Lego Universe Enemies Guide

Lego Universe Enemies Guide by brickmaster7946

Hello, I am Brickmaster7946, and I am going to tell you all about the enemies of LEGO Universe! I will explain attacks, stats, appearances and more. Without further ado, let’s begin.


Desc: Stromlings are the basic enemies of LEGO Universe, the footsoldiers of the Maelstrom. They appear on Avant Gardens. They are infected Paradox scientists. They often come in twos or threes and tend to have Stromling Mech counterparts to back them up.

Appearance: Stromlings slightly resemble zombies. They have purple heads with red eyes, and swirling dark-purple hair. They have a brown, ripped shirt covering half their torso. Underneath, you can see purple skeletal bones. Their right arm is covered by a brown sleeve, and their hand is purple. Their left arm is a purple, sharp, slightly surved sword with a small amount of Maelstrom fog floating around it. Their left leg is covered by brown pants with a few utility pouches. Their right leg is a black skeletal leg.

Movement: Stromlings move very slowly when not attacking, and tend to be slightly bent over. When they spot a target they run at an average speed towards it an begin their attacks.

Health: 1 Life

– Sword Slash: a 1-damage arm swipe.

Difficulty: Low. They can be defeated with one strike from any weapon, and even smashed barehand. Their attacks are rather slow and weak.

Stromling Mech

Desc: Stromling Mechs are the elite enemies of Avant Gardens. They are former security robots that were corrupted when the Spider Boss escaped. There is six on the world, and they have set spawn points that they never wander far from. They tend to reinforce Stromlings fire support fire when they are attacking players. Once smashed, they can be rebuilt into turrets for one Imagination. The turret fires at nearby enemies at a moderate rate, delaing one damage per shot.

Appearance: Stromling Mechs are recolored robots from the retired LEGO X-Pods series. They have slanted, orange feetplates and black tube legs. Their body is thin and dark-grey, with a purple grill and a red eye. Their arms are short and grey, with tall orange shoulders. Electricity spakrs between their shoulders and Maelstrom smoke floats around them. In their right hand they hold a small laser rifle.

Movement: They move very slowly and stop moving when attacking. When not attacking, they walk slowly around in a small area round their spawn point. They make mumbling, robotic noises and beeps as they move.

Health: 4 Life

– Energy Bolt: the Mech fires an energy bolt at a single target, dealing 1 damage. The energy bolt moves slowly in a straight line.
– Arm Swipe: the Mech hits a close-range target with their left arm, dealing medium knockback

Difficulty: Medium-Low. They generally follow up their Arm Swipe with a shot from their laser rifle, and usually work with Stromlings to overwhelm their target. They attack at a moderate rate. They are generally quite easy to defeat, and can by smash by a single combo from an Improved weapon or higher.

Tactics: When approaching dodge their energy bolts. If you are attacked by Stromlings, and chances are you will be, smash them and proceed to focus on smashing the Mech.
Variations: In Survival, Stromling Mechs’ energy bolts home in on targets, making them much harder to dodge.

Dark Spiderling

Desc: Dark Spiderlings are by far the hardest enemies on Avant Gardens, and often underestimated by newer players. They are in the Maelstrom Mine, also known as the Spider Cave, and there is five of them in a group, each with a designated spawn point, guarding the Spider Boss’ lair. They are the “mini-me”s of the Spider Boss. They are found only in this cave.

Appearance: Spiderlings have four, long, black legs. They have oval-ish, purple bodies with six orange eyes of varying sizes on the front. On the right of their bodies is a grey dual laser blaster. On the left of their bodies is half a javelin with the head of a spear below it.
Movement: They walk at an average speed when not attacking. When attacking, they stop moving and attack the enemy with any of their attacks. Like the Stromling Mechs, they do not wander far from their designated spawn points.

Health: 15 Life

– Leg Jab: the Spiderling jabs the player with it’s leg, dealing 1 damage (close-range)
– Dark Web: the Spiderling fires a web at the player from one of it’s lasers, dealing 3 damage (medium-range)
– Laser Bolt: the Spider fires a laser from it’s blaster, dealing 1 damage. The bolt travels quickly in a straight line (long-range)

Difficulty: High. Their Leg Jab attacks can be repeated very quickly and the damage can pile of surprisingly quickly. Their laser bolts are hard to dodge and their webs are lethal if you are caught. They tend to like swarming you. They can overpower a Rank 3 player if they are not careful.

