League of Legends Pro Tips Compilation

League of Legends Pro Tips Compilation

Compiled from the NA forums. Feel free to contribute your tips in the comments section below!

General Tips

1) If you have a teammate sneaking up to gank an enemy champion, use your blue pill to try and lure that enemy into overextending for and easier gank. Lots of players subconsciously take risks to cancel somebody’s blue pill, use this to your advantage.

2) When teleporting to a minion, the minion becomes invulnerable and passive until you appear. This can help when defending a turret. You know those times when you see the enemy and his minions getting to your base, that has very little HP, killing the very last of your defending minions? If you teleport to one of those minions, the enemy minions won’t be able to advance until you appear because they are held up attacking your last minion, giving you a defensive edge thanks to minions and minions.

3) If you have teleport and you’re porting to push a tower, port to the creep the tower is hitting. The creep becomes invincible for the duration of the teleport, allowing more time for your allies to whale on it with minion support.

4) Do not run into the grass in the top or bottom lanes if you ran over to your lane at the start of the game. Running into it by yourself can net the enemy team a first blood and a death for you. Instead wait until your minions reach you and stand on the river side of the minions, not only is it safer by forcing them to have to run out of the bushes to get you but it also gives you an escape route. Just make sure to watch out on the river side as well though.

5) While laning stand right next to the tall grass and start to blue pill. Make sure the enemy can see you BPing. Once the timer is almost done immediatly move to the grass. On their screen it’ll look like the BP was successful.
Afterwards enemies typically make foolish mistakes that can get you early/midgame kills, thinking you’re not there.

6) If the enemy hero in your lane suddenly becomes super aggressive, and someone else is missing from your minimap. Retreat to your tower. A gank is coming!

7) Don’t suck other players into what I like to call “The Vortex.” What happens in a lot of games I play is that one of the players gets greedy, or is over extending and they end up getting into a tough situation. So what ends up happening is me (or other players) will have to try and save them. Sometimes it works, sometimes not, but 99% of the time we both end up with low life and out of summoner spells because someone is worried about getting one extra meaningless swipe at the enemy.


1) When playing an initiator, don’t be afraid to die. Going in with Malphite’s ult, using all your abilities, and then running so you hope you don’t die doesn’t help your team as much as you staying in there dealing damage would. Just be careful when you initiate confrontations so that your team can get the killing blows. 4v5 is in the 4 man team’s favor if the 5 all have less than half health.

Champion Specific Tips


1) At lvl 6 with ashe solo, harrass like crazy with volley and when out of mana blue pill, at base shoot your ulti to ure lane and tele to your lane, at that time you should arrive at the moment ure ulti hits and the enemy is 2 hits away from death and is stunned, have fun

2) As Ashe, when you see an enemy trying to teteport and you know your arrow has no way of reaching him/her on time, fire it to the spawn point of the enemy base. If their health is low enough, you score a kill and some gold. You also get some laughs.


1) Power fist works on buildings. Abuse this as much as possible when it comes to pushing.
Rocket Grab has slightly longer range and wider ‘snag’ area than it looks. It’s a fun trick to snag someone sitting just barely on the edge of the range-circle (or just far enough to one side of a creep) and open up the hurting.

2) Blitzcrank’s pull stuns as it pulls, so it cancels channeling. That means you can grab a Nunu to stop his ult and punish him for trying silly things.
Also as Blitz, if an enemy starts channeling and your pull is unavailable, activate your punch. Use your flash spell to get within punching distance, and cancel his channel. Of course, you need flash up for this.

3) When pushing against heros blitz has quite a bit of hp and a nice passive to help you survive, and a fist that makes towers hurt in only one shot so its easy to see why you would push a tower with heros present but be warned if your ult randomly arcs one of those heros the tower will aggro you and this is never fun, so my tip is to use your ults active on the last wave of creeps before the tower its good gold and it will make sure this doesnt happen to you.

4) Rocket Grab pulls the target to where Blitzcrank is, not to where Blitzcrank was standing when he cast the spell. this means that Blitzcrank can cast Rocket Grab and then Flash into a tower, over a wall, etc, to give his Rocket Grab a little extra distance. However, once the fist connects with the target, the location they are dragged to is determined. What this means is you need to flash BEFORE the fist connects. If you flash after it connects, you are flashing AWAY from the person you hooked (the exact opposite of what you want to do).


1) If you’re running an AP build, running Vorpal Spikes is a great way to quickly farm creeps, since you’ll have a load of bonus damage being dealt to everyone.
Additionally, learn to anticipate your opponent’s moves while you use rupture. Catch a glance of Eve or Shaco nearby? Drop a rupture at your feet when you think you’re ‘vulnerable’. Enemies chasing you? Drop a rupture just in front of you or on you to hit the enemies. Also, use your environment to your advantage. If an enemy is hugging their tower, throw a rupture directly on the tower. They won’t have the visual cue of the ground ripples anymore – only the audio cue. Similarly, using rupture in brush or on top of other people’s AoE is an excellent way of hitting people with it, since it’s very difficult to see.


