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Lord of Ages is a FREE web game in a medieval fantasy setting. No installation and FREE to play forever!
There are various buildings, units, heroes and hundreds of items to play with. Build your own buildings, recruit your loyal units, join an alliance, perform joint operation with allies, expand your city and discover new equipment. With more power, you are able to rule an empire. Even you are away, your buildings under construction still continue building. Resources still continue producing. Population are still growing..

Experience true combat where you decide how many units to go, which hero to lead, what equipment to bring and what kind of this battle is. Choose from many different nations and locations. You decide your own city development.

Moreover, Lords of Ages is available for everyone to play anytime and anywhere.


Town Hall
Town Hall is the basis of construction of other buildings. In Town Hall, you can centrally view and manage the upgrade of your buildings. Each upgrade of the Town Hall can help increase the speed of building upgrading or new construction.

Secret Warehouse
When under attack, Secret Warehouse can protect some of your resources inside the Warehouse from being plundered.

Barracks is the place to house, recruit and train troops. The higher its level, the more soldiers you can recruit and train with less time.

Warehouse is used to store resources. The higher its level, the more resources can be stored. However, it cannot protect your resources from being plundered during siege.

Cottage offers shelter to your people. Both construction of buildings and recruitment of soldiers require population. The higher your cottage’s level, the more population you can have in your cottages.

Academy is the place for scientific research on essential technologies for your army. The higher its level, the more research you can conduct.

Embassy is where diplomatic matters are conducted. By owning an embassy, you can form or join an alliance and perform joint operations with your allies. Alliance can protect you from being attacked.

Wall is where you enhance fortifications for the city. There are altogether five fortified units in Wall to build. Different fortified unit is strong in different aspect so that you can choose them strategically. The higher its level is, the more fortified units you can build to protect your city from damage.

Expansion Bureau
Expansion Bureau is the prerequisite for building another town. The higher its level, the more towns you can build to expand your kingdom and become stronger. Many flats are awaiting you to expand on the Map.

Civic Department
Civic department is responsible for the construction of the city. The higher its level, the faster your can recruit soldiers, construct buildings and walls.

Rally Spot
Rally Spot is the place for military assembly, where you can check your army’s status, conduct a military order. The higher its level, the more troops you can dispatch at a time.

Lumber Yard
Lumber Yard helps increase the rate of lumber production.

Stone Workshop
Stone Workshop helps increase the rate of Stone production.

Iron Workshop
Iron Workshop helps increase the rate of Iron production.

Food Workshop
Food Workshop helps increase the rate of Food production.


Resource fields include Farm, Sawmill, Iron Mine and Quarry. They are important to the development of your city. Many actions in game need resources, for example, constructing or upgrading buildings, recruiting and keeping troops and so on.

Quarry is where you produce stone. Stone is an important resource for construction, equipment manufacturing among other things.

Iron Mine
Iron Mine is where your people product Iron. Iron is an important resource for research and equipment manufacturing.

Sawmill is where you product lumber. Lumber is an important resource for construction, equipment manufacturing among other things.

Farm is where your people grow crops to produce food. Food is essential to supply your troops.

Technology Research
Technology research can be conducted in Academy. They are altogether twelve technology researches with different effects in Academy. The higher level research you conduct, the more contribution it makes to related functions.

Conducting scouting research will increase your success rate of scouting others.

Conducting Armor research will increase your defense of troops.

Metal Castiing
Increase attack of troops

Increase moving speed of transporting troops

Increase capacity limit of transporting troops

Increase moving speed of infantry

Horseback Riding
Increase moving speed of riding armies

Increase defense of fortifications

Military Science
Increase speed of technology research

Increase success rate of gainning correct info from attacking troops

MachineryRestore damaged fortifications

Unit type

Attack attribute determines the his damage to others when conduct an attack while defense determine his resistance to enemies’ attack. Flexibility is his ability to evade attack.

Worker: Can carry large amount of resources, but weak in attack and defense.

Transporter: Carry much larger amount of resources and stronger than workers

Scout: Scout on enemies. They have very high speed, but their combat strength is very weak.

Militiaman: Exploring and conquering open lands to build more towns to expand your kingdom.

Pikeman: They are strong in defense and effective against Paladin and Archer.

Archer: Good at assault from long distance and effective against Paladin and Artillery.

Cavalry: They are light-armored, fast, flexible with good attack and defense.

Cataphract: They are heavy-armored, fast and flexible with excellent attack and defense.

Paladin: Paladins are excellent in speed and flexibility. They are good at evading attack.

Artillery: They are strong in destroying enemies’ fortifications from long distance.

Catapult: They are the most effective units to destroy others’ fortifications from long distance.

