perform two [2] airborne shots.

Why Learn it?

In learning the wavestep move, you can battle opponents with an advantage–that being, massively throwing off their aim.

It also allows for fast, and quick spam of the shotgun/rocket/grenade weapons. This can be very useful for groups of enemies or quickly picking off a sniper.


Let’s start with the basics. To get familiar with becoming a master wavestep, I’d recommend learning weapon swapping first.

Take a look at TreasoN’s weapon swapping guide, HERE.

Now that you’ve learned weapon swapping, and can do that to a decent level, it’s time to get comfortable with the wavestep.

Wavestepping at a beginner level

The first thing, to start learning the wavestep, is to practice a “Static” (standing) wavestep. You will do this with a shotgun, as rockets and grenades may be more complex. For some, this takes less than an hour to master, and others up to a week.

After you’ve mastered the static wavestep, try doing the left, right, forward, and backward wavesteps. If you really feel you’ve got it down, try a 360.

Take a look at Kumo’s wavestepping tutorial, and my own Shotgun wavestepping tutorial:



So you’ve completed all of this, and feel you’ve mastered the shotgun wavestep.

Now it’s time to move on to something a little more advanced.

Intermediate Wavestepping:

In Intermediate wavestepping we will learn how to wavestep with the “rocket and grenade” weapons. I’d recommend you learn the basics first, and the shotgun wavestep, before you move on to this.

The rocket wavestep is typically good for shooting a barrage of rockets or grenades at the enemy from an elevation level, throwing off the enemies aim for 2 – 3, and if you score a hit on the enemy, sometimes 5 or more seconds. After you’ve knocked them around with a rocket or two, pull out your shotgun for an easy kill.

Now it’s time to learn the rocket wavestep.

Take a look at the step-by-step rocket wavestepping tutorial, made by yours truly:

Now take some time to learn the grenade wavestep, and play a few matches with it:

Advanced Wavestepping:

So you’ve learned all there is to wavestepping? Let’s take a look at something far more advanced: Wavestep combos.

Wavestepping with different weapons can be a key strategic gameplay advantage for the competitive wavestepping player.

A few examples of some wavestepping combos can be seen here:

The pros and cons of wavestepping:


-Fast spam of the rocket/grenade/shotgun weapons
-Throw off enemy’s aim
-Pick off an enemy easily without taking lots of damage
-Get admired for your awesome ownage in mathces


-In focusing on wavestepping an enemy on enemy territory, you may leave yourself open to snipers, or other potential enemies looking for a quick kill steal.

-Potentialy “rude” comments about how you’re “hacking” via shooting faster than the normal rate, and jumping higher than the normal jump.


By learning the wavestep through and through and mastering aim while performing it in battle, you gain a HIGH advantage over most enemies, and you can compete at the higher gameplay level you’ve always wanted to.


-I did not create the wavestep, nor do I know who did.
-The wavestep can be performed on ground with and ONLY with: Zolo, Pulse, KW-79.

~Experience may change during actual battle~

// L33T

CREDIT to TreasoN for providing the inspiration on the layout to this guide.

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