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Lord of Ultima Frequently Asked Questions by SciTek

Ok, so I decided to post the questions I’ve seen repeatedly being asked in-game.

Be aware tho, these are subject to change, they are NOT to be considered official, and there might simply be some of them that are wrong.

Q: Can I have multiple accounts, will I be banned if I have?
A: Having multiple accounts in itself will not be ban reason, but using them togeather will not be accepted.

Q: Will the game be free to play?
A: Yes, however the option to buy additional features is under development.

Q: I found a bug / have a suggestion
A: Use the forums, respectively [Bug forum] and [Suggestion Forum]

Q: When are new features implemented?
A: Due to the fact that patches are brought out so quickly it can be difficult to form a routine, although new patches are brought out roughly every 2 weeks.

Q: How do I increase resource income / how do resources work?
A: Building more Woodcutter’s Hut, Quarry’s or Iron mine next to the respective resources.
1x Resource of the same type = 25%
Cottages: 5% per level of cottage
Sawmill / Stonemason / Foundry : Increases production total by 10% of each level

Q: Which units should I get?
A: Each unit have a counter. Try having a mixed combination of units and carefully read tough the stats of the units.

Q: How can I attack other people?
A: You can only attack other players as long as you have a castle, be careful though as building a castle opens up your own city to being conquered and lost.

Q: What happens when I loose my town / all my towns?
A: You’ll get the option to start over at a different location.

Q: What is and how long does Newbie Protection last?
A: This prevent other players from attacking you and last 7 days from the day you started your city.

Q: What are moonstones?
A: Moonstones are vital for building Barons which are used for conquering other cities during sieges. First Baron require one moonstone, second requires two more, third requires three more (bringing the total to six) and so on. You can check the needed amount of moonstones for next level when clicking a mage tower (lvl7).

Q: How do you create moonstones?
A: You need mage tower level 7 in order to create moonstones. Simply press the building and choose “Create Moonstone”, each moonstone costs 40 000 of each resource.

Q: I’m getting plundered over and over, I can’t play!
A: Ask for help in the chat or talk to the guy who is attacking you. Try and get into an Alliance with players who can help you out.

Q: Can i talk to other players privately?
A: Yes, use “/w nickname your-message” or use the in-game mail function.

Q: How do I get gold?
A: Build town houses.

Q: What is the max level of buildings.
A: 10

Q: Will downgrading buildings refund resources.
A: No, however if you during the building /training process cancel the upgrade you will get the resources refunded.

Q: Can I get a new city without conquering other player?
A: Yes, you can settle new cities provided you have a spare Baron, enough resources, and enough trade wagons/ships.

Q: What are the difference between the different attacks?
A: Plunder – Everyone can be plundered, including non castled cities. Minimal troop loss, maximum loot
Attack – Only castled cities. Maximum damage to troops stationed inside city with also a minimal loot.
Siege – Recurring attacks (less powerfull than attack), ticks every hour. Used in combination with baron to takeover castled cities.
Support – Support a friendly player.
Raid – Used for PvE (dungeons).
Non castled cities can only be plundered and supported.

Q: How do you log-out of the game?
A: Click the Lord of Ultima logo at the top left corner, then press log out.

Q: What is the difference between blue and red cities?
A: Blue is castled cities, red is non-castled cities.

Q: Can castle be demolished.
A: No.

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