Forgotten Elements Online Dual Elementalist Guide

Forgotten Elements Online Dual Elementalist Guide by DGDolph

Hi folks, basing on my Elementalist “Ibliona”. I’ll introduce you in how to skill, stat and equip an Elementalist that uses both, fire & ice. This Char uses its mighty spells to freeze and blow up their enemies on long distance.

I’ll start with the attributes:
Dexterity – improves your accuracy and defence
Endurance – increases your life
Power – increases your energy pool and spell damage
Strength – increases your damage (only melee)

As you can see, Strength is completely worthless to a non-melee char and you wont need it to wear your equip like in other games – there are only level requirements! Never put points in there!

Almost the same with Dexterity: You wont need any accuracy because you’re a spell caster – spells will always hit. A better defence is nice, but you will rarely get hit anyway. Only put points in there if you do only have the choice between Str + Dex

The rest of all your points will belong to Power & Endurance! I prefer a little more Power than Endurance because it’s boosting your damage highly and there’ll be an additional energy bonus.

Now, let’s take a look on the Skills:

I am using these two skills as my basic attacks:
Fireball (available at lvl 2) & Icelightning (available at lvl 12)

So, you might ask: Why 2 different elements :?:
Simple answer: you wont be happy with a single element + high enemy resistances.
Q: But why dont you just take a single element + weaken (a skill that lowers resistances)?
A: 2 elements + weaken = more damage -> higher killspeed -> more fun & style :ugeek:

Now we have to boost our primary skills
There’re several possibillities to do that:
firemastery/icemastery (increase your spells damage – 2 “must have” skills imho)
weaken (lowers enemies resists = more dmg)
freezingmind (40% Chance to freeze on 1st skill lvl – that’s cool 8-) )
sophistication (increases your cast speed = more dmg per second)

As you can see, this character build is a totaly offensive one. I decided to have more damage at the cost of a very low defence – this chars defence is: “killing before the enemy reaches you”

Skills that were insert into the 3 free slots will only reach level 14!
Dont use your primary attack skills in there! Take some less important stuff – passive skills like freezingmind or sophistication.

Choice of Items – which attributes are good or bad:
Useful attributes:
– x% Icedamage
– x% Firedamage
– +x Power
– x% Energy
– +x Energy
– x% Cast Speed
– x% Health
– +x Health

Non useful attributes:
– x% Damage (won’t be added to your spell damage)
– +x Damage (won’t be added to your spell damage)
– +x Icedamage (won’t be added to your spell damage)
– +x Firedamage (won’t be added to your spell damage)
– +x Strength
– +x Dex

Nice additional attributes:
– +x Luck
– x% more Exp
– x% faster movement

Now you know what item properties are important for this char. Lets just take a further look on Unique Items – just for the case that you haven’t found Items with good attribute combinations yet… (some of them might be the optimum in every case)

Recommended Unique Items:
KeeperOfTheElement (I haven’t found any better wand yet – seems to be unbeatable in every way)
SimsamsCap (same as KeeperOfTheElements)

You might also use (if there’s a lack of energy):

PvP vs PvE
Maybe, you’d like to have different equipments for both. If so, there are few things to keep in mind:
In PvE it’s nice (to me) to have a mass of energy. It keeps the gameplay very smooth if you dont run out of energy all the time. Your spells will be stong enough to handle all situations even if you prefer energy-attributes instead of damage.
In PvP you wont need that much energy at all – you will kill with few hits anyway! The only important thing in PvP is: Damage :roll:

PvE = energy > dmg
PvP = dmg > all

How to play:

Playing a dual Elementalist is very simple – just run and cast! Avoid getting close to enemies and always take a look on your energy. Once, you ran out of energy, you might get in big trouble.
Further, a good strategy facing the big Bosses and faster Enemies: Try to freeze them first, even if they have high ice resistances – that’s giving you more time to blast em away with your fireballs, and at least you needn’t run that much :lol:

Have fun creating & playing your own dual Elementalist!

— Feel free to comment and improve this guide and pls report mistakes THX —

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