1) Fear will not pull agro from towers. When playing fiddlesticks fearing a champion by a tower can cause them to walk out of range and give you some free shots.


1) Use Paaarley to farm early game, not to harass until you have 2 Avarice Blades at least. If it doesn’t crit, it wastes mana, but if you kill a minion, you get bonus gold!

2) Do not neglect Pirate’s ability to auto attack! many people use him ONLY for Paaarrley and they stoke their e-peen when they do 1200 crits every 6 seconds. However, you’re wasting his Passive/Active attack speed bonus and potientally lower the usefulness of Remove Scurvy (won’t need it if you’re in the back lines) Throw a PDancer on Gangplank to make him auto attack viable!

3) Don’t deny that your ulti can be used as a Psuedo-Fortify. It pushes backs creeps and gives you significant gold at the same time!


1) As Janna, to evade enemies, when running from them fire your (Q) Howling Gale spell backwards but as soon as it starts charging, tap Q again to fire it off early (avoiding having to wait which would render this technique pointless) – it will hit someone who is directly behind you, knocking them into the air, allowing you to gain some ground on them.


1) As soon as you die (if you do) you should turn on defile and start spamming lay wastes to try and do as much damage as you can before you go. That much is obvious (to some) but what isn’t obvious is that if you start to cast your ult even with only 1 second left on death defy it should still go off.


1) Rift Bomb:
As Kassadin, spec summoner teleport and build up riftwalk stacks in base while recharging mana for free. Once your rift walk costs upwards of 1000 mana, teleport next to an enemy, riftwalk on them, and LOL.


1) Early in the game people like to stay in lanes with low hp while they heal. If you grab flash and shunpo at level 1, you can teleport a MASSIVE distance to them to guarantee the kill. Have your lane partner just keep the other guy busy.


1) Malphite’s passive shield rebuffs 1 second before the animation shows it. If you are harassing him, be slightly more aggressive now! If you are playing as him, go in as soon as you see the buff, not the actual armor.

Master Yi

1) Alpha strike is an incredible move. When there are 3 minions left in a push and an enemy hero nearby, alpha strike a minion. The enemy hero WILL be hit no matter what.
Don’t be afraid to stay in a lane with low hp. You can alpha strike a minion as it dies, and at the end of the move you will appear where YOU were originally standing, not where the minion was standing.


1) A good use of Rammus taunt skill is to pick out an enemy melee in a team fight or when their hovering by the tower and run away making them follow you.

2) When playing as rammus and when your enemies are attacking your tower, walk right up next to them and taunt. When you do this, there is a higher chance they will hit you, getting tower aggro. After the first hit, immediately run backwards, do a 180 and smack them in the face with a powerball. Guaruntees a kill early game if the enemy does not have flash


1) If you are trying to get away from the enemy run into brush and deceive backwards toward them and keep running, they will run in the opposite direction thinking you will pop out of stealth but you will be long gone from their vision. (Does not apply if they have oracle or near a ward).

(playing against Shaco)

1)When he clones himself, you can tell which one is the clone and which one is real by marking him with G. If no cross hair appears, it’s a clone. I always mark until I get the real Shaco.
But most Shacos I’ve encountered are not that experienced anyway. You can always tell when it’s a clone because they don’t play mind games. They don’t retreat with the clone and just kamikaze with it. If a low health Shaco moves into attack you, it’s most likely a clone.


1) When an ally is being chased by some enemies and you cannot do anything to stop them(obviously, you are Sivir no stun whatsoever), stand in a safe distance/place, hover your mouse above your ulti, and check if you ally is inside your Ulti range(it’s huge!) and click R. Watch as your ally outrun them, and feel warm about yourself after reading Tnx and GJ on the chatlog.

2) You’re in the middle of a mass flee but On the Hunt is on cooldown? Be a team player and run just behind your allies. Your spellshield makes you the most likely to survive.


1) As Teemo, take advantage of player pathfinding. Before you place a mushroom, to get the best spot, click on an area of the map to move to (that you’d expect an enemy to be moving towards from where you are) and hit stop(H for me) on a corner where Teemo turns, and place a mushroom right there! – As this will be an ideal place due to pathfinding for each champion (ie your enemies!) being the same as yours.

2) Its usually best to never place mushrooms directly up against walls of tree’s or paths..place it off the wall about 3/4ths of a character wide. People will still cut that corner and hit the shroom as they have decent hit ranges, but it will also be more likely to hit people who are roaming or changing lanes giving you sight on them and potentially killing them.

3) Your shrooms can deactivate Nidalee’s traps. So if you see one and you need to quickly deactivate it, place a shroom. Your shroom survives too!


1) At mid game you can shoot Heim’s towers without ANY problem since your passive gives you more range than them!!!!!!!

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