Hellgate Global Guardian Tank Build

Hellgate Global Guardian Tank Build by nestharus

So, I’ve looked around and finally came up with this build for guardianhttp://www.hellgate-resurrection.de/index.php?module=cms&task;=article&article;=1717§ionid;=1&hgrchars;=500380251000800085400000501001||en-guardian.html

The reason I put 0 into aura of defense is because when a guardian has high end armor, aura of defense isn’t really going to help all that much. On one thread, a guardian who had aura of defense said that they didn’t think it did much good and would have preferred aura of power with prayer of healing. If I am wrong here, please let me know : )

Aura of Power would be ok at 5 points and prayer of healing should only be at 3, but I had points to waste so ; P.

Prayer of Retribution is popular, but a lot of people say that it’s pretty useless against high end bosses (almost never sticks and wastes mana) and that regular monsters are just torn through anyways, thus making prayer of retribution rather useless.

A lot of people like Great Defender, but it looks like it just buys about 20 seconds of time every 3 minutes and doesn’t seem to be worth the cost of 4 ability points (which is exactly how many I have left over atm when sending aura of power to 5 and prayer of healing to 3).

I heard Challenge is a must against the end bosses and that there should be 1 point in denounce in case challenge doesn’t stick.

Anchor I hear is rather useless, although I personally use it a lot.

Now for stats, about how much should I be putting into stamina? I hear people say put like 90% into stamina and 1 point here and there to strength (none to willpower?).

I was following a build of like
str: 1
sta: 3
will: 1

But apparently I was putting way too much into strength and willpower (although I can barely use my gear ^^). I figure I’m going to reset stat points when I get up to the point of farming end game bosses, so I’ll just let the dmg be as is for now ; P. It’d be nice to know about how much I should put into stamina total, how much into strength total, and how much into willpower total with a rank 50 level 50 guardian in mind.

Thanks all : )

Please advice from level 55 guardians who play on hell mode against end game bosses and know exactly what is needed ^_^

If I got +10 abilities, what would I put them in? I was thinking of a build like this

Heavily focused on tanking = )

This is ofc still assuming that Aura of Defense isn’t worth it, which is what some guardians have said.

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