Lego Universe Sentinel Expert Tips

Lego Universe Sentinel Expert Tips by LegoMasterAJA

I am LegoMasterAJA and in LU, I typically play as my Sentinel faction fig, SuperGeekMan. Now, I have played over 200 (I think) hours with him. During this time, I have realized techniques that can be used for each individual kit of the Sentinel Faction. Now, here are my tips to becoming an expert player.

1) Sentinel Items to have as a “Quick Access”

These are items that are beneficial to your kits. First off, some items you should have on you are the Sentinel Super Sodas 2(I honestly get 50, I just can make enough money to afford it; Otherwise, for lower levels, get the first one). You should also have the Flowin’ Mic, Thumpin’ Bass, Fountain of Imagination, and Anvil of Armor. These items should be main QA’s and should bee used when it is safe (excluding the Sodas) and you should also have bsics such as Armor repairs (Many Colors), And Notion Potions (Many Colors). IT would also help to have items such as the Yo-Ho-Ho Mug, Juggling bags, and other items that can increase (multiple) stats an/or heal (multiple) stats. Find the items which you fit to your battle style. This can help you. THAT brings me to the next subject…..

2) Battle Styles
These are different styles of battle which can work wonders and should be learned. Now, the only battle styles the Sentinel has is the Melee attack set and Ranged attack set. Finding which fits to your style is your choice. You just have to experiment. Just to explain:
MELEE: You fight the enemies head on. This means you attack single enemies (maybe) with attacks. The Samurai and Knight use this battle style.
RANGE: These attacks bring the fight to a distance where you are likely to have more options. These options are retreating or closing in. Certain enemies require distance. These attacks for the Space Ranger attack multiple enemies which helps “Crowd Control”.
Within these battle styles has 2 choices: Basic attacks and Abilities. You must learn the perfect balance between when to do Basics and Abilities ( I dubbed this B’s and A’s). Knowing the balance can help you in determining when the moment to strike is right. NEXT TOPIC!!!

3) The Right Kit for YOU!
There are so far 3 kits and 2 with valiant weapons. Now, this I therefore count the total as 5. These sets have a widespread array of tactics. You can stick with the strong and skilled melee fighter Knight with Valiant, or the Space Ranger, with the ability to perform incredibly fast crowd control moves. I choose the Space Ranger for its crowd control abilities. This is a factor in places such as Aura Mar, Crux Prime and even the occasional Brig Rock, Gnarled Forest. But against dragons, Melee weapons will succeed. This though can be completely different for enemies such as the Maelstrom Dragon Invaders and ButterScorch. You have to find the right abilities to fit your style.

These tips should be helpful in deciding what you need to succeed. Now, you can add your own tips if you want. These aren’t all the tips I have. I will post individual tips for kits and other tips. Time to POST!!!!


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