Tactics: Never attack a Spiderling from the front unless you have a blocking weapon or stunning weapon. As mentioned before, their Leg Jab piles up damage quickly. Avoid their right side. The best tactic is to draw their fire or, if you time it right, dodge a leg jab, and dash around their left side and attack from behind. When they turn around, repeat it. Continue until the Spidelring is smashed.

Variations: In Survival and the Battle of Nimbus Station, Spiderlings have larger space to travel in and can run very quickly.

Hammer Stromling

Desc: Hammer Stromlings are found aboard the Venture Explorer. They were created from the many engineers and technicians trying to fix the ship before the Maelstrom took over. There is a maximum of twenty-five on the ship at one time, each with set spawn points. Note: there is another type of Hammer Stromling, the Hammerhurl Stromling. They are almost the same as Hammer Stromlings, but with a different attack and altered movement. They are part of the twenty-five Hammer Stromlings are the ship.

Appearance: Hammer Stromlings (and Hammerhurl Stromlings) resemble average Stromlings, But with grey clothes instead of brown. They wear the helmet used by the villain Snake from the discountined Space Police line. Instead of a sword for a left arm, Hammer Stromlings have large hammers – as the name suggests – which glow violet and purple.
Movement: Hammer Stromlings run fairly quickly towards their targets once sighted, and attack at a fairly fast rate. While running the have their hammers raised in the air. When not attacking, they wander around their area at the same speed as normal Stromlings. Hammerhurl Stromlings do not move, they simply stand in the same spot.

Health: 6 Life

– Hammer Slam: the Hammer Stromling swings it’s hammer at the player, dealing 3 damage.
– Hammer Throw: (Hammerhurl Stromling attack) The Hammerhurl Stromling throws it’s hammer at the player, dealing 2 damage.

Difficulty: Medium. Hammer Stromlings are generally only dangerous when in groups, where they swarm you and can deplete your health extremely fast. Alone, they can be defeated quite easily.
Tactics: Avoid their hammers. When they attack, they attack fast, and their damage can pile up quickly. With a well-timed jump, you can dodge their Hammer Slam attack and strike from the side or behind. When caught off guard, they are easy to smash.

Variations: In Avant Gardens Survival and the Battle of Nimbus Station, Hammer Stromlings wear backpacks and Lockjaw Helms. In Survival they run at an increased speed.

Corrupted Sentry

Desc: Corrupted Sentries are similar in almost every way to Stromling Mechs. They are found aboard the corrupted Venture Explorer. There is a a maximum of six at any one time on the ship, and they each have designated spawn points.

Appearance: They are completely identical to Stromling Mechs, with no differences in appearance whatsoever.

Movement: Corrupted Sentries do not move from their spawn points, but do rotate to fire at players.
Health: 8 Life (approx.)

– Energy Bolt: the Mech fires an energy bolt at a single target, dealing 2 damage. The energy bolt moves slowly in a straight line.
– Arm Swipe: the Mech hits a close-range target with their left arm, dealing medium knockback

Difficulty: Medium. Generally Corrupted Sentries have pairs of Hammer Stromlings with them that attempt to distract you, and the Sentry can drain your health fast with the help of the Hammer Stromlings. Alone, they offer almost no trouble their easy to dodge energy bolts.

Tactics: Smash the Sentries “guard” Hammer Stromlings, – if there are any – then proceed to attack the Mech. With a Super weapon or better it will only take one combo to smash it.
Variations: There are no variations, the Corrupted Sentry is found only in the Return to the Venture Explorer.

Elite Dark Spiderling

Desc: Elite Dark Spiderlings are tougher versions of the Dark Spiderlings found on Avant Gardens. There is a total on three on the ship at any one time, located at the front, centre and back of the ship. They also appear in the Battle of Nimbys Station, but not Avant Gardens Survival.

Appearance: They are the same as normal Dark Spiderlings from Avant Gardens, no differences.

Movement: Elite Dark Spiderlings do not move, however they do rotate to attack enemies.

Health: 25 Life

– Leg Jab: the Spiderling jabs the player with it’s leg, dealing 4 damage (close-range)
– Dark Web: the Spiderling fires a web at the player from one of it’s lasers, dealing 7 damage (medium-range)
– Laser Bolt: the Spider fires a laser from it’s blaster, dealing 3 damage. The bolt travels quickly in a straight line (long-range)

Difficulty: Very high. Elite Dark Spiderling have more health do much more damage than the normal Spiderlings, and attack faster, making them deadlier than normal Spiderlings in every way, except they don’t move. Attacking an Elite Dark Spiderling from the front could be compared to a death wish. Chances are you will get hit by a couple of energy bolts, get hit by a web, and stabbed several times by it’s leg, for a grand total of 27 damage, yes, 27. That’s enough to drain all your armor and, if not all, but most of your life.

