Lego Universe Frakjaw Comprehensive Guide

Lego Universe Frakjaw Comprehensive Guide by Urwy

Well, here’s MY guide to the Frakjaw Instance. =) (MY meaning personal preference, nothing here is 100% fact that it’s the best)

When I battle Frakjaw, I wear all the best in slot items in LU and then the Fire Sword.
Dragon Helm MKIII, Classic Astronaut Shirt, Crux Prime Armor, Bot Pants, Fire Sword.
I use the fire sword for it’s “Fire Spinjitzu Back Draft” ability. Explained further in next few sections.

Make sure you’re ALWAYS in a party of FOUR, the more people, the higher chance of rares! There are a lot of trolls, make sure you only press ready when four people are in the queue. Once you press ready, hover your mouse over the X button in case someone is leaving on purpose to annoy people.


Typically, what you want to do when single targetting is go for the stronger enemies first (I.E. Bone Wolf>Mad Scientist>Etc.). Sidestep as much as you can when there are a lot of mobs, and when your Fire Spinjitzu Back Draft comes back up, use it on the whole crowd. Make use of Armor Consumables, Faction Potions, and you Anvil of Armor, and make sure to pick up life and armor off of enemies.

Now, I’ve personally done Frakjaw over 300 times. So far I’ve only gotten Apothecary’s Hood, Slash and Stitch, and 3 DX Shirts, and a TON of semi rares. Through out this journey a lot of people have made some WILD accusations. Wearing golden weapons will NOT decrease your chances of rares. Doing the quickbuilds will NOT decrease your chances of rares. The only viable accusation I’ve heard are that dying will decrease your chances of rares, so just try not to die as much as you can, and make sure you deal as much damage as you can! Also, building the fire post at the end of the instance will NOT make you lose your rares. They will still be waiting for you at the top. =)

~Urwy, US Overbuild Server. Feel free to send mail.~

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  1. Avadakipdavra says:

    I've done between 300-400 also & have a few hoods, including slash & stitch & think & throw, kabutos, weapons & shimmering yoroi, mostly solo…even have several dx pants & gi's…I use only purified mace…

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