Lego Universe Crux Prime Guide

Lego Universe Crux Prime Guide by JamerstronUK

Heres my tips and tricks to stay intact on crux!

Getting there: Go to Nexus tower, find the crux teleporter (marked with a dropship) and youre there! Thats the easy bit….

Staying alive in the first place: Its best to go to crux once you are at least a level 30, and have most, if not all of your specialitys rank 3 gear. You should have at least 6 life, 13 armour and 20 imagination. A 2-3-3 or over weapon is essential.

Combat: Enemies on crux are tougher than normal ones. You need to stay on your toes and build shield zones with other players. Beware of Apes. They can be a hazard if you stay too close to them. Named

Enemies: Named enemies are tougher, stronger, and harder to beat than regular invader enemies. If you smash them, you get an achievement. These achievements give lots of money. Ranging from 1500, (Talli Reeko) to 50000 (Butter) Theyre tough, but they arent invincible! Give it your all to defeat named enemies!

Butterscorch: As of now, Butterscorch, commonly shortened to butter, is the single toughest enemy in the whole of LEGO Universe. Butter has many attacks at its disposal, like normal dragon invaders, but much, much stronger. And it has more health. A lot more. Butter, like normal named enemies, is tough. But, there are ways to defeat it. An easy way is to get a team of four, all level 35 or over, with at least a 3-3-3 weapon or stronger, and to smash butter. Its a tough task, but it is possible. Another way is to get many, many players (When I tried it, i brought along at least 10 more players) And to just unleash your strongest attacks. This can bring down butter in seconds, but only one team gets the loot, achievement, and the neat 50000 coins with the achievement. The problem is getting the people.

Skeletons: The skeletons are in the very south of Crux. They cannot be defeated with normal weapons, so you must get a ninjago weapon from Neido, the ninja in the ruins, or from the Monastery. Skeletons also have a named commander-Nuckal. Nuckal is quite tough, but is still easily defeated with well timed strikes of spinjitzu. The skeletons on crux are normally used for training by those who fight in the Ninjago Monastery. The skeletons there are much tougher.

Rares: Crux is where the most prized rares are found. Examples are: Mosaic Cap Bone legs Flogmores hat Dragon helm MKIII Spike Hammer Bat lord items Fantastic Pilum Miners Helmet Crux Prime Armour And a lot more stuff that isnt really that rare Stick out tongue

So thats all there is to it. Keep moving, give it your all, and do get a team! Rocket678, Maelstrom Hunter.

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