Luvinia World Missing NPCs List

Luvinia World Missing NPCs List by Shadowic2

Hello there!

As I’m sure some of you have noticed, there are a few quests in Luvinia that will send you to the wrong NPC. Thus leaving you with absolutely no clue as to where to find the NPC for your quest.

The purpose of this thread is to compile a list of all of these missing NPC and the coordinates of where you can find them.

If there is a NPC not on this list, or if you know the coordinates to a NPC reported in this thread, please post below ^^.

Thank you!


There are some quests where the NPC or quest target are not clickable for the auto-tracking. From my understanding those are by design. This thread is for the quests that send you to the wrong NPC when you click on them for the auto-track

Missing NPCs

NPC Name – Location:

Gibson343,292 Capital

Huck364,316 Hunter’s Plain

Chris 285,284 Capital

Nicola 168,123 Dawn Town (National Alchemists Hut)

Laph Currently nonexistent

LeTonda384,258 Dawn Town

Lilim298,222 Wark Town

Curry 265, 336 Miya Plain

Rosalie270, 279 Silverfall Lake


Pila234,259 Sunny Plain

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