Free Realms Housing Guide

Free Realms Housing Guide by kitten

I’ve got a big housing guide here. Let’s start the basics of housing.

Housing is a great thing in FR, and some people just play it for housing or they don’t like free realms but they only stay on it for housing! Some people just love housing as well as the game like meh. When you are bored or got nothing to do, housing is just a great thing to go out and do. Visit homes in the housing directory or even build your own home. It’s also great when you can invite your frienbds to your house for a party or to just hang, chill and play! The housing directory in free realms is a very important thing we love. If you love your house you’ve made and think it’sgot what it takes, you can put it into the housing directory! Remember it’s just for fun it’s not a compation. You can proberbly only put this in when it’s done because if you submit it in, you can’t decorate it anymore unless you remove it from the housing directory but you loose all votes and stars that you got for that ONE house. Imagine if you had oer 1,000 and you removed it, you would be a shamed. You get votes and stars too. Ppl can only vote on your house once or twice but then you get votes and then once you have got 10/20 votes you move up a star! After 30 days, you loose a star if your over 1,000 i think but i’m not sure. So you want it to get votes but you don’t want it too loose a star. There’s alot of thngs there! Most players like to have parties at there houses. Theres lots of types of houses.

There. I think we’ve done the basics. It’s time to step up a step and get on to types of houses..:

Like i said before, there is LOTS of type of lots/houses in the game. We have houses and lots witch are just empty lands (lots). The types of lots we have are Seaside Lot, Blackspore Swamp Lot, Brairwood Lot, Sandy Beach Lot, Bog Shore Lot, Lonely Island Lot, Snowhill Lot, Shrouded Glade Lot, NEW Merry Vale Lot, NEW River Lot. To preview them look in SC, lots and you can see them. Sandy Beach Lot is just a nice sandy sand really big and then theres water. Don’t forget for each house/lot theres a fence around it and thats outta bounce so you can’t get out unless you know how to (secret). Seaside Lot, Merry Vale, Shrouded Glade, Snowhill, Brairwood, Blackspore lots are just a little bit of land. River stream lot is a river stream lake in merry vale witch they recently added a few weeks ago. Bog Sho0re ot is like a creepy scene of Blackspore. The houses are Large Wilds House (three room house with a large backyard), small wilds house (if your a member you get it and a 2 room house with a small backyard, apartment (can’t buy from SC because you only get it when you join fr, there was a bug back then when I got 2 apartments) and a blackspore swamp house (a 3 story house withb a LARGE backyard). Ain’t theese homes great?

We’ve learned the types? What do you say? That’s good, it least we got the basics and types out of the way! Lets do it real now! I’m gonna teach you how to place objects.

When you’re at you’re home, click the Go To Decorate Mode or something called that purple button. That is where all your items are. Theres decorations, outdoors ect; To place it, simply click on it and then place it wherever you want in your house. If you want to remove it, to take it to another house you click on it and it says remove AND also if you wanna move it, or make it up and down or side to side click on it too and you’ll see witch ones witch. The items can’t flip that good on my screen but on yours it actully might work so all you have to do is hold alt and then do the scroll round thingy on your mouse, scroll it.

I think we know how to decorate now SMILEY. Just to NOT be a newb at decorating everything down here will make you be a exalent decorater! Here are some more stuff about decorating:

When you decorate, sometimes it gets a bit out of shape so hold shift when you have got that item in your hand ready to place it down. Keep holding it until you place it down. There are so many amazing things you can make on free realms! Here, i’ll show you the steps to make a castle. Have you seen Chammy Pie’s wugachug lot? You should see ot, it’s like a castle. Too be the best castle it needs to max out all the items like chammy’s lot. I’d suggestion you can make some steps with desks, rugs or with flat blocks, don’t make it high just make it so it’s just about touching the group but theres still steps. The floors we’ll need to be big. Half the size of the lot to be awesome. Each floor and every wall we’ll need to be the same color. It’s always good to have a entrence first, that room can be it! Also, if you don’t wanna waste to many floors, there can be bathrooms and other stuff to like a few rooms, school or office, or even a cafe but i think the cafe we’ll need to be bigger so i suggest you do that on another floor. You will need to make waiting seats, put some food on tables, make a big desk, put a few coffee tables there and maybe even put some lamps. I’d put the bathroom there too. I’d have a little corner with a toilet, sink, mirror, bath and shower! You need steps to go up to the next floor. You can make a ramp with the blocks or easily make steps with blocks ontop of each other. To make a ramp get a ramp block then put a flat block ontop of it. Also to make flat blocks neet do a block and then look under it and do another block then a block ontop of that then remove the under one, keep doing it. I’d suggest we have the cafe. We need a little counter and a kitchen wit a fridge, mico, stove, oven,slop bowl, water and some coffee. You need it least 4 nice tables with nice seats too. You can have more if you want. Maybe for the third floor you’d like to do a party area, pool or rooms, you can do whatever you want on the other floors. Make a roof. So thenh opfully your castle’ll stand out.

To make a hotel it’s easy. There is LOTS of hotels in free realms. You can make a wall, you deon’t have to. Make it at a large home, it’s easy. Outside rather so the cafe and a ramp up to floors. When you go up the ramp make a alk way and on the left side theres a classs and on the same way there is a dance floor or something and then you keep walking and over there also on the left side there is a vet and on the right side the same way again there is a hospital. You need to make a catwalk stage. After all that, there is a little maze. You need to make a maze to have a awesome hotel! Make a pool and a dance floor otherwise it won’t be a hotel, it’ll just be a peace of slop! I’d suggest next to the cafe on the ground outside you make a big room with a roof and put a dance floor or the party pool (when you cn get it only members) in it. The cafe can be awesome too! Inside a little desk then on the stove thing a television with a couch. Also fish tanks and cat scrachtes, lamps and everything too! Make rooms in the  next floors. At the back of the home, make another cafe like McDonalds or make a sculpture. Just use blocks to make a scultpure. You can do rooms wherever you want. Add a bathroom near the tree too. If you think you want more and that’s not enough serch Lillyprincess in the housing directory then click on bright glade, my sandy beach lot and see what else you wanna add! Cat walk like i said so don’t forget, including fashion show stage, well its kinda a cat walk isn’t it?

Wow! Once you’ve done that your a champian! Remember to take your time though! After that you are proberbly a expert. So if you still need help after that i’ll help you in PM and help you with it. But if your a expert and can go on your own thats fine too, you can make lots more amazing houses just like the people i’m teaching too. Here are the expert champian stuff now:

Once you have made lots of houses and are a champian you can make a challange. The BIGGEST Racetrack or tree house. The winner we’ll get 5k and lots of housing items for your next houding project! Remember to keep that decorating on! I know some of you don’t know how to do it. For this one you have to be good! I suggest you go to a house with a big tree. To make a tree house, bassicly make steps and make lots of rooms, floors with flat blocks but you can make a roof if you want, walls are hard to make so you don’t need to make them. You don’t need to because its not needed. Imagine all your homes in the housing directory!

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