Forgotten Elements Online Boulderlash Guide

Forgotten Elements Online Boulderlash Guide by Gades

Hi guys!

I’ve been playing a boulderlasher for some time now and I realised not many others tried this skill before. To be honest, I never met anyone using this skill at all. That’s why I’ll introduce you to my favourite skill called boulderlash:

‘Fast attack, which converts
Weapondamage into Earthdamage.
Deals -xx% damage to opposite enemies.’

It’s a rampager skill available at level 6 with an initial energy cost of 1 and damage penality of 42%.
Basicly you use your ‘Attack [1]’ damage, apply the damage modifier, turn it into earth damage and further increase it by enhanced %Earthdamage. The attack itself actually is a spell and an inconspicuous missile(some spines impaling the enemies from below) that goes through enemies. While not having a great range, it will be able to hit muliple enemies and is pretty much the fastest attack in the game. This allows it to rack up damage quickly, at the cost of beeing incredibly energy consuming. That’s when you need to focus on alot of energy. As you improve your skill, the energy cost will rapidly increase and the damage penality will decrease turning into a bonus around level 16. On the final stage at level 20, it’s ten energy per usage and +11% damage.
The hybrid nature of the skill allows you to increase it’s average damage output with caster and melee equipment:

Useful attributes include(descending order):
+x Damage
+% Damage
+x Strength
+x Power
+% Earthdamage
+% Cast Speed
+x Energy
+% Energy

Non-beneficial attributes :
+x Damage other than Basic
+% Damage other than Earth or Basic
+x Dexterity
+x Accuracy
+% Accuracy
+% Attack velocity
+% Energy/Life stolen

Due to the fact that many of the former ones can be found on rampager passive skills, I suggest you to play a rampager to reach its maximum potential. You want to get weaponmastery, onehandcombat, strength and dualwield(I get to that later). I’m not quite sure how they work together, since there’s not much reference in items and many values get rounded up in the calculation. But all they do is increasing your pityful starting damage to a devastating attack. The order of your character attributes will be Strength–>Power–>Endurance–>Dexterity. Even with some points in power you’ll run short on energy very quickly, so keeping it high is almost as important as increasing your damage. I highly suggest getting the elementalist skills Conflux and Power to make your life much easier.

The use of dualwield:
Even while not attacking with the second weapon and sacrificing the chance to block with a shield , you can still make use of the powerful standard attribute of a cudgel, the enhanced Earthdamage. You can access this great thing at level 22, it’s a must!

Items recommended:
Primary Weapon: Flail(18damage, 35%earthdamage, +x strength, %energy +x energy)
Secondary Weapon: Flail(35%earthdamage, +x strength, %energy, +x energy)
Helmet: simsamscap or Battlehelmet
Armor: Ironarmor(%damage,%energy,%castspeed) or grogvinsarmor
Gloves: Gauntlets or Dalasgloves
Boots: Greaves(%Earthdamage,+x strength)
Belt: Belt(%energy, %FasterMovement, +x endurance)
Trousers: pantsofbravery
Shirt: Shirt*(%energy, +x endurance)
Artifacts: Enhancedgrinder(+2 damage, 7%damage),Crypticamulet(+% castspeed, 9%earthdamage), baspersbeer, razorleaf
Auxiliary: whatever you want

The green items are the best basic types currently available, you may use different items here. The brackets mark useful attributes you may want to get. Ofcourse there’s still room for stuff like %experience or luck, feel free to make up your mind.
*There’s a level20 shirt called ‘blueshirt’ that can only be dropped by the spider in the darkswamp tower. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on it, use it! ;)

Following those advices the Boulderlash spell will get increadibly powerful and insanely fast. With decent equipment you’ll deal more than 100 damage per shot like three times a second. However, you will need a good supply of energy to keep up with the energy cost, which is pretty much the only downside. Oh wait, we’re dealing earth damage, which will get boosted by weaken, but reduced by monster resistances. This is very true for the infamous morak, you won’t be too happy facing 80% earth resistance. :(

Anyway, let me show you what this skill can do, here’s some ingame footage:
(the forums don’t allow common resulutions, I had to rip the shape a little to ensure some quality)
Fighting Boss Spider at orccamp………………………..Lvl20 Spider on Tower

As you can see on the first picture, the spell is extremly fast and does serious damage. The spider lost its 1000hp within three seconds. I made this screenshot at level 19, before accessing dualwield, so note how it gets even stronger on the next picture at level 22. The second one will diplay the use in combat, as I run from the spider while still hitting hard and often. This is how you can deal 4000+ damage in like ten seconds before your energy reserves deplete. But only this fellow guy and morak can withstand such an assault.

This little spell may not look appealing on the first glance, but turns out to be a real killer when used right. If you’re aware of its downsides, you will have a great time, like me.

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