LOCO Atin Guide

Land Of Chaos Online Atin Guide by KinsumeX

This is the hero I’ve chosen to play with, I typically only play one hero in games like this until I feel I have gotten a good solid build down with them both items and skills wise. As well as being able to smash faces in. I have 14 games now under my belt with Atin and when built properly he is a lean-mean-cutting machine. My preference with him is the 2h sword over the alternative oh dual wielding. I’ll briefly explain the pros and cons of each…

2-h Sword
Higher p.damage with auto attacks
Swing damage effect (Anything the swing hits can be damaged, I’ve hit 6 enemies with 1 swing before)
Slower attack speed
Easier to miss with

Dual Wielding Swords
Quicker attacks
Easier to hit with
Each sword does damage (so you can hit up to 2 people at once or one person twice)
Lower p.damage with auto attacks
Lower dps (since the 2h can hit 5-6 creeps at once)

Now I break the game up into points, early – middle – late game. As with most games like this there are certain items and such I expect myself to have at those points. I’ve gotten my general build down to something that works very well for hero killing as well as building crushing. Before doing my item build however I’ll show the skills I take and why I choose them over the alternatives.

Level 1 – Save
Level 2 – Sword Arrow 1/Bloody Revenge 1
Level 3 – Hell and Heaven 1
Level 4 – Sword Arrow 2
Level 5 – Bloody Revenge 2
Level 6 – Sword Arrow 3
Level 7 – Emerald Sword 1
Level 8 – Hell and Heaven 2
Level 9 – Sword Arrow 4
Level 10 – Bloody Revenge 3
Level 11 – Sword Arrow 5
Level 12 – Emerald Sword 2
Level 13 – Hell and Heaven 3
Level 14 – Bloody Revenge 4
Level 15 – Dragon Vision 1
Level 16 – Dragon Vision 2
Level 17 – Dragon Vision 3
Level 18 – Dragon Vision 4
Level 19 – Dragon Vision 5
Level 20 – Turns to gold

Skills Justification
This build is meant to make this hero an insane dpser with his auto attacks more so than a skill spammer. This build allows him to be viable early – middle – late game, with late game him being near impossible to kill by any hero. If you’re doubting it, then tell that to my 1k damage auto attack crits with my 45% chance to crit and boosted attack speed. My last game I played went 3 vs 5 from the start with 2 of my teamates leaving, we played it out and I ended up going 18-1 and killing 90% of the buildings myself.

Dragon Vision is an amazing skill, early – middle game it isn’t as effective, but late game its the bread and butter for this build, it boosts Atin’s dps as well as all of the other allied heros dps substantially. Hell and Heaven is his stun, with it scaling from 1-2-3 seconds with each respective level. It’s a ranged stun meaning he will charge at them from a range and stun. Great for team fights or chasing heros. Sword Arrow, the most amazing skill he has early – middle game. At level 5 this is a 500 damage nuke with a 15 seconds cooldown, and to top it off it’s ranged. Its amazing for last hitting low hp enemy heros that you’ve been pounding on before they can pop their recall. Emerald sword, early game its not effective, but middle – late game you just run people over with it. They see a huge green sword coming at them and they know their day is about to get ruined.

Item Build
This is the key to Atin running around causing all sorts of havoc amongst his enemies. The items I build are not cheap to get, but it is very possible to do with killing in lane, killing neutrals, and of course killing enemy heros.

Early Game
-Start with Spiritual Water, 3 Healing potions, 3 MP potions, 2 skill immunity potions (This is on top of what they already start us with, and I sell the spell removal scroll to afford the extra skill immunity)
-Bloody Reaper Bracelet : This is the first item you build towards. It fixes all of your mana problems and allows you to almost spam your sword arrow, which is devastating.
-Wind Bracelet : Gives a free recall, hp, hp recov, m and p defense, as well as movespeed. An absolute must.

Middle Game
-Bloody Reaper Claw – Gives an aoe 220 damage axe, more p. damage, crit rate and crit bonus. Perfect for Atin
-Ultimate Guardian Brooch – +300 m and p defense, 450 hp, and reduces skills by 5% (Activates to give 3 sec immunity)

Late Game
-Bloody Reaper Muffler – Gives attack speed, crit chance, crit bonus, and p.damage. Stacks amazingly with his other items.
-Vampire Brooch – Getting it before late game is a waste, gives a drain ability to your auto attacks and more damage.
-Crown of Giant – The last item you get, boosts everything Atin needs from damage to defense. Amazing item.

Now some of these items you may not finish before the times I have specified. It really just depends on the game you’re in however in every full battle game I’ve played I’ve managed to do this build so it is possible.

The next time I get this build complete I’ll copy down the stats and such he has with them, but I know my auto attacks do about 200-250 damage. Crits are around 500-600 unbuffed. If my green sword is on as well as dragon vision my crits go up to 1k+.

I see alot of people playing this hero and getting the aoe skills on him, and it’s laughable. Almost every one of them do poorly in the game, his auto attacking is what makes this hero a complete beast. Now I want to emphasize the fact that POTIONS ARE YOUR FRIEND. Skill immunity potions are flat out the best item in the game, I run through countless amounts of them. It stops ALL skills from being used on you for 20 seconds. Pop one before a fight starts and all they can do is try to auto attack you to dead, which is impossible to do as you have more hp and auto attack damage than them. Not to mention if they don’t use one as well you have your skills to use also. Hp and Mp potions allow you to stay in the lanes and level quicker, never waste your skills on creeps unless its early game and you’re clearing a neutral camp. This is a very offensive and aggressive build, but also very effective. Just last game at 35 minutes in I went in and cleared the 4 first towers by myself, 3 of them before my emerald sword even wore off.

Anyways I hope you’ve enjoyed the read. I’ll make edits here and there, and comments are always welcome. See you in game.

Edit : I’ve altered my skill build completely. I’ve found in game that the one currently up there now works much better for overall gameplay.

This image does not have Dragon Vision activated, but still gives a pretty good idea.

An Annihilation match from today.

Another battle from today.

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