Luvinia World 3rd Class (LV 80+) Explanation

Luvinia World 3rd Class (LV 80+) Explanation by lawnmower

– Bishops are actually pretty good and comparable to Necromancers in PVP! They have a DoT which can hit an enemy down to 50% hp in 15 seconds (but does not work well below 50%). They also have another DoT that is very similar to one of the Necromancer’s DoTs. You’ll just have to finish the enemy off with other skills when they’re low on hp. Combined with the fact that they can cleanse buffs/debuffs, heal themselves, fear, stun, in 1v1 they aren’t that easy to take down. For this reason, many Prophets reroll to Bishops while transferring all the cloth gear to the Bishop in the end.
– For Sword Dancers, the AOE party stealth isn’t very good in PVP…simply due to the fact that any enemy can cast a single AOE skill to reveal your entire stealthed party, not to mention your movement speed decreases while in stealth and any action you take cancels the stealth.
– Also for Sword Dancers, they really need good equipment to get their Dodge and “Ward off Blows” up to a certain level so that they dodge/reduce most of the damage done against them. I’m talking between +10 to +12 purple lv 70 or 80 gear, that type of thing….and also a very good weapon too. They have a skill to suck blood and replenish their own hp, so if you do big damage, you heal yourself up. This is why casters will eat Sword Dancers because you can’t dodge spells…

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I’ve been playing for a bit now and I realised that a lot of people don’t understand what the final classes do. I’ve been browsing the gaming forums for the Taiwanese version a lot and what the veteran players say about the 3rd classes. I will describe them in this thread so people don’t waste time levelling up to 3rd class only to find that the class is not what they want, or it’s much weaker than they thought. I will start explaining from the 2nd class.

PS: cc = crowd control (stuns, slows, etc.)

*** Warrior Class Branches ***

Knight – 2nd class(changes to Paladins or Dark Knights):

– More PVE oriented than PVP
– Best defense for 2nd class, best choice for tanking dungeons.
– Holds a shield.
– Lack damage and skills for pvp

Paladins – 3rd class:

– More popular than Dark Knight
– Best defense for 3rd class, best choice for tanking dungeons.
– Pretty much has the lowest attack out of all the melee DPS 3rd classes, needs a +10 purple weapon to do any sort of noticeable damage.
– Cannot kill players in PVP unless against undergeared cloth wearers.
– Can heal and resurrect dead players.
– Has a 5 second invincibility skill.
– Has 3 cc skills.

Dark Knight – 3rd class:

– Has more damage than Paladins
– Has much less skills than Paladins
– Can off-tank a little.
– Summons beasts to help him in battle
– Has skills which suck blood
– Has skills which weaken enemy attack.
– Needs very good gear to be effective.

Fighters – 2nd class (changes to Berserkers or Gladiators):

– More damage than Knights
– Does not hold a shield.
– Lower max HP than Knights
– Harder to level up, takes a lot of damage in dungeons so it drains Priest heals, which could otherwise be given to Knights. Ranged DPS don’t have this problem.

Berserkers – 3rd class:

– Less preferred than Gladiators.
– More PVE oriented than PVP
– Has little defence, making it very hard to keep a berserker alive in dungeons.
– Probably has the highest melee DPS out of all of the 3rd classes.
– Has tons of AOE skills, making them very good for clearing dungeons if you have enough godly gear to stay alive.
– Due to the lack of cc skills, Berserkers are very easily kited in PVP and if focused, they die quick.
– Very expensive to play, needs good gear to be effective.

Gladiators – 3rd class:

– Much more popular than Berserkers
– Has good stuns and burst damage, making them ideal for PVP.
– Has good DPS skills, making them good for both PVP and PVE.
– Has less AOE skills than Berserkers.

*** Rogue Class Branches ***

Scout – 2nd class (changes to Assassins or Rangers):

– More popular than Artists.
– Uses a bow and does Ranged DPS, which is more welcomed in dungeons/PVE than melee DPS.
– Has skills that remove roots/slows.
– Can increase movement speed
– Has skills that cause enemies to bleed.
– Much more powerful in PVP than Artists.

Assassin – 3rd class:

– Less popular than Rangers.
– Can stealth, but any action taken during stealth will remove the stealth.
– Not a good choice for PVE/dungeons, takes too much damage due to low armor and melee range.
– Has some burst damage but requires a VERY good weapon to do enough damage to burst people down in PVP. Best used to burst down Bishops/Prophets.
– Has a bleed skill, a movement increase skill and a stun that lasts around 3 secs.
– Needs very good gear to be effective.

Rangers – 3rd class:

– More popular than Assassins.
– Has a poison arrow skill that also slows enemies.
– Has a skill that pushes enemies back
– Has a skill that shoots through a straight line and damages all standing in line.
– Also has an AOE skill.
– Very good in both PVP and PVE.
– One of the very few classes that can stand up to a well-geared Wizard in PVP.