Tactics: As for tactics, the best way to smash an Elite Dark Spiderling is to circle it from a short distance, unleashing combos on it when it’s back is turned. If you have a ranged weapon, brilliant. Use it; don’t melee. If you have a HToL (Heroic Trident of Lightning), you should call down a few bolts of lightning to drain it’s health a bit before attempting a short-range attack.

Variations: In the Battle of Nimbus Station, Elite Dark Spiderlings can move, and run at the same run speed as Dark Spiderlings do in BoNS and Avant Gardens Survival.

Stromling Pirate

Desc: Shortly after the creation of the Maelstrom, Jack Knife’s crew washed up on Gnarled Forest. Creating a camp, they explored the world and found many treasures. Little did they know that the Maelstrom had infected these tresure chests. While moving the chests back to their cove, the Maelstrom struck! It exploded from the chests, infecting the pirates and their admirals, even the landscape itself. It transformed these innocent pirates into slaves of the Maelstrom. The majority of these infected pirates reside at the Maelstrom Trench, a deeply infected area with a corrupted sphinx always keeping a red, glowing eye on you.

Appearance: Stromling Pirates look the same as Stromlings, but their clothes are pirate clothes. Their left arm is skeletal, and on the end are two small cutlasses. They wear brown pirate caps in their heads.
Movement: Stromling Pirates very much resemble zombies: they walk slowly, bent forward, arms extended to slash you with their cutlasses, or possibly eat you! Fortunately, most Maelstrom creatures lack mouths, so that’s nothing much to worry about. Much. They move slowly all the time, even when charging an enemy and sometimes jump, which makes my wonder whether they have a leg disease or something.

Health: 8 Life

– Claw Combo: The Stromling Pirate slashes at you quickly several times, each slice doing one damage.
– Downward Smash: The Stromling Pirate unleashes a heavy blow on you, dealing two damage. If the Pirate misses, it’s claw is embedded in the ground, and it takes a second for it to get it out.

Difficulty: Low. Stromling Pirates, as said before, are atrociously slow, so you could outwalk them if you wanted to. Their Claw Combo is nothing much if you dodge it, which is rather easy, and their Downward Smash is an uncommon attack. I’ve only had any do it to me a few times. A combo from a 2+3+3 weapon or better can smash this foe.

Tactics: Try not to get swarmed. Alone, Pirates are harmless, but in swarms, they present a larger danger. Try and spread the damage between groups, and it shouldn’t take much to finish them all off at the same time. I reccomend using a splash damage attack if you can, it should smash them or weaken them severely.

Stromling Admiral

Desc: Stromling Admirals were the commanding officers of the pirates in Gnarled Forest. They also shared their fate, transforming into dreadful Stromlings. There is a total of seven Stromling Admirals maximum at any one time in Gnarled Forest, six at Brig Rock and one at Maelstrom Trench. They emerge from caves in Brig Rock, along with a Stromling Pirate, but fortunately, you can use Quick-Build gates to close up these caves and temporarily stop them from coming, but they’ll break through soon enough.

Appearance: Stromling Admirals differ from other Stromlings. They wear ripped, gold admiral’s shirts, with purple bones underneath. Their right arm is covered with a brown sleeve, with a three-spiked anchor on the end instead of a hand. Admirals’ left legs have brown leg sleeves. Their right legs are black and skeletal. Admirals’ left arms are large, purple cannons and their primary weapons. They wear a set of yellow epaulets, and wear a black admiral’s cap with a skull and crossbones on the front, and a purple feather on top.

Movement: Stromling Admirals charge quickly at their enemies, left arms raised to attack. They wander around slowly when not attacking, and sometimes only attack an enemy if damaged by them.
Health: 12 Life

– Cannon Fire: While performing this attack, the Admiral cannot move. The Admiral puts its left arm forward, and launches out it’s anchor. If the anchor hits the target, the target is pulled torwards the Admiral. If it hits or not, the anchor plants itself in the ground, and, shortly after it is planted, the Admiral commences firing it’s cannon arm, firing five rings of Maelstrom energy in quick succession. Each rings deals five damage, for a total of twenty-five damage if all the rings hit the player. Once the Admiral is done firing, it draws it’s hook back into it’s arm and can move again.

Difficulty: Medium-High. Stromlings Admirals are deadly if you are hit by all the rings, as a single barrage is enough to take down all the armor of a player and one life if the player is wearing the highest possibly armor set possible, which gives a total of twenty-four.

