Golden Age Quick Start Guide

Golden Age Quick Start Guide by electro

Welcome adventurous Sire, your empire awaits your command! Get started with this quick start guide!

1. Welcome:
Your first experience starts with creating your character and selecting your faction. Each faction has it’s own added bonus.

[Focus on:]

a.First Mission: Upon being welcome to Sanctum City, your first task is to complete the new player tutorial.

b.Earn free resources and rewards for talking to important NPC quest givers introduced to from the tutorial.

c.Talk to Lord Governor Bernard so he may assist in starting your first city by following the arrow on your screen.

d.After founding your first city and building your first troops, talk to Lord Governor Bernard for an important dungeon quest.

2.Build and conquer:
After being welcomed and starting your first city you can now concentrate on building development, conquering wilderness resources outside of your castle, and questing for more rewards and experience for your Sire.

There are two main phases of Golden Age: Sire Mode, and City Mode.

[Focus on:]

a.Sire Mode: In this mode you can see your Sire in Sanctum City. Visit NPC shops, quest givers and more!

b.Map Mode: This overview view of your cities from the perspectives of the entire continent down to indivdual cities themselves. This is important in controlling your armies, exploring,
and developing buildings inside each city.

After building and starting your own empire, it is wise to be aware of your surrounding and who your neighbors are. You can message or leave note for other users!

5.Advanced Users:
After developing your city and Sire, you will naturally have more questions regarding mastery of Golden Age. You can find more information and tips from the Game Information tab located in this guide OR going to the game guide provided in the server selection screen!

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