Artists – 2nd class (changes to Bards or Swordsmans):

– Much less popular than Scouts.
– Does melee DPS, which is weaker than Fighter’s DPS.
– Has a buff that increases target’s casting speed.
– Has a debuff that decreases the healing received by the target (this debuff disappears when the target’s HP drops below 35%)
– Not very welcome in dungeons – doesn’t bring a lot of DPS and takes up a healer’s heals due to melee range. The buffs/debuffs that artists bring doesn’t make that much difference.
– Very hard class to level up – many people quit or reroll at this stage.
– Easy target in PVP – hard to kill anyone.

Bards – 3rd class:

– Much less popular than Swordsman.
– Some consider this the worst 3rd class in the game.
– Uses dances/songs to buff or debuff the allies/enemies around the Bard.
– Has an AOE skill that increases the stat “Derate Injury” (~120) of nearby allies
– Has an AOE skill that heals nearby allies for around 800 hp.
– Has an AOE skill that increases the dodge and run speed of nearby allies a little, but lasts 8 secs and cooldown is 60 secs.
– Has a debuff that decreases a target’s physical defence by 2800 and magical defence by 700
– Also has a skill that increase physical attack/crit, a skill that increases magic attack/crit, but duration is 10 and cooldown is 60 secs…
– Has an AOE skill (Meteor dance?) – does 3 hits, decent damage but costs way too much MP.
– Has an AOE skill that stuns enemies around the Bard.
– Very dependent on teammates to do anything.
– Easily killed in PVP.

Sword Dancer – 3rd class:

– Much more popular than Bards.
– Has dances that dmg/buff/debuff all allies or enemies around the Sword Dancer.
– Has high stats in Dodge and “Ward off Blows”.
– Has high movement speed.
– With godly gear and very high Dodge and “Ward off Blows”, Sword Dancers can become very good in PVP, otherwise they’re fairly weak in PVP.
– Has a skill that makes all nearby allies stealth for 7 secs.
– More of a support type rather than a heavy DPS type like Berserkers or Gladiators.

*** Mage Class Branches ***

Warlocks – 2rd class (Changes to Wizards or Necromancers):

– Good in both PVP and PVE.
– Good AOE damage, very welcome in dungeons.
– Has a skill that increases cast speed
– Has AOE damage + chance to root (freezing) at lv 60 and AOE damage + chance to stun (meteor) skillsat lv 70.

Necromancers – 3rd class:

– Less popular than Wizards.
– Very few AOE skills, most skills focused on single-target Damage-over-time (DoTs) and debuffs.
– Has 1 root skill, 1 silence skill and 1 fear skill.
– Fairly good in 1v1 PVP, less so in group PVP.
– Less desired in dungeons due to lack of AOE skills.

Wizards – 3rd class:

– Much more popular than Necromancers.
– Some consider this class to be the best 3rd class at the moment, especially in PVP.
– Has an AOE lightning skill (chance of stun)
– Has an AOE fire skill (chance of burn – DoT)
– Has an AOE ice skill (slow)
– Has a pushback skill (the closer the target is to the Wizard the more damage it takes)
– Has a skill to increase cast speed.
– Receives increased movement speed when enemy lands a crit on the Wizard.
– Excellent in both PVP and PVE.

Priests – 2nd class (Changes to Bishops or Prophets):

– Main healer class for 2nd class.
– Can also do decent single-target DPS.
– Has a weak AOE damage skill with a short cooldown.
– Has 1 stun skill.
– Can resurrect and cure poisons.
– Has an AOE daze skill at lv 70. Daze is cancelled when target receives damage.

Bishops – 3rd class:

– Main healer class for 3rd class – pretty much necessary to have at least 1 per dungeon group in the end.
– Has AOE heals and single-target heals.
– Can cast a buff to allow the allied target or yourself to see stealthed enemies.
– Has an AOE fear skill.
– Has a skill that dispels all beneficial buffs on an enemy target (not including item buffs I think)
– Has a skill that dispels all negative debuffs on a friendly target.
– Has a skill that shields an ally from damage and transfers that damage to the Bishop.
– Has a silence skill and a stun skill.
– Has a skill that shields the Bishop from 20% of the damage he receives.

Prophets – 3rd class:

– Can off-heal a little.
– Has the best buffs in the game.
– Has a buff that increases physical defence by 2000 and magic defence by 509.
– Has a buff that increases physical damage by 200 and magic attack by 240.
– Has a buff that increases Physical crit by 37, Magic crit by 24, Hit by 32 and Focus by 29.
– The above buffs last 20 mins each.
– Has a skill that decreases the enemy target’s movement speed dramatically but makes the target invincible. Lasts 4 secs.
– Has a skill that increases the stat “Derate Injury” by 400 – lasts 10 secs.
– Has 1 sleep skill and 1 silence skill.
– Has a skill that roots the target, as well as decreasing its Dodge, Block and “Ward off Blows”.
– Has an AOE damage skill and single target damage skills.
– Note: Prophet buffs WILL REPLACE Priest buffs but Prophet buffs are WAY better than Priest buffs anyway.

*** Additional Notes ***

– Magic defence becomes important late-game, as monsters start doing AOE magic damage (dragons…)
– Ranged DPS is generally favoured over melee DPS because melee DPS takes damage and uses up the healer’s heals.

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