Tactics: When the Admiral plants it’s hook, run away. Jump around the back of the Admiral and attack it from behind until it is smashed or until it turns around. If it turns around, repeat the process and attack from behind. Repeat until it is smashed.

Variations: In the Battle of Nimbus Station, there are Stromling Admiral Elites that appear in Wave Twenty-Five and for the next two waves until the Four Riders of the Maelstrom appear.

Stromling Ape

Desc: After the Darkitect created the Stromling Pirates and Admirals, he realised the Nexus Force was tearing through them with their advanced weaponry. After searching deep into the forests, he found apes in the trees. He infected these animals, turning them into vicious monsters which would not give up until they had smashed a minifigure or been smashed themselves. There is three in Gnarled Forest.

Appearance: Stromling Apes are large, bulky creatures, resembling average apes. They have dark brown fur and greyish chests, hands, feet and mouths. They have glowing, purple eyes.

Movement: Stromling Apes do not move from their spawn points, but do lean forward and roar every so often. If you get in their range, you will most likely be attacked right away.

Status: Mini-boss
Health: 80 Life, 25 Armor

– Boulder Toss: The Stromling Ape grabs a boulder from the ground and hurls it at a target, dealing 5 damage and splash. (Long-range attack)
– Ground Pound: The Stromling Ape stands up on it’s back legs, pounds it’s chest twice, then brings it’s fists down to the ground, hitting the ground three times. On each hit, it releases a ring of energy, which deals 5 damage and knockback to nearby minifigures. This attack brings out the pieces of the Ape Anchor. (Short-range attack)

Difficulty: High. Stromling Apes are dangerous, and lethal to those with less than 5 points of defense. I advise caution when approaching.

Tactics: When approaching a Stromling Ape, draw it’s fire. When it uses Boulder Toss, dodge and close in on the Ape, dodging more boulders if needed. When close, attack the Ape until it uses Ground Pound, then run out of ring range. Once it has finished Ground Pound, repeat until you take down it’s armor. Once it’s armor is down, it will be stunned for a time. You have enough time to build the Ape Anchor, which is unearthed by the Ground Pound attack. Once the anchor is complete, the Ape might have recovered. If it has, quickly take down it’s few Life points before it can attack. If not, just take down the last few Life points and it should be smashed.

Chainsaw Stromling

Desc: Nobody really knows where these Stromlings came from. They might be infected miners that were cutting into the rocks in the Maelstrom Mine to mine Maelstrom before the explosion of the Paradox Research Facility. They are found only in Survival, appearing around six minutes. Their numbers get larger as the eight minute mark approaches.

Appearance: Chainsaw Stromlings are similar to Stromlings. Their hair and backpacks change colors, being a bright violet for a second then changing back to purple in a constant pattern. Their chainsaws are purple with dark purple spikes and a few highlighted violet stripes.

Movement: Chainsaw Stromlings move exceptionally fast. They often drift when turning to charge a target, resulting a unpredictable movement and causing them to be hard to hit. They are also rather clumsy, often bashing themselves into walls and debris when not attacking a target.

Status: Normal Enemy
Health: 4 Life

– Chainsaw Buzz: The Chainsaw Stromling slices an enemy with it’s chainsaw arm, dealing 3 damage. (Melee attack)

Difficulty: Medium. Chainsaw Stromlings are unpredictable in movement and have rather fast attack rates. When in groups of three or more they can be deadly to lesser protected players. Their low health makes them easy to pick off at a distance, but their speed makes them hard to hit.

Tactics: Generally Chainsaw Stromlings will charge you before you have a chance to approach them. Try and stay out of their attack range, which is rather short, and take them down with a few hits of your weapon. If they are in groups, it’s a good idea to use a Firecracker or small splash damage attack. Wasting a powerful attack like Personal Fortress is not worth it.

Maelstrom Horseman

Desc: Maelstrom Horsemen are more mysterious than their Dark Ronin riders. Nobody reallys knows where they come from, but Paradox suggests they were smashed horses that were infected and now come from the Maelstrom Crypt Doors. They are found in several areas in Forbidden Valley. Five are in Cavalry Hill, one at the Fallen Gate, and four at the Paradox Refinery battlefield.

Appearance: Maelstrom Horsemen are black horses with red eyes. A trail of purlish-grey smoke flows behind them. The are mounted by Dark Ronin armed with lances.

Movement: Horsemen run at about minifigure speed. They must stop to attack.

Status: Elite Enemy
Health: 18 Life

– Orb Scatter: The Horseman fires three orbs from it’s lance which spread in a cone shape, each dealing 3 damage.
– Lightning Surge: The Horseman rears up and calls down lightning, which deals 2 damage and knocks down any players in it’s range.

