Lego Universe General Guide

Lego Universe General Guide by keegan8000

– When battling, we all meet our arch-enemies (a.k.a. a monster we can’t seem to defeat). Most people think that, by getting stronger weapons, they can finally defeat them. This is not always the case. I have found that sometimes you need to wear things that give you more armor or life, which strengthens your defense. This can help you survive longer. You may need armor that can heal your armor level, or a shield that increases your armor.

– When you get a new weapon, always make sure to try it out on a weak object.(particularly on enemies). This lets you get used to using the weapon. Also, knowing its charge up abilities and other features and how much imagination each one costs can help you in times when you need it.

– Another great factor in battle is to know your enemy. I say this because I had tons of trouble defeating dragons and apes when I was a rank 2. But I learned the enemies moves and prepared for them when battling, and I began to make progress.

– Consumables don’t look powerful, but can be necessary to keep you alive. Faction consumables especially are powerful and can help in a jam.

– If you are battling in a certain area, you may want to make sure that you will respawn somewhere close nearby so you don’t have to go very far to retrieve your money. Always go to that safe point and then go back to ensure you will respawn there.

– Teams are useful for helping you defeat a hard enemy (see tip 1 in BATTLING) However, if you want the rewards that drop ffrom the enemies that other team members smash, it would probably be a good idea to have the whole team fight in the same area.

– Faction tokens are most easily earned through battling; money is most easily earned through selling items.

– When looking for rares, always know where to get them and how. If you go to Gnarled Forest for a messenger bag, you may get other things, but you won’t get what you came for.

– Spending money on things that you don’t need is a bad idea, unless you’re buing them to sell them back (which most people won’t do). Instead, you should probably save your money for when, let’s say, a new valiant weapon that will come out later.

– To earn money faster when battling, teams (see tip 6 in BATTLING) get more rewards because there are more people earning money together.

– When battling to earn money, you should battle in some place challenging, yet where you don’t get smashed often. The harder the enemies, the more rewards you get, but if you are defeated too often, then you will lose more money than you earn, or make very slow progress. Note: Since you don’t lose Faction tokens when battling, this idea doesn’t apply to those.

– Most people become famous through the Hall of Fame or having a popular property. If you were walking around and you saw, let’s say, Hollis, you would recognize his name if you had looked through the Hall of Fame and be amazed. Or JohnBrick. He hasn’t made it into the Hall of Fame, but his properties still amaze some people.

– To get your property famous, you have to get it a lot of reputation. To get a lot of reputation, you have to get people to visit it. First, you have to make it look cool (perferably bick building it). Second, you have to make it fun and easy to walk in and explore. Third, to get people to come, you have to do the first two steps and then invite your friends. This can get your property popular.

– This is harder to get famous through: be a nice friend. Talk to everybody you can and do nice things.

– Don’t try this: be rude and rip people off. But, instead of becoming famous, you’ll become INfamous. And you’ll probably be reported.

– Bricks, by far, are more impressive than models. But it depends on how you use the models. Changing the color, modifying them, and etc. will impress more people.

– Adding behaviors to your property can liven it up. Depending on the behaviors you put on there, you can make it more fun, challenging, impressive, or all three.

– Don’t add too many behaviors, or else things might get a little confusing for people visiting your property (see tip 2 in FAME).

– Always test your behaviors before letting people come to your property. If you want ten stromlings to pop up for battle, but instead you make it a HUNDRED stromlings, most people will get overwhelmed and not come back.

– When earning rares through achievements for smashing Maelstrom enemies or structures, it helps to know where they are most commonly found. Like, (this is true) invader admirals most commonly spawn in Caldera Mar, so it would be harder to get the achievement done in Zeta Point, where there are few admirals.

– If you are looking for a rare that randomly falls off of an enemy, you should probably try to do an achievement or mission while doing it to kill two birds with one stone. Note: Of course, if you’re looking for random drop-off rares, Nexus Force supply crates are better. I’ve gotten a Bat Lord staff, Heroic Trident of Lightning, Jester Wand, and other various weapons from those.

– The more powerful of an enemy you face, the more items you’ll get. If an enemy is named, then it is the most powerful enemy of that kind, like Roo Morgg is the most powerful stromling ape (I know this seems obvious, but I’m just trying to give information to everyone, including those who haven’t been to Crux).

