Iron Grip Marauders Black Market and Licensed Units Guide

Iron Grip Marauders Black Market and Licensed Units Guide by BloodVelvet

The Black Market

First of all you should learn the units color:
– Licensed units have purple borders. This units can never be researched and are acquired from the black market for gems or for premium raids for 1 gem. This units will never appear on sale for gold !!!
– Non-licensed units have brown or green borders. This units can also be researched and be build in infinite numbers by the player. However from the black market you can obtain them without having the appropriate research or player level.
– The shop offer scales with your player level. Usually you will find a unit of maximum 4 levels above your player level. However if any of this unit shows up in the special offer window it can be bought of any level.
– The main black market ( the big one on the left ) refreshes every hour. The special offer market ( the small one on the right ) refreshes once a day.
– Brown / green border units can never be rebuilt. Once you lost it its gone forever.
– Brown / green border units will either sell for gems depending on your player level. If the unit is under 2 levels difference from your player level it will sell for gold. If the unit difference from your level is 3 or above it will sell for gems.

– For a complete list of licensed units see this thread:
Licensed Units

Premium Raids

– There will always be one premium raid available at your local bar.
– The raid will always offer 1 licensed unit as a reward.
– The raid has the same difficulty as a 3 shield raid and has the same energy cost.
– The reward scales with your player level, the higher it is the better rewards you will get. For example at high levels you will get units such as rocket artillery, avatar MK4, Elite trooper etc…

Building Licensed Units

– After you have acquired a licensed unit it will appear in your units build window under the star tab.
– Each license grants you the ability to build one unit of that type. To build more you need more licenses. For example i have 4 rocker artillery licenses and i can have at the same time a maximum of 4 rocker artillery in my garage.
– Licensed units can be replaced an infinite amount of times after they die.

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