Fortified Units

Wall is responsible for building such fortifications as Trap, Abatis, Archer Tower, Trebuchet and Rollinglog. The higher its level, the more fortifications you can build and the faster its building speed. Through building more fortifications, you protect your city from being attacked or plundered easily.

Trap: Trap is a defensive tool to kill all types of units when enemies approach.
Abatis: Abatis are wooden barricades to kill units with fast speed, like horsemen or Paladin.
Archer Tower: Archer Tower shoots enemies from long distance when enemies approach.
Trebuchet: Trebuchets roll stones down the wall to crush enemies to death.
Rollinglog: Rollinglogs roll logs down to crush enemies to death.


Heroes have different attributes and are strong in different aspects. And if you have heroes to lead the troop when attack or under attack, it would be much easier for you to win a battle and protect your kingdom.

How to get heroes
Heroes can be gained through attacking wilderness or recruited from Inn.

About hero’s attributes
Hero is a leader to lead his or her troops when on mission. He has several attributes, that is, attack, defense, command, flexibility, speed, load, energy, intelligence. Different attributes will increase different ability of certain soldiers that hero brings to war. Hero cannot go out for mission without taking any soldiers. One hero can be appointed to lead a troop out for mission. However, all idle heroes will defend your city when under attack.

About hero’s upgrade
Heroes gain experience through battles. When there are more than one hero invloved in a battle, they get equal division of gained experience. Players can upgrade heroes manually to a maximum of Level 99 when their heroes have enough experience points. The higher hero’s level, the stronger he is.

About hero’s Intelligence
Intelligence will affect later development of heroes. Intelligence of heroes is different from each other. The higher hero’s intelligence is, the faster his further development will be.

About hero’s level
Heroes differ in their levels. A hero with higher level has higher initial attributes and will grow faster in later development.


Alliance is where you build relationship with other players to offer and get help when it is needed. Players can either create an alliance themselves or join an alliance to perform joint operation.

If you join an alliance, you can probably increase your attack or defense ability as long as the alliance you join is equal to or higher than level 1. You can have an idea about what exactly the benefits are by checking out alliance attributes on the alliance profile. Also, when you are under attack, your sisters or brothers may help you out by transporting you resources or reinforcing your city. Moreover, as long as you join an alliance, you are able to gain free resources and claim alliance quests every day!


Quest includes three types, routine quest, daily quest and alliance quest. Routine quest is to guide players enjoy lord of ages. Daily quest is helps you grow smoothly in becoming stronger and powerful.


Items are used to faster your development. It ranges from speeding up to teleporting your city. There are various items in the store for players to choose.


In Map field, there are many wildernesses including Swamp, Cave, Hill, Forest and Valley for players to attack and get trophy including resources, Coins, Item, hero and gems. As long as you conquer one of them successfully, you will be rewarded with different things which can be seen when you roll mouse over the wilderness before wage war. Moreover, everyday a certain amount of wildernesses appear on the Map from time to time for players to conquer. To win a battle, you are suggested to roll your mouse over the enemies to see their attack and defense ability.

Attack, Invade & Conquer

Combat system is one of important features in Lord of Ages. It gives players an amazing amount of control over their troops.

What are the differences between attack, invade and conquer type?
They are aiming at different targets. Attack is to wage war against wilderness. Invade is to plunder resources from other cities while conquer is to destroy military units of other cities.

How to wage war
To wage war against other’s cities or wildernesses, players have two ways to go. One is click on Map to find a target on map view. Click on the target and info will be shown. You can choose such missions as Scout, Invade and Conquer. The other way is to click on the Rally Spot building in Town and select soldiers to perform operation.

Target of attack
You can attack any cities of players except members of your Alliance.

Food Consumed during march
Troops need food during march. Before they march, they will bring Food along with them. If there is no enough food in your warehouse, they cannot march.

Result of battle
Battle ends when one side loses or results in a draw. If the offender wins, he will plunder resources of the defender. If the battle results in a draw, both sides cannot get resources from each other.

What affect the result of battle is the Defense value of the defender and the Attack value of the offender.

War Report
War Report in the Mail is where player is informed of the result of battle and arrival of troops.


Map is where you can view the whole Lord of Ages world. On the map view, you can attack wildernesses to win trophy which includes coins, resources, item, gems and heroes. In addition, you can have an idea about your city location, find other players by searching their name or coordinates, bookmark your favorites for easy access next time, build more cities on the Flat.

Chatting Box

Chatting Box is in the lower left of the game screen on the Town view. You can talk with other players in the chatting box, share your experience and so on. You can seek help from other players if you have any problems.

Prestige & Title

Prestige increases as you develop stronger by buildings construction, soldier recruitment, fortified units building, technology research conducting, item using and so on. Title is similar to Prestige. Different prestige will have different titles. Title represents your status in game and the higher your title is, the more respectable you are.

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