– If you want to earn a rare from a mission or achievement, but you’re stuck on it, then try the following:
1) Get a team, the bigger the better.
2) Improve your weaponsand gear and/or your life and armor (see tip 1 in BATTLING).
3) Create a strategy to avoid attacks, and to do damage.
4) All of the above.

– The best way to get business is to get a powerful rare and to sell it for a reasonable price.

– I am going to try this one soon, but I will warn you, it will be extremely hard to do. Build models of things that can’t be found as models and sell them.

– NEVER sell things over priced, or nobody will buy your stuff. Also, don’t sell things too cheap or else someone will take it and you may get ripped off. Or no one will trust you with that low of prices.

– Stromlings are weak and do little damage, but can be dangerous in groups. One attacks you, and before you can attack it, another attacks you. Annoying, isn’t it? Never get stromlings into groups unless you haves a weapon that can deal with them quickly. If you can’t, you’ll likely be overrun.

– Picking people off while in a battle with other enemies is a mech’s specialty. Deal with them first, or they’ll continue shooting you while you’re battling a stromling.

– Dark Spiderlings are notorious for their quick, accurate attacks. Good, long-range guns are the best way to kill them, but a pwerful close-range weapon can be good, too. Note: Although not its most powerful attack, a spiderling’s kick is its most dangerous. It kicks you once, and it knocks you down. When you get back up again, it will usually kick you again. This is why I suggest long-range weapons.

– Pirates, like stromlings, are dangerous in packs, for the same reasons. They are much slower than the stromling, but if it hits you once, its hard to stop it.

– Admirals have cannon abilities (obviously, if you’ve played LU). They will usually kill you if you are not well equipped. However, if you can hit them before they shoot you, they’ll stop and have to try again. Hordes of them are hard to stop, and, even though it seems cowardly, you may have to run.

– Apes have two attacks: ground pounds and rock throws. Rock throws are probably deadlier than ground pounds, because you can back away easily to dodge a pound, but it’s harder to avoid rocks. So, get up close and personal by attacking the ape with a close range weapon. When it beats its chest, run outside of the area affected by the pound. Once it stops, run in and attack it. Note: If you build the anchor, do it between ground pounds to affect its armor. It does little against its health.

– Ronin, also like stromlings, are dangerous in packs. Use something to get them away from you or damage them all severely, or you’re as good as smashed.

– Horsemen are tricky. if you go in for a close ranged attack, they’ll use their lightning surge. However, I recommend this if your weapon is at least a 2+2+3. Of course, weaponry like the wormholer or Space Marauder blaster is also recommended.

– Dragons are best dealt with up close. Dodge its fire attacks, and when it slams you away, make sure you have your back to a large chunk of the land, so that you will fly on to there. If not, you may fly off over the edge and down into the chasm…

– Skeletons are tricky and excruciatingly annoying. First, get Spinjitzu. When dealing with miners in a pakc, charge up and blow them to pieces. Engineers are tougher, but I still would recommend it. Pit bosses in packs are annoying and difficult. Try to run until some of them travel too far from an area, and then smash the rest, or run away altogether.

Note: Because invader versions of the Maelstrom (not including skeletons) are tougher, you may have to change up the strategies, particularly on named enemies, like Gull Rawclaw, named pirate; Vargas the Tormented, named horseman; and Nuckal, the named skeleton.

– When writing a time down for, let’s say, a meeting, always include what time zone you are talking about. For example, if you want a meeting at your Block Yard, and you say, “Meet me there at 10:00.”, nobody will know when you mean, because 10:00 in England is at a different time then 10:00 EST.

– People like tips that give a lot of information (like mine :P), not just a little, even though some little tips can be handy.

– If your giving out tips and tricks, you may want to test them out to be sure they work, or at least be positvely sure, before you post them up, like I did with most of mine.

– Stories are a lot of fun to read when they AREN”T messed up. If you mispell a lot of stuff, make your sentences unbelievably long, or other stuff, it kinda ruins the story.

Well, that’s all I can write for now. If I find out any more info, I’ll be sure to post it up here. See ya!

–Swifter ingame

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