Forgotten Elements Online Shaman Guide

Forgotten Elements Online Shaman Guide by unknown54

Class: Shaman

[+] thoughness
fast EXPing
good PvP, PvM, PvBOSS
good incomer

[-] above standard in all game aspects, but not the best in any of them
dependent on minions

Difficulty: Medium

Shaman – summoner is very good main (income) character. Especially if u are bored playing mages (elementalist in FE). Nevertheless ice elementalist is better aoe dmger, it means still better incomer. But funny Shaman can be best choice if u want play only one character and go throught all FE quests, bosses, events. Shaman – summoner tactic is simple. Just summon minions which will help and protect you and attack with your spell from distance (razorleaves – knockback- or avalanche -better dmg- are imho the best two). Of course You dont need attacking spells and only stay back of fight, but this tactic will become deadly boring soon. For summoner is harder start till he builds indestructible army of minions.




Dexterity – improves accuracy and defence (of physical attacks)
Endurance – increases your life
Power – increases your energy pool and spell damage
Strength – increases your damage (of physical attacks)


2 Nature Spirit 2 Nature Spirit
4 Razor Leaves 7 Forest Sprite
7 Forest Sprite 7 Thorns
11 Thorns 11 Monster Mastery
16 Return Fiend 16 Return Fiend
22 Revive 22 Revive
30 Werewolf 30 Werewolf


Monster Mastery Avalanche
Fortune Dualwield / ManaShield
Haste Haste / Weaken / Fortune
(Note “For drag skills there are few posibilities haste = better speed – perfect for incomer and PvP, fortune = better luck- perfect for incomer, Dualwield = better -earth- dmg, weaken = better -earth- dmg, Manashield = excelent for PvP, useless for incomer – hard to find! “)


Useful attributies
for damage
Strength Power
Damage Earth Damage
Cast Speed
Minion Damage
for toughness
Minion Health (most important for tank char)
for incomer / others
Luck (for incomer)
Gold Chance (for incomer)
Experience Bonus (for faster exping)
Faster Movement (very useful for all chars)

Rejected attributies
Earth Damage Strength / Damage
Any Resistances (except special PvP build)
Poison / Fire / Ice Damage
Attack Speed
Chance To Stun
Energy Steal
Health Steal


  • Simsams cap
  • Caiubals belt
  • Baspers Beer
  • Gold Pouches
  • Corsairs Shirt
  • Pants of Bravery

(Note “For Summoner is easy to find good items but almost imposible to find / make best items. BTW do not stack more than 2 Baspers Beers and try to banish them as soon as posible (same as Pants of Bravery) :mrgreen: . Recommended primary/secondary items for razorleavers are slaughter – 28 dmg/max 15 luck with minions hlt/dmg + shield with dmg, minion, luck attributies. For Avalancher is best 2x stone crusher with earth dmg “)


As i written top, Shaman is harder at start till he builds his own army full of minions. If you choose tactic with avalanche skill which is avaible at lvl22 you are very limited with you own damage. You will rely on your minon health and damage. When u reach lvl 16 and first red evil (best minion damager), game will be much easier. But first 16 level can be very tough. i used easy tactic – drink mana pots and still summon nature spirits. With good combo artifacts (+1 cap of nature spirits) is game playable. Each summon skill will be game easier. And at lvl 20-21 you can kill last curent quest boss okturion solo (as only character with no help). Resummoning dead minions with thorns is good tactic to succeed.

But in this time game only starts. With Werewolf (lvl30) shaman – summoner become popular in any world boss gang. To reach lvl 30 helps you events for 4000 golds in Lost village. Tactic is simple – run through all map somewhere stop and start cast your spell on coming mobs. Your minions will protect you and you will easily kill everythink around. Your best adavantage compared with elementalist is if u get stunned of mobs around you, your minions can protect you. Stunned elementalist will die quickly. When you are exping, try find / craft better items for luck. With luck about 100+ you will find items (avarage) for more than 4000 selling-value each event and keep secret maps, crafting for yourself. You will need it. Shamans items are the most difficult to craft (make).

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