Difficulty: Medium. Maelstrom Horsemen are rather predictable, but their large health and attacks make them tanks. They can be lethal to lesser armored players.

Tactics: Their Orb Scatter is very in accurate, and easy to dodge. Close in on the Horseman and attack it. Generally you cannot get out of Lightning Surge range fast enough, repair the damage with a consumable or just leave it if you have higher armor. Just hammer away at it and it should be smashed in no time.

Other: Maelstrom Horsemen also appear in the later waves of the Battle of Nimbus Station. They are also on the Raven Bluff property when you are claiming it.

Maelstrom Dragon

Desc: Dragons were little-known by all but the ninja before the Maelstrom was created. When it stormed Forbidden Valley, the Darkitect saw these powerful beasts and knew he must have them for his own. He twisted them into his own image, and now they are vicious beasts. There are four known, all in the Dragon’s Den. Three sit on floating platforms, awating minifigures brave enough to challenge them, and the forth flies in the air, aiding the three below. The three on the platforms are named Blastbreath, Torchblight and Burnshout.

Appearance: Maelstrom Dragons are purple beasts with a pair of purple wings. They have several lines of violet on them, around their legs and wings. They have flaming red eyes and Maelstrom emits from the spines on the end of their tail. Their eyes glow violet when they breathe flames, and sparks fly from them when they take damage.

Movement: Maelstrom Dragon do not move, but they turn around to attack. When performing Ground Slam, they fly into the air.

Status: Boss
Health: 300 Life, 250 Armor

– Flame Breath: The Maelstrom Dragon breathes a column of flame in a line for a few seconds. If you touch the column, you are sent into the air and take 1 damage.
– Fireball: The Maelstrom Dragon raises onto it’s hind legs and flaps it’s wings, knocking back nearby players. It then fires a fireball that homes onto a target, dealing 5 damage on impact.
– Ground Slam: The Maelstrom Dragon flies into the air for a second, then comes back down, dealing 2 damage and knocking back nearby minifigures.
– Ronin Summon: The Maelstrom Dragon circling in the air shoots fireballs down. Shuriken-shaped markers appear on the platform which are engulfed in fire shortly after, dealing 1 damage to players if they are inside. The fire clears, revealing that Dark Ronin are in their place. These Ronin only have 4 Life.

Extra Features: When the Dragon’s armor is depleted, it is stunned for a time. When it is stunned, a quickbuild drops. If built, a Ravencloud Guardian appears behind the Dragon and distracts it. The Dragon turns around, exposing it’s back. Hit it’s back, and it will instantly be smashed. Also, unlike other enemies, Maelstrom Dragons drop gold treasure chests when smashed. Press SHIFT when near this chest and it will open, dropping loot, which generally includes many bricks, several tokens and infected bricks, some models, some items and sometimes rares.

Difficulty: Difficult. With sufficient equipment and consumables, these Dragons can be smashed rather easily. They pose a large threat for those less than full Rank 2, as their Fireball attack can deal large damage and their Ground Slam cna knock them off the platform.

Tactics: Approach with caution! Smash the Ronin when you go onto the platform, before dodging the Dragon’s attacks and getting it in atack range. Hammer it with attacks and dodge fireballs. When the Ronin spawm, take care of them quickly. When it’s armor is down, it would be advisable to build the Guardian and finish it off. More experienced players may want a further challenge by leaving the Dragon to recover and to fight until they drain it’s Life.

Stromling Invader

Desc: Spawned directly from the Maelstrom cloud off the edge of Aura Mar, these are more powerful versions of the rank-and-file Stromlings found on Avant Gardens. They appear the same as Stromlings, but much purpler. But don’t underestimate them!

Appearance: Their physical appearance is the same as Avant Gardens Stromlings, but they have purple hair that does not have Maelstrom smoke coming from it. They have yellow eyes and dark purple heads. They have very dark purple skeleton ribs and plain purple clothes. Theirright hand and lower arm is dim pink, and their sword arm is dim pink.

Movement: Stromling Invaders crawl more than normal Stromlings. They walk around slowly when not attacking, but when a target is sighted they turn and run at an average speed.
Status: Elite Enemy

Health: 5 Life

– Sword Slice: The Stromling slices it’s sword at a player, dealing 2 damage.

Difficulty: Easy. A combo should be enough to smash one, and their Sword Slice is rather weak.

Tactics: Normally a Stromling Invader will find you before you find one. They have rather long visual ranges. Simply attack it with a few hits to smash it.

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