Lego Universe Umami Cooking Missions Guide

Lego Universe Umami Cooking Missions Guide by tgcid

I’m not one who likes to look at loading screens that much, so I’ve been pretty troubled with Umami’s cooking missions, since he sends you all around LU to fetch stuff.

Here I present to you the list of ingredients you’ll need for each step, complete with the world you can buy or get that ingredient.

Hope this helps mitigate the frustration with these missions and remember: before going to ninjago free a lot of slots in that backpack!

All the stuff in ninjago (nj) are drops, either from the respective flowers or from rocks and bamboos. The rest you can buy except the Though buff sauce.

1) Hardtack biscuit (Gnarled Forest) + 5 rock fruit (ninjago)
2) Buttery Croissant + Healing Drumstick (Nimbus) + 5 Shock fruit (nj)
3) 3 Stinky fish + 1 Hiccup tablet (NS) + 1 Cup of Yo (GF)
4) 6 Frost fruit (nj) + 1 Though buff (FV drop) + BBQ hotdog (NS)
5) 10 Bamboo (nj) + 3 sushi (FV – refinery) + 2 tasty fish (GF)
6) 8 fire fruit + 8 frost fruit (nj) + 2 cherry blast (CP)
7) 10 rock fruit (nj) + 5 hot chocolate (GF) + 5 Onyx gems (nj) + 5 bamboo (nj)

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